June 24, 2012

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The game of Billiards is a lot like the game of Trapshooting
Keep your eye on the target!



Jason Huffman

Joey Hill, Jim Fiddler and Harlan Campbell

Craig Blank

June 26, 2011

It’s been a great week here at the Cardinal Center and one of the best Ohio state shoots yet! Only two Buckeyes blasted 200s in the Singles Championship. Congrats to the title winner Craig Blank of Zenia. John Rosebrock of Napeleon ended runnerup. Great shooting, men!     

Congratulations to Jason Huffman of Piqua, Ohio who won the Chevy shootout at the Ohio State Shoot.

A big thanks to OSTA, Steve Stedman and Brittain Motors (East Palestine, Ohio). Good shooting, Jason!


Joey Hill, E-Z-GO sales rep with winner of the E-Z-GO golf cart Jim Fiddler and Harlan Campbell Jr.

(E-Z-GO sponsored shooter)


Let me know what’s happening in your state.


Terry Heeg






June 20, 2011

Hi, everyone,

The 120th Pennsylvania State Shoot is in the history books. It was a great turnout. Congratulations to Doubles Champion Brian Shyda, Singles and All-Around Champion John Manetta II and Handicap Champion Merle Gommer. Read all about the tournament in Trap & Field Magazine.

Let me know what’s happening at your shoot.

Terry Heeg








June 18, 2011

Congratulations to Howard Burkholder of Chambersburg, Pa. He won the Krieghoff Challenge on Friday night at the Pennsylvania State Shoot. Two numbers were drawn and those whose score ended with those numbers got to participate.  A huge crowd turned out to watch. Howard took home a K-80 ACS Combo. Boy, was he tickled! A big thanks goes to Krieghoff and Allem’s Guncraft for this magnanimous promotion!

Congrats to Timothy Scott of Sewickley who topped the Krieghoff Handicap event with 98. Congrats to Brian Shyda of Lebanon who won the Doubles title with 99.

Terry Heeg


Alex Diehl of Krieghoff, winner Howard Burkholder and John Allem




June 17, 2011

Hi, everyone,

The 120th Pennsylvania State Shoot is underway at the fantastic PSSA homegrounds. Congratulations to Alan Deal of Petrolia, Pa., who won Monday’s Hall of Fame Handicap with 97; Nathan Wayne Hofer of South Dakota earned the Hall of Fame Singles with 100; and Michael Sullenberger topped  the Media Handicap with 95. Stefanie Sandler clinched the Preliminary High Over All with 672, leading by 20 birds! Way to go!

Tournament Director Chuck Fritzges said attendance is steady, a little down, a little up. He said, “Overall, it’s good.”

Right now it’s sunny and bright. More than 1,000 are competing today in the Krieghoff Challenge.

It’s not too late to come out to Elysburg and shoot this weekend.

Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg


PSSA Homegrounds

Congrats to Ian Fleming who shot his first 100
and 200 in Thursday’s Class Singles




Calvin Stinson

Shooting the breeze

May 29, 2011

Hi, everyone,

The Great Lakes Grand is going on. We’ve got the same rain and mud that was in New York last week at the Empire Grand. But ATA-ers are hanging in there and competing with vigor.

Calvin Stinson topped opening day’s singles event with 100 and won the next day’s 16s as well. Bill Grill was Wednesday’s Handicap winner with 97, and Kyle Mann blasted 99 on Thursday to win the yardage race.

Most everyone is geared up to head on over to Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio next week for the Buckeye Classic. Lots of ATA shooting going on around the country. Hope you’re smashing targets.

Terry Heeg




Ladies Bingo




May 19, 2011

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the seventh annual Empire Satellite Grand.  Looks to be a good turnout although there was some rain.  Oh well, trapshooting is an outdoor sport. Mike Latocha took the top spot in opening day’s singles with 99. Brad Heath was winner of the handicap. ATA-ers are having fun here. Look to Trap & Field for complete results.

Terry Heeg

Joe Recla made it to the 27-yard line
this past Sunday at the Keystone Open,
and Kie Kababik ran Wednesdays 16s
here in New York at the Empire Grand.
Great shooting, guys! Hey, did you call
each other this morning and plan
what to wear? Looking good and
looking good!








With the rain came a rainbow over
New York trapshooting on Wednesday.
Good luck, trapshooters.

Trapshooters are always prepared.
Susan Gullota, Tiffany Decker and
Viki Hatch are in fine form!









May 13, 2011

Hi, everyone,

We just heard from Tony Castellano at Staten Island SC in New York and the June 26 Father’s Day Shoot has been cancelled. Pass the word on to fellow ATA-ers.  Hope your shooting season is going great. Let us know how you’re doing!

Terry Heeg






April 29, 2011               
See you at the Michigan Spring Team Shoot this weekend in Mason at the Homegrounds!

Will Team Beaver Research defend their title for top team from last year’s Spring fling?

Or will Superior Auto Parts (winning team at the Fall Team Shoot) reign superior?

Come out and shoot the shoot.  It’s ATA—it’s fun and fantastic!


Terry Heeg










April 11, 2011

Congratulations to ATA member Josh Richmond for winning the bronze medal in men’s double trap at the Chile World Cup, then going on to take the silver at the second World Cup of the year in Sydney, Australia.

The USA Shooting Team left Sydney as the most victorious and medal-winning federation with eight total medals—three gold and five silver. Click here for more information.

Let me know what’s happening at your club.

Terry Heeg





March 21, 2011

What an exciting Southern Grand. It’s all wrapped up in the history books. Congrats to Mitchel Loveless II who won the Doubles Championship after one perfect round of shootoff.  Congrats to Leo Harrison who took the Singles and Handicap Championships, but not without some bouts. Clayborn Hunter  and Kay Ohye matched his 200 and ended with the Senior Vet and runnerup trophies, respectively.

Leo Harrison and Jenna Knott blasted 97s in Sunday’s Handicap Championship. It was trapshooting history at its best! The crowd of on-lookers at the shootoff were enthralled. It took three extra innings for Leo to attain the title. Jenna landed with the lady laurels and gained two yards to reach the 25.5 spot. Complete coverage in Trap & Field, the official magazine of the ATA.  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who competed.

Terry Heeg


Matt Trammel l and George Harvey

Waiting for shootoffs


Federal’s Devon Harris congratulates Mitchel Loveless II on his Doubles Title

Clayborn Hunter, Jenna Knott and Leo Harrison

Diane Foster punches Jenna Knott’s yardage card





Ron Stinnett


March 18, 2011

Lots of excitement here at the Silver Dollar in Odessa, Fla. Yesterday all the Irish competed. Congrats to Harlan O’Campbell Jr.  J of Kansas who won the Event 10 handicap with 99 over the field, and he also topped the doubles class with the solitary 100.

Maryland’s Ron Stinnett posted 98 for the vet honors. New York’s Wayne Schiavi and Maryland’s David Shaeffer Jr. vied 97s and ended second and third after shootoff.

There’s nothing quite as exciting as ATA trapshooting! Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg






March 16, 2011

Hi, all,

Shooting continues here at the Southern Grand. There were 19 100s posted on Tuesday in the singles event. In the day’s handicap Ray Stafford, Leo Harrison and sub-junior Ian Recla blasted 97s. Stafford was winner after prevailing in shootoff over Ian by just one bird. Harrison failed to answer the shootoff call and ended runnerup; Ian took the sub-junior category award.

Mike Dehabey, Paul Miller Jr. and Rob Taylor posted 96s and earned third, fourth and fifth places in the handicap. All-American Junior Captain Kie Kababik earned the category trophy with 96. Maryland’s Jean Greb collected the women’s prize with 95.  Good shooting, everyone.

The Singles Class is being contested. Watch for full results of this Satellite Grand  in Trap & Field Magazine.

Terry Heeg


                              Ian Recla                                                  Paul Miller






A big crowd of ATA competitors showed up on opening day.

Happy Birthdays to Jack Bryant (son of Jerry) and Jennifer Wilburn this coming Friday, March 18.

Practice makes perfect!

March 15, 2011

Hi, everyone,

The 31st annual Southern Grand started on Monday. The weather is perfect with blue skies. Temperatures are warm and just a light breeze. ATA-ers have left the cold, the snow and the ice and made their way to the Silver Dollar SC in Odessa, Fla. It’s picture perfect Florida.

Congratulations to Joe and Amy Dement of Oakfield, Tenn. They recently wed and they each won trophies in the opening singles yesterday.  Both posted 99s: Joe earned the Class A trophy and Amy took the lady’s laurels. Carl Gentile of Erie, Pa., won the top spot in the day’s handicap with a 99. Florida’s Emanuel Boyer and Ontario’s Kyle Mann earned Sub-junior and Junior honors.  In the doubles, Leo Harrison earned the AAA award with 98. Terry Jordan was runnerup with 97. Kentucky’s Kenny Knott carded the field high 99 to take the AA prize and Minnesota’s George Pappas was AA second with 97.

It’s all happening here at the Silver Dollar. Look to Trap & Field for complete results.

Terry Heeg






January 30, 2011

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the Dixie Grand in Odessa, Fla., at the Silver Dollar Shooter’s Club. It’s been a great tournament this year. Attendance is up and it’s been hot competition. It’s been a little chilly and somewhat windy, but, hey, it’s winter in Florida.  There is no white stuff to shovel.

Congrats to Ray Stafford who won opening day’s singles, handicap and twins right out the gate. On Tuesday, Pennsylvania’s Andrew Zborovsky took the Class AAA trophy and Glen Lonneman was the runnerup, both with 99s. New York’s Michael Moran smashed 100 for the AA prize and Canada’s Terry Jordan was second with 99. That was no easy task for any of them in the tricky wind!  Harlan Campbell topped Tuesday’s doubles with the solo 100.  Richard Griffith of Covington, Ga., and Joe Sissano (Delegate of N.J.) smashed 93s in Wednesday’s windy handicap to end winner and vet winner, respectively. Rhode Island’s Norman Johnson posted the lone high 97 in Thursday’s yardage race.

 Today is Saturday and the Singles Championship is being contested. There are 84 squads. ATA-ers are shooting targets, playing cards, eating good food and doing what trapshooters do best: having a great time!  Hope you can get Silver Dollar and Florida shooting in your schedule this year.

Terry Heeg


Carol Brisbin and Diane Foster
welcome you to the Silver Dollar.

Hanging out at the Dixie.

Charlie Hurley and George Hess
are having a great time at the Dixie.

Josh Taylor is here from White Flyer
passing out commemorative targets.






An enthusiastic crowd ready to exercise their Second Amendment right.
Hillsdale coach Bart Spieth addressed the crowd and presented trophies to the winners of the 16s event.

A registered handicap event was held later in the day and AIM members Jordan Ocenasek, John Adams and Lance Adams competed.

October 11, 2010

Hi, everyone,

Hillsdale College in Michigan held their first registered ATA tournament this past Saturday, Oct. 9, in conjunction with the AIM FOR LIBERTY SHOOT. The school held a clinic at the Hillsdale College Shooting Sports Center for new shooters to try out trapshooting, as well as shooting some sporting clay targets at the 5-stand. Sponsors of the event were AcuSport Corp., GunBroker.com, Hodgdon Powder, Smith & Wesson and Winchester Ammunition. 

Jim Arnold

Long-time shooting pro and shooting coach Jim Arnold presented an overview of gun handling and emphasized gun safety. (Years ago I had some of my first training with Jim at a Sporting Clays fundraiser! He’s still as passionate and enthusiastic about the shooting sports, and he’s serious about teaching proper technique and safety.) I estimate that nearly 100 new-comers tried shooting at the traps and 5-stand. I saw a lot of smiles as the novice shootists smashed some clay targets.  

Dynamic trainer Jim Arnold

The school’s first ATA tournament had a turnout of seven squads competing in a 100-bird singles event. Michigan ATAers showed up to support the inaugural race. Winners were: A, Keith Heeg, 198; B, Martin Blashfield, 188; and C, Garret Thomsen, 194. President of the Hillsdale Shooting Club Zak Dombrowski recorded his first 50 straight. Way to go!  

Always there to help! On the right are ATAers Leslie and Larry York who worked all day with new shooters teaching them one-on-one how to break clay targets. They kept a check on range gun safety and made sure everyone smashed some clays. Thanks for all you do, guys! Thanks to all the coaches who helped at the clinic!

Hillsdale College also provided a complimentary hearty, delicious lunch for all participants.  Read more about it in the pages of Trap & Field, the official magazine of the ATA.  Let me know what’s happening at your gun club. Thanks for shooting ATA!

Terry Heeg





August 14, 2010

Hi, everyone,

It sure has been an exciting Grand. Congratulations to Clay Target Champion Patrick Stacey of Frederick, Oklahoma. Congratulations to New York’s Chris Vendel who won the Doubles Championship.   

Kudos to 17-year-old Steven Jennings (Attica, NY) for becoming the eighth qualifier in the $100,000 Grand American Challenge. He won Friday’s Kolar Arms Handicap with 100 from the 25-yard line. Wow, great shooting, Steven!

The Grand American Handicap is being contested right now. Once the champion is determined, a name will be drawn for a lucky shooter to compete as the 10th qualifier for a chance at $100,000, winner take all!

Terry Heeg


Steven Jennings


 Patrick Stacey

Chris Vendel




Quilts and more.

Check out the fox fur on the right.

Meet Corbin Grybowski from Arapaho, Oklahoma. This 13-year-old shot his first 100 in yesterday’s Clay Target Championship in the second half. He ended with a 197 to earn the Class D award. He will start eighth grade at Arapaho Junior High and math is his favorite subject. Thanks for shooting ATA targets, Corbin.  [pic]



August 12, 2010

Hi, everyone,

It’s pretty busy here and really exciting! There were 31 perfect scores of 200 in the Clay Target Championship yesterday, and it was quite a shootoff. Three are left, deadlocked for the prestigious champion trophy. Tonight Patrick Stacey, Eric Munson and David Shaeffer Jr. will go to the line again to settle the tie. Who will be the champion?  Trophies already decided in the Clay Target with scores of 200 include Rachel Hopkins, women’s and Dempsey Gottschalk, veteran. Posting 199s were Kai Kababik and Tom Buxman who ended senior sub-junior and veteran, respectively.

The Hall of Fame Silent Auction is going on right now. Wow, there are some really nice items to bid on. And it’s all for a good cause funding all the projects that the Hall of Fame oversees.  Bidding will be closed at 4 p.m. today.


Check back. A lot is going on.

Terry Heeg

Oregon ATA Delegate Dexter Tourville blasted 200 in Monday to claim the veteran honors in the Winchester AA Singles Class event.




August 10, 2010

Hi, everyone,

It’s been a busy Grand so far. It’s great seeing the shooters here at the Grand American.  It looks like all states and provinces are represented except British Columbia. So far we have 25 ATA members from other countries. Entry figures have been up as well, and as of Monday Aug. 9, the attendance is up nearly 6% over last year. Not bad for the heat here. Everything you’ve heard is true—it got up to maybe  100 degrees. You can imagine the variations of the temperature I’ve heard today. Regardless, it was dang hot, but not too hot for ATA competitors. There was a total of 31 perfect 200s in the Winchester AA Singles Class Championship.

Meet 13- year-old Brian Howland from Wausau, Wisconsin. He shot his first 100 in Saturday’s singles in the AIM event. He’s been shooting since he was nine and started shooting ATA just two years ago. He uses a Perazzi. He likes everything about shooting he said—from the competition to the nice people. Thanks to his parents Lynn and Theresa for their support of his favorite sport.

Opening ceremonies went well on Monday evening.  The President Gary Sherrod Handicap is underway today and the Browning Doubles Class Championship. Check back.

Terry Heeg









August 6, 2010

Hi, everyone,

Congratulations to Rich Kaysa of San Antonio, Texas, who won the top trophy in Thursday’s handicap with the lone 99 from 26 yards and became a qualifier for the $100,000 Challenge.  Rich joins Marvin Beumer and Nathan Wayne Hofer in the Challenge.

Other trophy winners in Thursday’s handicap were Randy Ross, Mariah Michaelis  and Tyler Vertein who carded 98s and ended runnerup, lady and junior winners.  In Thursday’s twins race Sean Hawley, David Shaeffer Jr. and Rachel Hopkins smashed 100s to vie for the lead to be decided by carryover.

It’s a huge crowd coming into the Grand today.  Youth teams are also arriving for the 2010 AIM Grand Championships to be held Aug. 7-8, this Saturday and Sunday.  It’s sure to be a great turnout as more than 900 young shooters pre-registered.

In Event 10, Remington 870 Singles, 57 smashed centuries: Phil Thyer, David Deitch, Dexter Tourville, Devon Harris, Kie Kababik, John Bleecker, Cody Renkoski, Denis Bringelson, Steven Johnson, John Crompton, Gerry Williams, Stu Welton, Scott Gens, Patrick Gottberg, Rich Bullard, Dean Neumann, Tim Reed, George Pappas, Ray Stafford, Tim Robb, Kay Ohye, Aaron Pollak, Cody Tangsrud, David Riddle, Harlan Campbell, Larry Zerngast, Randy Miller, Mike Jordan, David Shaeffer, Todd Hanson, Zach Nannini, Andrew Simpson, Chris Vendel, Paul Shaw, Gary Goodpaster, Bruce Wagner, Rod Boll, Randy Wolf, Benjamin Larson, Robert Stirnaman, Cal Stinson, John Mullins, Dan Cain, Stephen Mitchell, Anthony Fortino, Sue Hopper, Jerry Posey, Stacy Bringelson, Richard Goerlich, Steven Keeley, John Rauzi, Robert LaBorde, Case Colby, James Mitchell, Joyce Sweetser, Dayle Gerlich and Clayton Taylor.  Way to go! It’s looking to be an exciting 2010 Grand.





August 5, 2010

The day started out with a bang! Literally. A fierce storm blew through about 5 a.m. and the wind was horrendous. It was called a mircro burst which is almost a tornado. A travel trailer was blown over on the west end by the vendor buildings (on its slideout side) and the Sparta Fire Dept. arrived in good time to get the person out. He suffered some broken ribs. The beer tent also took a beating, and the supports caved in. The town of Sparta had some damage from fallen trees and power was out all day. Fortunately, power was in good working order here at the complex and the day proceeded as usual.  We hope for some cooler temperatures.   Terry Heeg

Lunch time at Buffalo Bob’s




Beer tent down





Meet Stephanie Carey of Willisburg, Ken.,
who shot her first 50 straight. She also carded her personal
best  score of 95 in Tuesday’s John Deere Handicap!


Show your ATA colors!
The Grand American Gift Shop
is open for business everyday in the
Vendor Mall Building. Take a look at
some of the great items!

August 4, 2010

Hi, Everyone,

The Grand is off to an exciting start—there were 30 ATA shooters who blasted 100s in opening day Vernal Gun Club Singles.
Congrats to: Grant Williams, Stu Welton, Frank Pascoe, Jack Curry, Tim reed, Cody Renkoski, Denis Bringelson, Mike Jordan, Foster Bartholow, Harlan Campbell, Ronald Carneal, Rachel Hopkins, David Berlet, Marvin Beumer, Scott Gens, Don Wyatt, Shawn Cahoon, David Deitch, Richard Bullard, Cody Tangsrud, Bob Metzler, Robert LaBorde, John T. Campbell, Dave Dressler, Paul VonBurg, Ryan Stehl, Troy Ellis, Joe Nehrt, Terry O’Brien, and Taylor Wagner.

Congrats to Marvin Beumer of Augusta, Missouri, who won yesterday’s John Deere Handicap and became the first qualifier for the $100,000 Challenge. Way to go Marvin!

Real Country 1230 WHCO was set up in the
Main Events Center doing a live show with
DJ Peter Stork promoting the Grand American.




August 3, 2010

Hi, Everyone,

I’m at the 111th Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament. It looks like a great turnout so far. ATAers have been arriving to the World Shooting & Recreational Complex. It’s going to be some hot competition the next two weeks. The weather forecast calls for warm temperatures, but hey, it’s summer in the Mississippi Valley.  Trapshooters are usually ready and prepared. The schedule started on time this morning. First was the playing of the Canadian anthem, then the Star Spangled Banner. The shooters were called to the line at 9 am. We’re off to another great tournament.

Visiting at the Trap & Field counter is
a Grand tradition to renew your sub.
Classification is the first step in registering
for the events.

Jennifer Lemmon, Stacy Hawley and Sarah Gordon work
at the ATA Membership Services Counter answering shooters’

Look at the rich trophies!




Checking scores


A picture is worth a 1,000 words:
Five guys and a sigh!

Shopping at the Indiana GC tent




July 11, 2010

Hi, everyone,

It’s  “back home again” for this Hoosier-raised writer. 

It’s been a swell week here at the Indiana State Shoot. The Indiana Gun Club is spruced up to welcome every trapshooter from Indiana and across the USA and Canada! A whole lot of ATA shooting action has been going on: Congrats to Jack Curry who took the opening day singles honors with 99 and full follow-through carryover.  Curtis Lunsford struck 100 and carryover in the Event 4 Singles to take the winner’s trophy. Grand American Handicap champion Eric Shroyer blasted 99 over the field in Event 5’s yardage race to capture the top honors.

Curry went on to smash 99 in Wednesday’s Event 6 Doubles for top honors. John Voliva was high in the whole trap line with 99 in Event 8 handicap for the win. And Tank Lunsford posted 96 for the Hall of Fame Handicap victory.

Congratulations to Robert Phillips of Hanover! He carded the only resident 200 in Saturday’s Singles Championship to earn the title outright. Brandon Sullivan and Matthew Perkins turned in 198s to win sub-junior and junior crowns. Barb Rocheford posted 196 for the women’s honors. She also took the lady laurels in Events 8 and 9 handicaps, as well as the Event 10 Doubles. Way to go, Barb! Welcome back to Indiana.  Shooting continues today with the Doubles and Handicap championships underway. It looks to be a great weather day again. Watch for the story in Trap & Field.

Terry Heeg






July 04, 2010

It’s perfect shooting weather here at the Michigan State Shoot. Happy July 4th to all !

Congratulations to Keith Heeg, the Michigan State Singles Champion. It was an exciting shootoff of Michigan’s best competitors Saturday evening.  Six posted high scores of 199 to vie for the crown. After seven perfect rounds Keith Heeg claimed the title. Congratulations to Dick Musetti who ended with the Senior Vet award after going the seven rounds. Congrats to the others posting 199 and shooting off: Ken Sims, runnerup; Jacque Snellenberger, women’s; Gunther Dittmer, AA; and Norman Torre.  

Out-staters posting 199s were: Mike May, winner non-resident; David Harsanyi, runnerup; Carl Chadwell, AA; Keith Saunders, A; Roland Roesslein, Vt.

In the day’s handicap, Dick Musetti blasted the field-high 99 from the back fence to take the winner’s award. What a stellar day for you, Dick! Shooting continues with the doubles championship and feature yardage race. Complete results will be in Trap & Field.  God bless America!

Terry Heeg














Straight off the line after seven rounds—
the crowd applauds for Dick Musetti, senior vet
champ and Keith Heeg, singles title champ.





June 26, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m here at the Michigan Homegrounds in Mason. I’ve been told that attendance is up over last year. The temperatures have been in the 70s and the skies are bright blue. Oh so good to see the targets! Right now the Richard Burkett Singles just started. I see a lot of out-of-staters here. Hope you can make it to Michigan. If not, just hope you can go to a trapshoot somewhere. Have a safe holiday weekend with family and friends as we celebrate our country’s independence! God bless our troops!

Terry Heeg




June 26, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the Ohio State Shoot at the Cardinal Center in Marengo. It’s been a good week so far, and the crowd is huge. Last night was the Blaser Gun Give-Away. Blaser so generously donated a Super Trap Combo. Those who shot Wednesday’s handicap and the Blaser Handicap on Thursday were eligible. Two lucky numbers were drawn: 5 and 6. Those who had scores ending in 5 or 6 got in the shootout on Friday. I was told it was about 130 contestants. They shot one per post. By round 6 it was down to four shooters, then it narrowed to two in round 7. Malachi Bluhm and Joseph Muraski each shot perfect. Round 8: Each shot perfect again. In round 9, Muraski let one fly, and the crowd moaned.  Bluhm smoked his next target to win the Blaser shootout. The crowd cheered and applauded.   

When I asked 16-year-old Malachi what he thought of his win, he said, “I don’t know. I’m in shock.” I ask him what he was thinking during the shootout. He said, “I asked myself before every target, ‘are you ready?’” And ready he was to take home the Blaser Super Trap Combo. Thank you to Rich Kaysa and everyone at Blaser USA.

Congratulations to Seth Willis who won the Blaser Handicap with 97! Kyle Hamilton and Kevin Dawson topped Friday’s Rio Handicap with 97s and ended winner and runnerup, respectively. Clyde Findley captured the Class Doubles with 100! 

Terry Heeg


Congrats to Malachi Bluhm and
thanks Rich Kaysa of Blaser USA

Only two left in round 7

A large crowd gathered to watch




Frank Pascoe

Brian Whalen

KayLynn Hamilton Bornman


June 21, 2010

Hi, everyone,

Congratulations to ATA Pennsylvania Delegate Frank Pascoe who won the Singles Championship after blasting 200 in the program and one extra perfect round in overtime! Also posting 200s and 24 in shootoff were Douglas Jones who ended in second place and Tyler Nunes who took sub-junior.

KayLynn Hamilton Bornman was high lady with 197 and a perfect round of overtime. Stephen Todak was junior champion with 198. Philip Criado and Robert Lefever were vet and senior vet winners with 199 and 198, respectively.

Participants who shot all 2,900 targets at the Colonial Classic and PA State Shoot were eligible to receive a pin that read, “I shot the works”.  

Congratulations to J.T. Spangler. This guy is on a roll! He won the PA handicap championship with 97 and an extra round of shootoffs. Other residents carding 97s were Guy D. Fox, Raymond Stahl, Dennis Cacciola Sr. and Junior Dylan Darhower.  Ray won runnerup; Dylan was junior. 

ATA New York Delegate Brian Whalen smashed 99 to take the non resident winner trophy.

Thanks, PSSA, for a tremendous job of running one of the best state shoots in the country!
Check out Trap & Field’s FACEBOOK page.

Let me know what’s happening at your shoot.

Terry Heeg

J. T. Spangler




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