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Right or wrong? - Ron Sutton applies this basic question to the trap game.

Jacque Snellenberger, Hall of Fame Class of 2015

Quote of the month - "I worked every pair and really concentrated. I knew that if I kept that up, and did everything I needed to do, something good would happen." -Chris Vendel, Southern Grand doubles champion with 100

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May the Force be with you - Bob Palmer explores the dark side of the zone.

T&F Rookies of the Year - Mark Polojac and Brady Welsh claim the honors for 2014.

Quote of the month - "You need to shoot with people who are better than you are." -Pat Laib

The 2014 Average Book!

The 2014 Average Books have mailed as of March 9, 2015. Be looking for your copy in the next couple of days/weeks.

Check out the March Issue

The bottom line - Ron Sutton discusses "How are you going to improve this year?"

Dinnertime! - The new Kiner's Diner is open for business, serving food for the body and the (trapshooter's) mind.

Green means 'go' - Find your signal into the zone

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Trap & Field Rookies of the Year chosen!

Headed to Releaseville?

Quote of the month - "You're not going to know if you still like it or how you're going to do unless you get back on the line. Go for it!" - Tiffany Collinson

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Lady takes the all-around - Janessa Beaman dons the crown at Tucson!

Gun Mount Rules - Ted Tightend wins one out of two.

New Years Resolution - Grow the sport! - Dean Spiridon

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Starting From Scratch

The mental game

Quote of the month - "Hard work pays off, and if you keep going, you never know when your moment is going to be." - Preston Crandell, Krieghoff Handicap Champion

Check out the November Issue

The essential review - Bob Palmer says to look fearlessly at your whole year: "the so-so, the bad, and the ugly."

The 2015 All-American teams

Quote of the month - "It was very congenial and like shooting practice - except that I was determined to win." - Rich Kaysa, Texas singles champion

Check out the ATA All-American Teams

Check out the October Issue

Grand American Coverage

Trapshooting Hall of Fame breaks ground for new building

Around the ATA

Dan Orlich at the Grand

Shooter's note: Bobby Bolden & Jessiah Watts

Check out the September Issue

Fall Tune-Up - A good time to experiment.

Doubles your fun - Don't discount the value of twins events.

Quote of the month - "I blocked out every thought that was trying to get into my head, and gave that bird the same concentration as all my previous targets." - Hunter Brandt

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Paying Attention - This is not the same as thinking, says Ron Sutton.

The wrong time for advice - Just don't do it, writes Bob Palmer

Quote of the month - "Focus on the target. Don't just look at it; zone in on it. Do this evey time, and get all other thoughts out of your head!" - Jack Noftz

Check out the June Issue

What to Ignore - Ron Sutton talks trivia.

More to ignore? - What's good and not so good to mimic about "the pros."

First lady with a title sweep!




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