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The game of Billiards is a lot like the game of Trapshooting
Keep your eye on the target!



Don Petroff

Gas price du jour.

June 24, 2012

It's been an exciting Ohio State Shoot with a huge crowd. Congratulations to Don Petroff who won the Singles Championship with 200 and extras!

Mike DehabeyCongrats to Mike Dehabey who won the Harley Davidson shootout and took home a brand new Harley!

Shooters were treated to a hog roast compliments of A.D. Farrow Co. (America's oldest Harley dealer) located just south of the Cardinal Center. O.S.T.A. provided free shuttle service to the dealership. It was quite a gala in Harley World on Saturday. Here’s a few pictures.


Trapshooters enjoy the tasty food.

Sally Telfer tries out a Harley.

A sea of cycles.





June 22, 2012

From the Ohio State Shoot, Cardinal Center, Marengo, Ohio.

Thursday evening the Ohio Hall of Fame and Museum hosted a spectacular reception. There was a jazz band and delicious refreshments. Congratulations to the honored 2012 Hall of Fame inductees: Mary C. Thompson, James Forsbach and R. David Wilson.

The gala celebration included an ice sculpture of Annie Oakley and ice sculpture of the OSTA logo. The museum’s special exhibition was a wall of Trap & Field covers that featured Ohio shooters over the years.  The April 15, 1956 cover of T&F was enlarged, the faces were cut out so that visitors could have their pictures taken and be on the cover of Trap & Field.  Kudos to Betty Peterson, Museum Director, for her creativity and hard work. Thanks, Betty, for preserving the history of Ohio trapshooting.


Teri and Eileen Bichsel get on the cover of Trap & Field

Emily and Sarah Hamilton


                         The legend: Annie Oakley


The wall of T&F covers






February 16, 2012

T&F contributor Barbara Sheldon reports:

“Congratulations to Canadian ATA shooters (and hunters) who stuck to their guns to help get the gun registry law defeated ! 

After a 15-year battle by Canada's Conservative party, as well as the tens of thousands of long-gun owners, to abolish the long-gun registry in that country, the Bill to do so was passed in Parliament on February 15.  Once the Senate has given their approval, which is considered inevitable since the majority of Senators are card-carrying Conservatives, from this point on only hand-guns will require owner-registration in Canada."





September 1, 2011

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all on the East coast who just went through the hurricane, rain and winds. Please keep them in mind as our country faces these challenges.

Here is an update from Dennis DeVaux, Vermont ATA Delegate.

The Montpelier Gun Club did get flooded (again) but this time we had ample warning and were better prepared.  A few of us got together last Saturday and removed all of the trap machines and targets from the trap houses.  We also moved much of the furniture and other equipment to higher places or to our storage garage on the hill in back of the club.  The club had about two feet of flood water on the grounds and all of the trap houses are full of water but the damage is minimal this time.  No where near as much mud. 

However, the rest of Vermont did not fair very well and much of the State can be declared a disaster area.  Hundreds of roads and many bridges, including two historic covered bridges that have stood for more than a hundred years, have been washed out.  Two of the major state highways, one east/west route (Route 4) and one north/south route (Route 7), have major washouts in different areas.  Most of Vermont received anywhere from 4” to 9” or rain but, coming on top of already mostly saturated ground, most of it just ran off and created raging torrents out of normally meek and mild brooks.  Most of the major rivers in the State became completely out of control.  Vermont’s largest ski area, Killington Ski Resort near Rutland, lost one of its base lodges as a normally small brook coming down the mountain became a raging river and consumed it.  There is so much damage everywhere that it is hard to describe.  It will take months and years to recover from all the damage in some areas.

We’ll make it through, however.

Dennis DeVaux





August 12, 2011

Congratulations to South Dakota’s Fred Nagel (also known as 2009 Grand’s “Mr. August” for his great shooting). Fred won the Browning Class Doubles with 100 straight and extras. He also blasted another 100 in Thursday’s Gipson-Ricketts Doubles. Wow, way to go, Fred.

Still in contention for the Champion of Champions are Pat Lamont and Charlie Brown.  It’s an exciting showdown unfolding this week. More shootoffs this evening.

This just in. . . Foster Bartholow just broke 100 from 27 in the Kolar Handicap. That gives him his Grand Slam! South Dakota is making their mark on a Grand scale. Fine, fine shootin’ Foster.

Isn’t ATA shooting fun!  Spend a Grand time with us: here are some photos. And check out T&F’s Facebook page.

Jack Stevens attained 100,000 singles and handicap targets

The ATA gang from Florida


The ATA store is practically sold out today. Gonna be a lot of ATA pride out there.

Look at those Grand trophies

Hall of Fame Auction wrapped up Thursday afternoon





Hall of Fame Silent Auction

Ladies Bingo. Any more questions?

Larry Litwin of Michigan picked up his Grand Slam pin while at the Grand

August 11, 2011

It’s been an exciting Grand. Congratulations to Bob Malmstedt of New Jersey who captured the Clay Target Championship with 200 and 225 extras. “It’s a dream come true,” he said of the prestigious ring-winner event. Bob bested 24 others who vyed with perfect 200s, and competed in a field of more than 2,000 others. We’ll have complete results in the October issue of Trap & Field.

Kudos to all who shot in the Champion of Champions race today. “We are the champions” is the theme song for all who competed. Those who broke perfect centuries are :

Shawn Cahoon, Jerry Posey, Mike Scharbach, Greg Holden, Jennifer Martin, Joe Sudbury Sr., Thomas Opgenorth, Kirk Burl, Larry Sexton, William Howe, Jess Crofoot, James Gelinne, Cathy Wehinger, Stacy Bringelson, Jacob Wieneke, James A. Butler, Robert Reis, Scott Clark, Charles Brown Jr., Paul Shaw, Tim Reed, Thomas Yeager, Antonio Lobo, Harlan Campbell Jr., Benjamin Larson, Cody Tangsrud, Philip Criado, Justin Slater, Patrick Lamont, Robert Munson, Keith Ditto, Robert Youngblood, Patrick Stacey, Jeremy Denny.




August 9, 2011

Hi, everyone,

It’s been one busy Grand American. More than 1,000 youth participated in the AIM Grand Championships over the weekend. Congratulations to the winning teams and individuals! It was a great time of fun and shooting. Check out our facebook page and look to Trap & Field for complete coverage.

Congrats to Jason Jonckheere of Michigan.
He shot his first 100 in singles on Saturday!

News on the $200,000 Lewis Challenge—

1,610 entries recorded ! That puts the Lewis pot at more than $500,000 !

It’s a huge crowd here at the World Shooting Complex in Sparta, Illinois. Excitement is at a peak!
This is ATA shooting at it’s best!

Terry Heeg


Shooting on the line

Mike Tullis and Susan Nattrass

Checking the scores




August 3, 2011

Hi, everyone,

The 112th Grand American has begun!  The first target has been shot in the Hodgdon Powder Singles and the event completed. There were 40 100 straights. One of those was Pat McCarthy, Hall of Fame inductee this year. Now, the handicap event is underway. Who will be the top dog? That’s the question. The winner will be entered into the $100,000 Grand American Challenge.  There’s some hot shooting here, including the temps, but it’s supposed to cool down. Good luck, shooters!

Terry Heeg







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