Elissa's Notebook
April - December 2007
              December 28, 2007                 



ATA members Tammy Webb, Shed Doyle and Rick Webb participated in the Santa Suit Shoot. “Santa Tammy” earned high-gun honors with 25 straight.

   I hope everyone had a great Christmas this year! I enjoyed my time with family and friends and trust you did too.

   Androscoggin Fish & Game in Auburn, Maine, celebrated the holiday by holding their first Santa Suit Shoot Dec. 23. Six shooting Santas participated, with Tammy Webb breaking 25 straight for top honors. The club plans to make the Santa Suit Shoot an annual event, so keep this fun day in mind for next year. A new member of the ATA family, Androscoggin F&G will hold their first registered tournaments in 2008. Welcome! Watch for their dates in T&F’s Shoot Directory.

   Happy New Year to everyone! I look forward to all the great things to come next year! Let me know what your club has planned for 2008 at elissa@trapandfield.com.

   The New Year’s Shoot at Redlands (Cal.) T&SR begins today. I’ll be back soon to let you know all the happenings.


Six shooting Santas took the line at Androscoggin Fish & Game’s Santa Suit Shoot, which the club plans to make an annual event.





December 11, 2007

   Be sure to check out the December issue to find out about the effort put forth to get the 1911 Grand American Handicap champion medal, won by Harvey Dixon, into the Trapshooting Hall of Fame. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. More than 50 people donated to help with this purchase. Also, thanks to Hall of Fame director Kenny Ray Estes. Kenny was honored as ATA Volunteer of the Year at the 2007 Grand and is a great asset to our sport.

   To find out more on how to contribute and help preserve our sport, contact Tami Daniel at the Hall of Fame at 937-898-4638, Ext. 528 or tdaniel@shootata.com.

Tami Daniel

Trapshooting Hall of Fame
Office Coordinator





Sean Hawley is presented the Autumn Grand HOA championship trophy by Bill Daniels of White Flyer. Sean won top HOA honors at that shoot as well as Redlands SP’s Thanksgiving Shoot.

               November 29, 2007

   I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and enjoyed their time with family and friends.

   The Thanksgiving Shoot at Redlands (Cal.) SP took place last week. Sean Hawley did well, winning the HOA with 1,089 x 1,100, which included a 100 from the 27 and 500x500 in doubles. He also had a field-high 96 in Friday’s yardage race. I hear the targets were pretty sporty, as the event was met with a windstorm. Sean ran all 300 doubles birds at the Autumn Grand in Tucson a couple of weeks ago and won the HOA there as well.

   Redlands put on a turkey dinner with all the trimmings Saturday evening for shooters and their guests, and Bill Hunter contributed $500 added money to the Lewis purse.

   About 20 squads participated in the tournament, and the campground was full with many out-of-state guests.

   Redlands’ New Year’s Shoot is Dec. 21-Jan.1. Make plans to attend!




 November 13, 2007

  I just returned from the Autumn Grand. The shoot was great with attendance up 6%. Congratulations to ATA Southwestern Zone Vice President Gary Sherrod, who won the singles championship after a seven-round shootoff. Other champs were Brent Epperson, handicap and all-around; Rick Marshall, doubles; and Sean Hawley, HOA. Congratulations to everyone.
   I want to send out a “good shooting” to junior shooter Janessa Beaman. Participating in just her fifth registered tournament, Janessa broke her first 100 straight Thursday then posted a 99 in Friday’s handicap, winning the high-gun trophy after shootoff. She also shot her first doubles targets and registered a 99 in one event. Watch for the January issue to learn more about this new young shooter.
   Also, I ran into ATA shooter Larry Mane during the shoot. Larry was the lucky winner of this year’s GMC Pro-Grade Challenge and will be receiving a 2008 GMC truck. He said this came at just the right time, as he was needing a new truck. Congratulations, Larry!

Larry Mane was the winner of this year’s GMC Pro-Grade Challenge.

2007 Autumn Grand




  November 2nd, 2007

  Hello, everyone.

   We’ve been so busy here at Trap & Field that I brought in an assistant. My eight-year-old daughter Avery has been in the office with me, offering her help not only to me but also Val in advertising and Rebecca in circulation. She’s already asking when she can start shooting, and Val gave her some earplugs so she’ll be ready.

   We’re putting the finishing touches on the December issue, where we have lots of coverage of the Grand preliminary events. Do you know who has broken the most 100s in doubles at the Grand? Watch for the December magazine to find out.

   The Autumn Grand starts Monday, and I’ll be heading that way at the end of the week. Be sure to come by to say hi and let me know how you’re shooting.


  October 18th, 2007

 Here at the office, we’re still keeping busy putting together everything from the Grand. The November issue is done and has lots of results, interviews and record information from the 2007 Grand, and there’s more to come in December. Watch for these upcoming issues!
   Coming up in about a week is Redlands (Cal.) SP’s first Hunter Open. The shoot is Oct. 26-28, and there will be $10,000 added money! Twelve squads are pre-squadded for the doubles marathon on Friday, and 35 have pre-squadded for Saturday and Sunday. Plans are also in the works for ladies’ entertainment during the shoot. Go to www.redlandsshootingpark.com for more information. Make plans to attend this great event.
   I’ll be heading to Tucson in just a few weeks for the fourth Autumn Grand. It’s a great time of year to travel to Arizona. I hope to see many of you there.



  September 25th, 2007

    I just heard from Melissa Knudson, mother of 2006 sub-junior All-American Dan Knudson. Dan broke his first 200 straight during the Clay Target Championship at the Grand, winning junior runnerup honors after five rounds of shootoff.
   “He’s been shooting trap since he was seven years old,” Melissa said. “Trapshooting has been passed down from his grandpa Harry to his dad Tom to Danny, and I am sure someday when Dan has a family, they will be little trapshooters too. We are all trapshooters in this family and love to go to registered shoots.”
   Congratulations to Dan on his fine shooting at the Grand. Watch for complete Grand coverage in the October and November issues.
   If any other families have stories to share about how they enjoy shooting together, let me know at elissa@trapandfield.com.



   September 12th, 2007

   Hello, everyone!
   I recently heard from Jack Swan of Pine Valley Gun Club in Berlin, N.J. Jack wanted to let me know about a new shooter, who he describes as standing “a mere 3 feet nothing with a personality and demeanor most of us would be proud of.” Six-year-old Ryan Yost shot at Pine Valley this past Sunday and broke 112x200. Jack says he can recognize talent when he sees it and that Ryan gets better every time he picks up a gun. Ryan’s mentor is his dad William, who Jack said is “no slouch with a shotgun himself.”
   Good luck to Ryan. Everybody should keep their eyes on this young shooter in the years to come.
   Thanks, Jack, for letting me know what’s happening at Pine Valley. If anyone has information to share about what’s going on at their club, e-mail me at elissa@trapandfield.com.


Six-year-old Ryan Yost participated in Pine Valley GC’s registered shoot this past weekend.


Shooters take the line at the Western Grand in Salt Lake City, Utah.

   September 7th, 2007

   I’ve returned from Salt Lake City, and the Western Grand was terriffic! Congratulations to handicap champ Pete Martin; doubles champ Jerry Parr; and Frank Hoppe, who won the singles, all-around and HOA titles. Frank carded 399 in the all-around with perfect scores in the singles and handicap.
   Great Salt Lake Gun Club threw a great party Saturday night that included a free spaghetti dinner, live music and an impressive fireworks show. Thanks to everyone at the club for showing us a good time and putting on a well-run shoot.


   I enjoyed meeting 10-year-old Logan Mountain at the Western Grand. He collected more trophies at the tournament than he could carry and broke 99 in the Handicap Championship to earn his first punch. Congratulations, Logan!
   Watch for the November issue to see the complete results from the Western Grand.


Great Salt Lake GC treated shooters to a spaghetti dinner Saturday evening.






   August 29th, 2007

   Hi! Everyone at T&F has returned home from Sparta, and we are working hard in the office getting stories ready for the October issue. While at the Grand, many shooters told me that they enjoy reading Elissa’s Notebook. Thanks for the positive feedback!
   I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the 2007 Grand. I got to chat with Bill Kingsley of Washington, who I wrote about in the April issue. He was attending is 31st Grand American and having a good time.
   Although the Grand is over, there are still many great shoots to attend. The Michigan Fall Team Shoot at Mason—always a fun tournament—will be Sept. 7-9. I think Editor Terry will get to that one.
   I’m heading out in a few days to attend the Western Grand at Great Salt Lake GC. It should be a fun shoot too! I’ll give you an update when I get back on all the winners and happenings from Utah.
   Let me know what’s going on at your club. Drop me an e-mail at elissa@trapandfield.com.

At the 2007 Trapshooting Hall of Fame banquet: 1999 inductee Nadine Ljutic, 1984 inductee Earl Toliver and Willis Corbett of Budweiser. Budweiser graciously picked up the bar tab for the evening. Thank you, Budweiser, for the support you give to the ATA and the sport of trapshooting!


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   August 14th, 2007

   Hi, everyone! I'm here at the Grand American and having a great time.
   It's hot, but we're all trying to make the best of it.
   Congratulations to Travis Iksic, who won a specially engraved K-80 trap special combo Saturday during the Krieghoff 100 Shoot Out. I'd also like to congratulate Gene Soloman, Adam Becker and Kory Stassi for winning the Budweiser Shoot Out Sunday.
   Charlie Morrison Jr. and Larry Woosley have both completed their ATA Grand Slams during the Grand. Good shooting, guys!
   Editor Terry is keeping busy checking scores and talking to shooters. If you're at the Grand, be sure to stop by the T&F booth to say hi.


                                      July 26th, 2007
   We’ve received another report from Darla Auten’s great shoot reports. She let us know all the important happenings at the Buffalo Creek site of the Southwestern Zone Shoot.
   “It was the hottest shoot I’ve worked in years. The humidity was about 201% and the temperature felt like 202º. The scores ran pretty high for the weather conditions; we had a little rain, which immediately turned to steam, making the visibility go to zero for a while. We had three zone-wide winners, Earl Hawk from Austin, Texas, won A in the class singles Friday with 100 straight, Ben Dobson was runnerup in the zone doubles on Sunday with 100 straight backed up by 20-18 in the shootoff, and Mike Fisher won AAA in the zone doubles with 100 followed by 19 in shootoff. Ben was club winner, and Mike was runnerup. We didn’t have any 200 straights in the singles on Saturday (I’m gonna blame that on the humongous steaks George served Friday night, along with the biggest baked potatoes I ever seen). Jim Foster won the club singles with 198. Gene Jernigan and James Jennings tied with 97s in the handicap Sunday, and Gene won the shootoff with 24 to James’ 16. Gene was club victor, and James took the club mid-yardage trophy. Everyone seemed to have a very good time; I know Helen and I did. George has one of the best club hosts I’ve run across and will go to almost any length to see that all the shooters are happy.”
   Thanks, Helen. Your reports always make me sorry I missed the shoot.
   I’d also like to apologize to Florida ATA Delegate Tom White. We missed getting his report into the August issue’s Around the ATA. Click here to see what’s going on in Florida, and copies will be available at the T&F booth at the Grand.
   I also like to mention the Plymouth Gun Club in Minnesota. This small club has been around for many years. The cost for a round of trap or skeet is $3 for adult members and $1.50 for junior members, and junior members pay just $2.50 for a box of shells. Membership is $35 per year plus one day of work. League members must work one night of league as well. The club also participates in the SCTP program, with the Wayzata Hopkins High School teams shooting there.
   If you’re in the area, check this club out. Their website is www.plymouthgunclub.org.


                                                          July 10th, 2007
   The Texas State Shoot has just ended, and Darla Auten has again filled us in on the all the important details.
   “Hi, all. Well, in case you haven’t heard, we were under water all week.
   “We had to cancel the singles on Wednesday but got all the rest of the events in. The traps on the upper level flooded, were pumped out, flooded, pumped, flooded, pumped and were finally loaded with targets on Friday so we could use them in Saturday’s singles. But you guessed it; they flooded again. Fortunately for us, National Shooting Complex is blessed with lots of traps and the best crew I’ve ever seen. Those guys worked tirelessly to make the shoot enjoyable for all, and they succeeded. The shooters were really understanding, and if I heard “you gotta do what you gotta do” once, I heard it a hundred times. Helen and I really appreciated the good nature of all the people shooting. Attendance was up in every event from last year, and we lost very few due to weather. (And we had weather; it was hot and rainy and hot and not rainy.)
   “Kenneth (Drew) Hollingsworth, a new junior from San Angelo, won two handicaps, including the championship event on Sunday in which he broke 100 straight. Buttons are popping off vests all over west Texas. Kross McCarty, 12, broke his first 200 straight and backed it up with another 100 in shootoff to win the state singles championship (Gotta love that kid and his folks).
   “Don’t ask how the party went Saturday; Helen and I missed all but the last. We had to have the championship doubles shootoff from Friday on Saturday in addition to the singles shootoff. Whew! It was lots to keep up with, but it was just too wet on Friday night.”
Thanks, Darla, for the report. If you have any information you’d like to share, e-mail me at elissa@trapandfield.com.




A squad of shooters takes the line on one of Buffalo GC’s new trapfields.

    July 3rd, 2007

 I’d like to let everyone know about Buffalo Gun Club in Minnesota and the great job they’re doing. This past weekend they signed up 11 new ATA members, bringing their total to 62 new ATA members registered this year! In addition, the club has increased the number of league, practice and ATA targets they throw. With only three traps, the club will throw more than 100,000 registered targets this year. It’s great to see a club doing so well!
   Buffalo GC president Wally Shelstad says that several things have helped to increase their club activity. The club has recently received a total facelift, including fresh paint, a bathroom remodel, plus new sidewalks, lighting and shooter stations. The funding for the renovation came from grants from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and NRA, donations of money and labor, and a bank loan.

     The Introduce a Buddy Program has also been implemented at Buffalo GC. Anyone who has never shot at the club gets their first round free, along with the sponsor member who introduced them to the club. If the new shooter joins Buffalo GC, he or she gets two free rounds, and the sponsor member is entered into a drawing for a flat of shells.
   Buffalo GC also sponsor a ladies’ day, youth day, Green-wing events, Red Cross blood drive and are involved in the community.
   An SCTP program had been introduced, which has not only gotten youth involved at the club but their parents as well.
   Other marketing efforts include putting 10,000 flyers in the local newspaper, creating a website (www.buffalogunclub.org), and getting the word out through shooting message boards and mailings.
All of these efforts have added to Buffalo GC’s success, but Wally believes the biggest reason the club is doing so well is customer service. “Give the shooters great service at a fair price,” he said.
   I’d like to hear from other clubs who are taking the initiative to bring in new members and increase the number of targets thrown. Drop me an e-mail at elissa@trapandfield.com.
   Happy Independence Day, everyone! I hope you have a fun and safe holiday.

   June 29th, 2007

   Threatened with closure because of environmental concerns, Scarborough Fish & Game Association in Maine has undertaken a “huge and very ambitious relocation project.” The last shoot on the club’s current trapfields is taking place this weekend, so if you’re in the area, be sure to make it to this event.
   The move is set for completion in September 2008, but the club will remain open throughout construction, with any temporary closures to be posted on their website (www.scarfg.org). The Maine State Shoot will be July 20-22 and is to be held on Scarborough’s new fields.
   The club is raising money for concrete and other building materials by selling the naming rights to the trapfields and buildings and by selling bricks, which people and businesses can have their names stamped on. Bricks are $125 and will be placed in a wall around the flagpole. If anyone is interested in purchasing a brick, contact Amy Douglass at adouglass2002@yahoo.com.
   Scarborough has its beginnings in the 1940s, and it’s great to see that the members are working so hard to keep it open.
   Sue Hamilton has taken on the job of community relations chairperson for the club. She describes herself as an avid, albeit fairly new, trapshooter, having registered her first targets in April 2006. She’s been working to get coverage of the club in the local media. Good work, Sue! It’s always good to see shooting portrayed postively in the mainstream media.
   Watch for the August issue to learn more about Scarborough F&GA’s move and how they negotiated a $1.5 million deal with a local excavation company for very little cash. I think other clubs could learn a lot from what they’re doing.


After some lessons in crab picking, I get my first taste of fresh steamed crabs.

Four-year-old Lauren especially enjoys eating crab legs, or as she calls them: “crab on a stick.”                                          

     June 26th, 2007 

I just returned from the Maryland State Shoot, and I had a great time. The weather was beautiful, and shoot attendance was up throughout the tournament, with almost 100 more shooters participating in the Handicap Championship than last year!
I’d like to thank Joe Webb, MSSA president, for giving me a shooting lesson while I was there. I definitely have some practicing to do, but I had a lot of fun.
Joe provided steamed crabs for the shooters Saturday evening, and this Hoosier got her first experience in picking and eating them. I’d like to thank Joyce Biddle, her four-year-old niece Lauren and Alyssa Redding for giving me a lesson in crab picking. I’m afraid I was a bit of a slow learner, so I’d also like to thank ATA President Ray Greb for taking over the job of picking my crabs for me.
Thank you to Joanna Hughes, state secretary, for all the help she gave me in getting the information I need. Also, she and her husband Ray plus Mike and Dot Raleigh went out of their way to help me with directions and finding my way around unfamiliar territory.  



   Lastly, thanks to Ray and Jean Greb and all the crew from Carney Rod & Gun Club for showing me such a good time.
   Congratulations to David Shaeffer Jr. for caturing the singles, doubles and all-around titles, and to handicap champ Richard Eck. Good shooting to Bill Forester and Ronald Stinnett, who competed in a nine-round shootoff for the singles runnerup prize in some tough lighting conditions. The shootoff ended with Bill earning runnerup honors, and Ronald taking home the AA trophy.
   A special congrats to Virginia shooter Clay Floyd for completing his ATA Grand Slam during the tournament.
   Watch for the August issue of TRAP & FIELD for complete results of the Maryland State Shoot.

Bill Forester and Ronald Stinnett shot off for nine rounds Saturday, with Bill eventually taking the runnerup prize.


      June 19th, 2007

     Darla Auten and Helen Robinson have just finished up at the Arkansas State Shoot, and once again Darla sent us one of her colorful reports.
     “Arkasas had a record shoot with a bunch of non-resident shooters. We registered 249 total shooters with 163 in Sunday’s handicap. With seven traps, it was a long day but fun. The Arkansans made everyone feel at home and welcome—super hospitality. Nancy Williams, state president, worked hard to make things run smoothly. Their new officers are Nancy, president; Dan Bogler, secretary; and Henry Carroll, treasurer. James Kiddy was reelected ATA Delegate, and the new Alternate Delegate is Bill May.
     “The dinner Saturday night was fantastic, I hear, with the best fried pies ever (an unnamed Arkansas shooter ate FIVE!). Helen and I didn’t make it because the shootoffs ran pretty late.
“Tommy Brannon of Arkansas and Richard Schneider ran their first 100 straights in Saturday’s singles, and Joe Stacy of Arkansas posted his first 200. Zeke Yeager, sub-junior from Mississippi got his first 100 in Thursday’s singles.                                                                                                                                    “There were quite a few parent-child entries and lots of new kids, and I mean lots—whew! The Shamrock Youth Award went to the top junior/sub-junior in the singles after a drawing for score then shootoff. Ralph Hale (23-23-24) won it over William Grubbs (23-23-23). The Harrisburg School junior and sub-junior teams took all the team trophies. Big thanks to coaches Eric Wright and Pat Turnage. They made the entry of all those kids a breeze.
     “Grady Beaver and George Aleshire were inducted into the Hall of Fame, and Grady made Helen and I (and some others) cry when his wife Carolyn presented his trophy and he misted over and choked up.
     “The weather held beautifully with no rain until Sunday, and then it was short and sweet. It was pretty hot all week, but when there was a breeze, it was really nice.”

     Thanks, Darla, for keeping everyone updated.
     I’m heading to the Maryland State Shoot later this week. I’ll be sure to give everyone an update on that shoot when I return.


   June 18th, 2007

     Beccy Landgraf of the Kansas Trapshooters Association just sent me this note on their state shoot. It sounds like the shoot went well and everyone had a good time.
     “The Kansas Trapshooters Association had a great shoot at the KTA homegrounds near Wichita June 4-10. During the week, there were 641 shooters entered in the events from 21 states. This was a fantastic turnout for our 84th annual state shoot. We had south winds on a couple of days in the 40-50+ mph range, but it didn’t seem to make a difference on the targets and the high scores shot those days. There were a couple of rain showers but nothing that stayed around very long—compared to some of the rains the area had received in the weeks prior to the shoot.
     “On Saturday morning the Singles Championships started promptly at 8 a.m. It took nearly 12 hours to complete the 200-bird event, with the 560 shooters firing at 100 per trap. With 181 juniors and shub-junior entered in the event (including 22 ladies), we had a fantastic turnout of young shooters.                                  “The Hall of Fame banquet was held Friday night at nearby Bethel College in North Newton. Larry Schmidt, Kenneth Johnston and Harold Schultz were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the shooter category, with Gary Schultz (Harold’s son) being inducted in the benefactor category. State teams were presented their awards during the banquet, and HofF members in attendance were recognized. Ninety-four-year-old Bill Cassel of Pratt was in attendance as well as Iva Jarvis, the first KTA HofF inductee. In Sunday’s handicap, Iva’s daughter, Juania Gale, shot a score of 98, good enough to win third place in the race. After watching Juania shoot her winning score, Iva was heard remarking that it was more nerve-wracking for her to watch than it was when she shot all her winning scores back in the ’50s and ’60s.
     “Next up at the KTA will be the ATA Southwestern Zone Shoot July 20-22. The shooting actually starts earlier in the week with marathon targets, so come early and get ready for the weekend’s events.”
     Thanks, Beccy, for your report. I’d love to hear from others on how your state shoots are going. Just e-mail me at elissa@trapandfield.com.


     May 30th, 2007

     Hi, everyone. I’m back in the office after a great time at the Great Lakes Grand. Thanks to ATA Delegate Dave Price, MTA President Tom Stewart and all the Michigan directors for their hospitality.

      It was great to see old friends at Mason and to meet some new ones. Congratulations to Tom Wicklund for his Class C win in the Lake Michigan Singles. This was Tom’s first trophy at the MTA. He had a rough winter of shooting in Florida and is happy to be back winning again. Also, good shooting to Philip Burton. He won the D trophy in the class doubles with 94—his highest twin-bird score ever and 16 birds above his average!

     Also, congratulations to the Great Lakes Grand champions: Chris Vendel, singles; Rick Marshall, doubles; John Roussel, handicap; and Leo Harrison, all-around and HOA. Watch for your July issue for complete Great Lakes Grand coverage.


     May 24th, 2007

     I spoke to Brent Epperson of the Great Salt Lake Gun Club in Utah, host of the 2007 Western Grand. They’re making a lot of plans and are hoping for a big crowd They will be utilizing 12 traps during the tournament. Other club features include a fully air-conditioned clubhouse, snack bar, pro shop and a 64-space RV park. They are planning to host a New York strip dinner during the shoot and are in the process of trying to get a permit for a fireworks show one night. Sounds like it’s going to be a lot of fun. For more information, call 801-972-2258 or check out their website at www.gslgc.com.

     I’m heading to Mason, Mich., tomorrow for the Great Lakes Grand, and I’m really looking forward to it. If you see me, be sure to say hi and let me know what’s going on at your gun club.


     May 22nd, 2007

     We just heard from ATA and International shooter Corey Cogdell, and she has great news to share!

     “This past week I competed in the Spring Selection Match, which once combined with the scores from the Fall Selection Match, chose the one woman who will attend the Pan American Games in Brazil this July and the three women for the World Championships in Cyprus this September. I am very excited to tell you all that I won the gold medal and am attending both of those competitions!

     “What a blessing it is for all my hard work to be paying off.

     “As I’m sure you can tell, I am on Cloud Nine right now. The competition was very stiff, with the top four consisting of myself, two 15-year veterans of the game on the Army team, and the 2004 women’s Olympic team member Collyn Loper. This is a huge step in the Olympic direction and a huge boost for my confidence. This is the reassurance I needed going into these competitions and the Olympic year.

     “I leave for Texas tomorrow to attend my sister’s wedding along with training for two weeks in Texas preparing for the National Championships that will be held there.

     “Thank you all so much for your continued financial and moral support. Without you all, much of this would not have been possible. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

     “I know that through Christ anything is possible and give him the glory for my success. God bless and take care.”

     Our own Les Greevy interviewed Corey after she won the bronze medal at the World Cup in Changwon, Korea. Watch for the interview in your June issue of T&F.



May 21st, 2007

     We at Trap & Field just heard from Darla Auten, who has been working at the Louisiana State Shoot with Helen Robinson. They had a great time there and sent us this report:

     “We had beautiful weather—not too hot but sunny. The dinner Saturday night was 1,000+ pounds of crawfish with corn on the cob and baked potatoes. I have never seen anything like it. Huge piles of mudbugs.

     “Everyone but Helen and I were thrilled. (We’re west Texas girls and crave BEEF!) Seriously, though, I’ve never seen so much food. A good time was had by all, including the live band. Southwestern Grand handicap champion Kross McCarty shot there after getting a punch at Sparta, breaking a 97 for another yard. He’s on the 24½ now, 12 years old, cute as a bug and not as big around as a minute. There were lots of out-of-state shooters, and the club looks great.”

     Thanks, Darla, for the report. To let me know what’s going on at your club, e-mail me at elissa@trapandfield.com.



     May 8th, 2007

     The recent tornadoes that hit Kansas have caused much destruction and have affected some of our fellow shooters. State association president Rob Taylor told us that he knows of at least three shooters who have lost their homes, and state secretary Sandra McAllister had significant damage to her farm. Also, the Greensburg Gun Club was destroyed.

    Rob said that he tries to be prepared for these things—living in Tornado Alley—but it is still hard seeing the devastation.

     Let’s keep our Kansas shooter friends in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.


   May 4th, 2007

  I just got a call from Marsha, who’s in Cicero, N.Y. for the third Empire Grand. She was happy to report sunny weather and comfortable temperatures. Congratulations to 15-year-old Collin Bigras of Vermont for winning the opening day handicap. Watch for Marsha’s story and complete results of this shoot in the July issue.

     The Michigan Spring Team Shoot is just getting under way in Mason, Mich. I talked to ATA Delegate Dave Price, and he says the weather today is beautiful, and he expects it to last all weekend. They have already classified about 300 shooters, and more are sure to roll in for the weekend.

     Spring is finally here, and I hope everyone has a chance to get out and shoot. Let me know what’s going on at your gun club at elissa@trapandfield.com.



  April 27th, 2007

    I just talked to Terry Roush, ATA Delegate from North Carolina, and he’s enjoying himself at the Dogwood Open, which started yesterday and continues through Sunday. Although the shoot opened to threats of rain, shooters had sunny weather today with temperatures in the 70s. Conditions have been windy, but Jim Wilson managed to blast 100s in the first two singles events. Also, congratulations to Ivan Saville, who won yesterday’s handicap, and Greg High, victor in the doubles. In addition to the North Carolina residents enjoying their time at their state’s homegrounds, shooters from South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Ohio have joined them. Good luck to everyone there, and look for complete coverage of this shoot in an upcoming issue.

     Marsha has returned from San Antonio, where she was covering the Southwestern Grand. She had a great time on her first trip to that tournament. Congratulations to 12-year-old Kross McCarty for his win in the Handicap Championship. Watch for the June issue to find out what record he set. Kross also played the Hall of Fame option in that event and took home the coveted Hunter belt buckle. Thank you to Bill and Ruthie Hunter for providing these beautiful sterling silver buckles and for all they do for our sport.

     I’d love to hear from everyone on what’s happening at your gun club. Drop me an e-mail at elissa@trapandfield.com.




  April 24th, 2007

  Welcome to Elissa’s Notebook. I’m excited about the opportunity to keep everyone updated on what’s going on around the country.

     I just heard from Dave Price, ATA Delegate for Michigan, and he let me know about the ATA/NRA coach clinic that will take place at the MTA homegrounds May 20-21 (right before the Great Lakes Grand).

     The course will run from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day and has a cost of $160. Classroom space is limited, so don’t waste time in registering. Anyone who is interested can contact MTA President Tom Stewart at stewart.tom@acd.net.

This is one of the courses available for certification for SCTP coaches.

     By the way, check out the link below for pictures of the first ATA/NRA coach clinic, which was held recently in San Antonio.


     Also, the MTA had its annual workday on Saturday, April 21. About 25 people showed up to help get the MTA grounds ready for the 2007 season. I always enjoy being a part of the great shoots there and look forward to seeing everyone at the Great Lakes Grand next month.

     I talked with Editor Terry today. She’s in Nashville, Tenn., and she ran into ATA shooter Matt Hoffman from California over the weekend. He is now on the fantastic shooting team at Lindenwood University. Congrats, Lindenwood, on winning the ACUI competition! Check the June issue for more about Matt. Remember last summer when Matt beat his dad in a shootoff for the California state double title? I was there, and it was exciting to watch father and son compete for the championship. Dad Bill couldn’t have been prouder.

     Terry will be at the Georgia State Shoot in Conyers at the South River GC this weekend. Is it peach season yet? I hope she brings some back to the office!

     Keep checking in as I post more information here and e-mail me to let me know what’s going on in your area.



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