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The 2016 All-American Teams

"Living Legend" John Hall - Phil Kiner interviews this Trapshooting Hall of Famer and shows the many facets of the legend.

Quote of the month - "I like the friendships I have made with a wide variety of competitors. I enjoy traveling to the clubs I never would have known about if I were not a member of the ATA. And I love the competition!" - Colby Watkins, 14-year-old Grand American Caesar Guerinin Preliminary Handicap Champion

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Hall of Fame inductees for 2016

Let's Review - The Grand gets an overview and "Mr. August" is named in the Grand that was: 2015.

Quote of the month - "Instead of being nervous, a calm came over me...I was intensely aware of only what was directly in front of me, and nother else mattered." - Bob Malmstedt, about finishing an 80-bird shootoff without a miss and capturing the Grand American All-Around title.

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Hall of Fame inductees for 2016

Happy 50th, Winchester AA®! - Winchester's iconic shotshell made its debut in 1965.

Pop Quiz - Put your knowledge of the ATA Rulebook to the test.

Check out the August Issue

How Sweet it is - Gary Brehm, who has battled lymphoma for more than a decade, smashed 200 in 200 in the program and 173x175 in the Kansas Singles Championship shootoff, ending with the veteran title.

Above and beyond the call of duty - Colorado trapshooter Pete Lemon is featured on a new U.S. Postal Service limited-edition issue, honoring Vietnam-era Medal of Honor recipients.

Quote of the month - "When my athletes first experience this joy of training, I see within them a powerful awakening of the potential for success in all that they do." - Bob Palmer

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Fourth of July Bash - Phil Kiner and Will O. Tarmigan do the holiday proud with a feast fit for trapshooters.

In the accelerated class - Bob Palmer starts his countdown to excellence.

The Art of classification - Dave Kaiser and Hapless Harry discuss the rules - and the application of the rules - as they apply to singles and doubles classification.

Check out the June Issue

Setting up the (mental) triggers - Out with the bad, in with the good.

Jim Bradford Jr., Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Quote of the month - "When you start up again after a long (more than a year) layoff, resist the urge to get frustrated. Just keep doing what worked in the past and what is working now, and at some point you will snap back into your old groove and the world will get a lot better again." -Phil Kiner

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Right or wrong? - Ron Sutton applies this basic question to the trap game.

Jacque Snellenberger, Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Quote of the month - "I worked every pair and really concentrated. I knew that if I kept that up, and did everything I needed to do, something good would happen." -Chris Vendel, Southern Grand doubles champion with 100

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May the Force be with you - Bob Palmer explores the dark side of the zone.

T&F Rookies of the Year - Mark Polojac and Brady Welsh claim the honors for 2014.

Quote of the month - "You need to shoot with people who are better than you are." -Pat Laib

The 2014 Average Book!

The 2014 Average Books have mailed as of March 9, 2015. Be looking for your copy in the next couple of days/weeks.

Check out the March Issue

The bottom line - Ron Sutton discusses "How are you going to improve this year?"

Dinnertime! - The new Kiner's Diner is open for business, serving food for the body and the (trapshooter's) mind.

Green means 'go' - Find your signal into the zone

Check out the February Issue

Trap & Field Rookies of the Year chosen!

Headed to Releaseville?

Quote of the month - "You're not going to know if you still like it or how you're going to do unless you get back on the line. Go for it!" - Tiffany Collinson

Check out the January Issue

Lady takes the all-around - Janessa Beaman dons the crown at Tucson!

Gun Mount Rules - Ted Tightend wins one out of two.

New Years Resolution - Grow the sport! - Dean Spiridon

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Starting From Scratch

The mental game

Quote of the month - "Hard work pays off, and if you keep going, you never know when your moment is going to be." - Preston Crandell, Krieghoff Handicap Champion

Check out the November Issue

The essential review - Bob Palmer says to look fearlessly at your whole year: "the so-so, the bad, and the ugly."

The 2015 All-American teams

Quote of the month - "It was very congenial and like shooting practice - except that I was determined to win." - Rich Kaysa, Texas singles champion

Check out the ATA All-American Teams

Check out the October Issue

Grand American Coverage

Trapshooting Hall of Fame breaks ground for new building

Around the ATA

Dan Orlich at the Grand

Shooter's note: Bobby Bolden & Jessiah Watts

Check out the September Issue

Fall Tune-Up - A good time to experiment.

Doubles your fun - Don't discount the value of twins events.

Quote of the month - "I blocked out every thought that was trying to get into my head, and gave that bird the same concentration as all my previous targets." - Hunter Brandt

Check out the August Issue

Paying Attention - This is not the same as thinking, says Ron Sutton.

The wrong time for advice - Just don't do it, writes Bob Palmer

Quote of the month - "Focus on the target. Don't just look at it; zone in on it. Do this evey time, and get all other thoughts out of your head!" - Jack Noftz

Check out the June Issue

What to Ignore - Ron Sutton talks trivia.

More to ignore? - What's good and not so good to mimic about "the pros."

First lady with a title sweep!




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