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June 26, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m here at the Michigan Homegrounds in Mason. I’ve been told that attendance is up over last year. The temperatures have been in the 70s and the skies are bright blue. Oh so good to see the targets! Right now the Richard Burkett Singles just started. I see a lot of out-of-staters here. Hope you can make it to Michigan. If not, just hope you can go to a trapshoot somewhere. Have a safe holiday weekend with family and friends as we celebrate our country’s independence! God bless our troops!

Terry Heeg




June 26, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the Ohio State Shoot at the Cardinal Center in Marengo. It’s been a good week so far, and the crowd is huge. Last night was the Blaser Gun Give-Away. Blaser so generously donated a Super Trap Combo. Those who shot Wednesday’s handicap and the Blaser Handicap on Thursday were eligible. Two lucky numbers were drawn: 5 and 6. Those who had scores ending in 5 or 6 got in the shootout on Friday. I was told it was about 130 contestants. They shot one per post. By round 6 it was down to four shooters, then it narrowed to two in round 7. Malachi Bluhm and Joseph Muraski each shot perfect. Round 8: Each shot perfect again. In round 9, Muraski let one fly, and the crowd moaned.  Bluhm smoked his next target to win the Blaser shootout. The crowd cheered and applauded.   

When I asked 16-year-old Malachi what he thought of his win, he said, “I don’t know. I’m in shock.” I ask him what he was thinking during the shootout. He said, “I asked myself before every target, ‘are you ready?’” And ready he was to take home the Blaser Super Trap Combo. Thank you to Rich Kaysa and everyone at Blaser USA.

Congratulations to Seth Willis who won the Blaser Handicap with 97! Kyle Hamilton and Kevin Dawson topped Friday’s Rio Handicap with 97s and ended winner and runnerup, respectively. Clyde Findley captured the Class Doubles with 100! 

Terry Heeg


Congrats to Malachi Bluhm and
thanks Rich Kaysa of Blaser USA

Only two left in round 7

A large crowd gathered to watch




Frank Pascoe

Brian Whalen

KayLynn Hamilton Bornman


June 21, 2010

Hi, everyone,

Congratulations to ATA Pennsylvania Delegate Frank Pascoe who won the Singles Championship after blasting 200 in the program and one extra perfect round in overtime! Also posting 200s and 24 in shootoff were Douglas Jones who ended in second place and Tyler Nunes who took sub-junior.

KayLynn Hamilton Bornman was high lady with 197 and a perfect round of overtime. Stephen Todak was junior champion with 198. Philip Criado and Robert Lefever were vet and senior vet winners with 199 and 198, respectively.

Participants who shot all 2,900 targets at the Colonial Classic and PA State Shoot were eligible to receive a pin that read, “I shot the works”.  

Congratulations to J.T. Spangler. This guy is on a roll! He won the PA handicap championship with 97 and an extra round of shootoffs. Other residents carding 97s were Guy D. Fox, Raymond Stahl, Dennis Cacciola Sr. and Junior Dylan Darhower.  Ray won runnerup; Dylan was junior. 

ATA New York Delegate Brian Whalen smashed 99 to take the non resident winner trophy.

Thanks, PSSA, for a tremendous job of running one of the best state shoots in the country!
Check out Trap & Field’s FACEBOOK page.

Let me know what’s happening at your shoot.

Terry Heeg

J. T. Spangler




June 19, 2010

The Krieghoff Challenge was an exciting spectacle of shooting stuff! More than 270 ATAers were eligible to participate in it. A huge crowd gathered to watch and see who could shoot their way to win the K-80 Trap Special Combo. Congratulations to PA’s J.T. Spangler. He was the last man standing and was elated that he won the K-80. We’re not sure what he competed with, but as of his victory he became a Krieghoff shooter.  Trap & Field gives a big salute to Dieter Krieghoff and Krieghoff International and to John and Nancy Allem of Allem’s Guncraft .

Congrats to Stephanie Sandler. She blasted the solo 99 yesterday in the Doubles Championship and earned the title! She is the first lady to win the PA state twin’s crown and the second to win a PA State Championship. Way to go, Stephanie.  Good shooting to Ken Darroch and Stephen Ollock with 98s. They took Runner up and Class AAA. Harry Albright III’s 98 was good for Class AA.

The Singles Championship is under way today. More than 1,100 competitors signed up. Watch for complete results in Trap & Field.

Terry Heeg




They lined up to win the K-80

Shooting! It’s what’s for fun.

John Allem, winner J.T. Spangler and Dieter Krieghoff






Nancy Allem and Dieter Krieghoff get
ready to draw the lucky numbers.

Tournament Direct Chuck Fritzges announces
1 and 6 as the numbers to be eligible for The
Krieghoff Challenge.

Taylor Hansen of Pittsfield, Pa., blasted 97 today
in the Krieghoff Handicap and was high lady.

June 18, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m here at the Pennsylvania State Shoot in Elysburg. It’s a great crowd here today. There were 1,259 entrants in the Krieghoff Handicap. Excitement has been building all day for The Krieghoff Challenge. Just moments ago, Dieter Krieghoff drew the first of two numbers for the shootout this evening. Nancy Allem drew the second number. Drum roll. . . .A one and a six were drawn.  Those who shot the handicap today and had scores ending in a one or six are eligible to participate in The Krieghoff Challenge this evening. Good luck, shooters. Trap & Field will be there to cover it.

Shoot management has everything rolling smoothly and efficiently. The grounds look great and the weather is warm and sunny. Hope you can head out to Elysburg this weekend. Be sure to put this club on your places-to-shoot list.  That’s the great thing about shooting ATA—no matter how big or small your shoot—it’s important!  Trapshooting is the best life-time sport ever!

Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg






June 5, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m here at the premier facility of Cardinal Center in Marengo, Ohio for its 4th annual Buckeye Classic Championship. The program is 1,400 ATA registered targets. The tournament started out with a bang on Wednesday, and Friday had almost 500 in the handicap race. Congratulations to Trap & Field’s
Aaron Willoughby. He smashed the lone 99 from the back fence to win the top slot. Check out Aaron’s column in the June issue, “Enhancing your shooting success.” Congratulations to Tank Lunsford. He blasted the one and only perfect 100 in the day’s doubles event to collect the top trophy! Tank just won the Great Lakes Grand Doubles Championship in May.

Young shooters are arriving on the grounds. So far the count is 18 youth teams who will compete in championship 16s. Thanks to Remington for their support. And sure, there was some rain, but hey, that’s a part of the great outdoor sport of trapshooting! Thanks for shooting ATA.

Terry Heeg





May 28, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the 23rd Annual Great Lakes Grand in Mason, Mich. It’s a big turnout and it’s perfect trapshooting weather. It’s blue skies and white clouds and the orange targets look big in the sky. Hope you can make it to Michigan. Congratulations to Paul Shaw who blasted a 100 in opening day’s Event 1, The Paul Shaw Singles, and ended with the winner’s trophy after carryover. Also carding 100s were Frank Galonis and Jerry Mathias who earned runnerup and Class A, respectively. Kudos to Ian Darroch of Pennsylvania. He knocked down a 96 from 20.5 in the handicap on Thursday and took the winner’s award. Complete results will be in Trap & Field. Hope you have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.

Terry Heeg




May 22, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I’m here in Cicerco, NY at the stellar NYSATA. What a beautiful weekend for the 6th Empire Grand! It’s a record turnout of ATA competitors. Shooters from all over the country and Canada are here. Congratulations to California’s David Kelly who won the top spots in Wednesday’s handicap with 97 and the doubles with 98. Nevada’s Rich Bullard also carded a 98 in the twins to end with the AAA prize after carry over.   Congratulations to Florida’s sub-junior Emanuel Boyer. He won Thursday’s handicap with 98 over the field of 185, and David Shaeffer Jr. who smacked down a 98 in the doubles to earn the top spot. Watch Trap & Field for full coverage. Shooting season is on!  Let me know what’s happening at your club!

Terry Heeg

Great shooting. See you in the second 100.

Mike Lavallee of L&M Lenses. The place to get All-American frames and lenses.
Visit Mike and wife Linda at Pa., Ohio and Mass. State Shoots, plus all the tournaments at NYATA.

Emanuel Boyer

Welcome to NYSATA homegrounds.

Vendor’s line

Great trophies!

All fives!





You may send Jack a card at his home address:

7246 W. U.S. Highway 136
Covington, IN 47935

K. drives back and forth everyday to visit. She would love to hear from you by email. It will be easy for her to hit reply.  Her address:  huntero2005@gmail.com

Let’s say lots of prayers for Jack for a full and perfect recovery!  Keep K. in your prayers for comfort. There’s nothing quite like an effectual fervent prayer and the awesome power of God!

Terry Heeg

April 20, 2010

Dear Trapshooting Family,

I’d like to give you an update on fellow trapshooter Jack Hunter of Covington, Indiana. He’s been in the hospital since early January after what was to be some minor surgery. It’s been a difficult and long three-and-a-half-month journey for Jack as he’s been in more surgeries and is still in ICU at St. Vincent, Carmel, Ind.   Good news: He has improved and will be moving to a rehab hospital as soon as a room becomes available—hopefully any day.  He will be moving to St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital in northwest Indianapolis on Township Line Rd.  You may remember Jack and his wife K. from vending at many tournaments around the country.  Hunter Originals was seen in many shooting venues including the Grand American. (Check out a story about them in T&F, March 2006, page 90.)





March 28, 2010

The ATA’s youth program AIM is steadily growing and it is growing fast! According to Nick Aycock, ATA Marketing Manager, “This time last year, there were less than 200 AIM participants. As of this month we have 1,447 AIM members.”

In 2009 there was a large surge of AIM members leading up to the AIM online zone shoot with an average weekly growth during the month of April of 47% per week. “It will be exciting to see what this year’s online zone championship brings to AIM,” Nick said. Watch the AIM website at www.aim4ata.com and Trap & Field for updates.

Florida’s youth program is growing strong. A great turnout of AIM members competed in the Florida State Shoot!

Let me know what’s happening at your club or with your AIM youth program.

Terry Heeg

Florida State AIM Director Jerry Schwab and Coach Steve Norris

Enthusiastic AIM members competed in the Singles Championship




Kenneth Stevenson

Haden Zirbel

March 26, 2010

Congratulations to Kenneth Steveson of Riverview, Florida who won The Robertson and Silver Dollar “Miss and Out” last night at the Florida State Shoot in Odessa. Coming in second was junior shooter Haden Zirbel of Arkansas and third was Dave Blum of Florida. There were 41 shootists who vied to be top dog. A great time was had by all, especially the audienc—vocal with awes as they watched the shooting feats in the Florida night. Thank you, Henry Robertson and Silver Dollar Shooters Club for the sponsorship of this lively event!

Terry Heeg

Waiting to shoot




March 22, 2010

Congratulations to Brandon Sullivan who won the Southern Grand Handicap Championship!

History repeats itself. Sub-junior Brandon had also earned the handicap title at the Dixie Grand with the same score of 97. Only this time, instead of the lone high score, his 97 vied with five others. Brandon blasted a perfect extra round of 25; Ricky Marshall ended as runnerup. Bob Boswell Jr, Tank Lunsford, James Edgley and Joe Dement placed third, fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

Also repeating Dixie Grand history was Leo Harrison who earned the Doubles and All-Around titles. He also claimed the HOA, this time with 982x1,000.

The tournament was interrupted about 11:30 am with a down pour of rain and lightening. Shooters were called off the line for a couple of hours. Once the lightening passed, contenders resumed in the rain, and thankfully it ceased.

Congrats to all the trophy winners at the Southern Grand, and thanks to all for shooting ATA targets!

Terry Heeg

Rain interrupted

Leo and Brandon

Brandon receives congrats from big brother Cody and others




March 21, 2010

Hi, everyone,

Congratulations to Southern Grand Singles Champion Garl Gresley of Hoagland, Indiana!

It was an astounding shootoff last night for the Singles heavy-weight title. It went 8 rounds—a total of 200 extra targets. There were 11 contenders with 200s: Mark Zauhar, Frank Galonis, Ricky Marshall, Jim Copsey, Ray Stafford, Phil Kiner, William Dayton, Dave Shaeffer, Leo Harrison, and Garl Gresley. Willie Anderson opted for the Senior Vet award.  After five extra innings Leo and Garl were the only ones left, and they went another three bouts—both shooting with over/unders. In the last go-round, Leo dropped  his fifth target on the fourth post. There was a sigh from the audience, then complete silence as Garl finished with a perfect 25. The crowd applauded. Garl didn’t quite have words for his victory as well-wishers congratulated him. This was an exciting night at Southern Grand 2010 as history unfolded with another feat in the rich stories of ATA trapshooting.

Competition continues on Sunday for the prestigious Handicap Championship at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club in Odessa, Florida. Thank you for shooting ATA!

Terry Heeg

Garl Gresley








Check out
this blog:


Time to shoot

On deck

Checking scores    


March 19, 2010

Hi, everyone,

The Southern Grand got off to a great start with a big crowd. The Silver Dollar Shooters Club has the welcome carpet out, and the grounds are spiffed up to Floridian decorum. Eight shooters blasted perfect 100s on Monday, and four of them took trophies: David Shaeffer Jr. was Class AAA winner, Phil Kiner, AAA runnerup; Lloyd Beecraft, AA; Doug McKinney, AA runnerup. David Clary of Phoenix, N.Y., won the day’s handicap with 94, and California’s David Kelly  ran 100 in doubles for the AAA prize. On Tuesday, Leo Harrison carded the high 98 to end as the yardage winner. On Wednesday, Ontario’s David Storring hit the field-high 97 to collect the top trophy, and Chuck Hazlett picked up the vet prize for his 97. Sub-junior Bryce Mann (Ontario) posted 96 and took the category award. John Vandine of Pennsylvania turned ini 95 for the junior trophy. The weather wasn’t the best suited for trapshooting, but ATA-ers persevered. Lots of camaraderie and fantastic food and beverage at the end of the day is a trapshooter’s real reward. Wish you were here, and thanks for shooting ATA anywhere!

Terry Heeg


Lance Hayes of Doncaster, England, is serious about his game




Brandon Sullivan

Matt Trammell

January 18, 2010

Hi, everyone,

The Dixie Satellite Grand is in the record books. What a great ATA tournament. Okay, I know we started out with some cold weather, but it warmed up to usual Florida temps by the end of the week.

Congratulations to sub-junior Brandon Sullivan who won the handicap championship outright with 97!  Wow! Good shooting. I know it was pretty windy out there on Sunday.  His brother Cody, vied 96 with Frank Pascoe, who ended runnerup after shootoff. Cody took third place. George Whyde’s 96 earned him the Vet award. Congrats to Matt Trammell who blasted the lone 198 on Saturday and took the singles title. Leo Harrison III won the doubles, all-around and HOA.  We will have complete coverage in Trap & Field, your official ATA magazine.

Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg






January 11, 2010

Hello from Silver Dollar Shooters Club in Odessa, FL. The Florida Hall of Fame Shoot took place over the weekend and we send out congrats to all the trophy winners and competitors who braved the cold temps here in Florida. It’s been a hard, cold spell in the country even reaching here to Florida, but trapshooters are persevering as usual—not to mention they are enjoying shooting at those clay birds and hanging out with friends from all over the country as ATA members make their pilgrimage to the Sunshine State for the winter.

Hooray and a pat on the back to all 22 ATA members who went on the trapline in the Florida Hall of Fame Singles Championship on Saturday!  Congrats to Ray Lee for his 196x200 to take the top trophy. Ken Sippel  won second place with 195, and Ralph Bennett was AAA with 194. Amazing scores for the weather conditions.  Open winner was Michigan’s Don Hoffman with 195, runnerup was Iowa’s Terry Palmer with 193. Indiana’s John Roussel took AA with 191.

 In doubles, Ken Stevenson won the top award, and in the Handicap race Tom McElroy was the winner. David Goldblatt was the yardage runnerup. Looks like Kim Wright swept all the resident lady trophies! Be sure to check out the fantastic, informative Florida Trap Association website at http://www.floridatrap.com/newfta/index.php. You just got to come on down south and visit sometime!

The weather man says temps are going to rise, so good news for the Dixie Grand—it’s going to warm up.  Come on down to Florida. See you at the Dixie, and thanks for shooting ATA registered targets—they count!

Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg

Dave Goldblatt

Mike Batista heads up gun sales at the club

ATA competitors lined up for Dixie!






Carol and Bob Brisbin welcome shooters

Ray Lee

Ralph Bennett

John Roussel and Don Hoffman

Jean McCord won open lady in the handicap event
 and husband Malcolm earned open senior vet in the
twins race





January 1, 2010

Hi, everyone,

Happy New Year.  Shooting, card playing, golfing, fishing, joke telling and fun continues here at the Silver Dollar in Odessa, Florida. Check out Silver Dollar’s website at http://silverdollartrap.com. The club is now open seven days a week! Now that’s an opportunity to shoot some clay targets. A big thank you goes to Katie Miller for the dynamic job she has done with the website. Great job, Katie! Thanks to club manager Bill Miller and all the staff for the super job they do.

Hats off to Jay and Lee Brokaw. (You may remember meeting Jay on my blog a few years ago when he began shooting clay birds here at the “Dollar.”) Jay and Lee will be opening the Skeeter’s Grill at the Silver Dollar Shooter’s Club beginning January 1, 2010. There is a whole new menu to be unveiled! I can tell you this—and you heard it here first—there are going to be fresh, fresh foods, real food and the finest bread ever! You know what a health nut I am—and I’m truly excited to see the Brokaws open this! If you’re coming to the Dixie or Southern Grand, you’re in for a treat for your eating enjoyment. Watch the Silver Dollar website for the new menu.

And this just in . . .on New Year’s Day there will be collard greens and black-eyed peas, compliments of Skeeter’s Grill! Collard greens and black-eyed peas are what the South eats on the first day of the year. If ya’ have ‘em, you’re guaranteed to have a great year ahead. That’s the truth, y’all!   Hope to see lots of you come visit the Dollar!

Terry Heeg

Happy New Year!


Jay Brokaw is getting everything ready
to open Skeeter’s Grill.  Oh, yum!

Lee Brokaw bringing in the fresh collard greens.
None of that canned stuff.




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