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June 10, 2009

Great news in the shooting world—

There’s a new book out that bolsters our sport.

And it’s hot off the press!


Dr. Charles L. Rhykerd Purdue University’s shooting coach from 1978-1999 has researched and written PASSION, BRILLIANCE, AND ATHLETICISM Purdue University’s Clay Target Team’s Quest to Be the Best.

It’s just been published and this is a must-have for every serious shooting enthusiast. The book chronicles the history of the Purdue Trap and Skeet Club. The back cover reads: This book is an in-depth history of Purdue University’s best kept secret, the phenomenal achievements of its trap and skeet teams—142 national and world championships, 20 consecutive world championships, seven high overall team national championships




during an eight year period (1996-2003) and 98 individual and team national championships at the ACUI Intercollegiate Clay Target Championships. Also, 17 Purdue University shooters have been named All-Americans!

There’s a dedication to Eric Weikum, and Coach Rhykerd writes about many more shooters and coaches that you will recognize. His book is a story of persevering in the pursuit of excellence. He gives the shooting sports a legacy and all readers a handbook for life. He shares his inspirational words of wisdom and his life’s philosophy. It’s a perfect book for coaches.

The book is published by: 


1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200

Bloomington, IN 47403


The book can be purchased through their webpage: 



The cost of the book is $35.00 plus shipping.


For an autographed copy, the book may be purchased directly from Dr. Rhykerd. The price is the same, $35.00. The shipping charge is $4.95 via Priority Mail. Indiana residents must add $2.45 sales tax.  


Many thanks to Dr. Rhykerd for taking on this project and chronicling this rich shooting history and spotlighting the many competitors in the sport!


Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg (terry@trapandfield.com)




May 23, 2009

The Great Lakes Grand competition continues. The Singles Class race is being contested today.  ATA shooters are here from all over the country.  On Wednesday Paul Shaw, Mark Zauhar and Larry Dow blasted 100s in the singles and ended winner, runnerup and AAA, respectively. Dick Musetti borrowed Tom Nowak’s Kriieghoff (again) and blasted 98 from 27 to win the day’s handicap.

Bryan Hull did it again—knocked down 99 in doubles to earn the top award in the twins. I asked Bryan his secret to shooting so well, and he said he got a Precision Gold trigger about a year ago and could tell a difference in his game. 

On Thursday in the Keith Heeg Handicap, long yarder Leo Harrision turned in 99 for the winner’s trophy. Keith Heeg himself carded 98 from the back fence for runnerup honors. 

Sub-junior Jackson Eubanks from Kentucky smashed 97 from 18 yards in Friday’s handicap to earn  to top prize over the field. Alex Koella also blasted 97 from 27 to take the Junior award.

So far in the first 9 events for the trophies settled and posted at this time, Debbie Ohye-Neilson has won all the Womens’ laurels. Wow, Debbie, great shooting!

 The weather is perfect today—and no wind. Come on up to Michigan and shoot some ATA targets!

Terry Heeg (terry@trapandfield.com)



Bryan Hull



ATA shooters in the clubhouse check the big screen as scores come in.

Okay, shooters, don’t forget. Check your squad scores for accuracy.
You’ve got 30 minutes to report any errors.

May 20, 2009

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the 22nd Annual Great Lakes Grand American here in Mason, Michigan.

Yesterday was an exciting opening day. Congratulations to Canada’s Paul Shaw—he won the first event with a perfect 100 in the 16s. Debbie Ohye-Neilson of New Jersey earned ladies’ category laurels in all three events, and Zack Nannini of California collected all of the junior awards for the day. Jackson Eubanks (Kentucky) won the singles sub-junior trophy, and brother Johnathan won sub-junior honors in the handicap and doubles. Kansan Bryan Hull took the top spot in the twins race with 196. Sixteen-year-old Bryan just won out-of-state champ in the Missouri State Doubles Championship. Good shooting, everyone! Weather is perfect here—it’s warm and sunny. There’s a bit of a breeze, but that will cool you off and keep the game interesting. I hope you can make it. It’s one of the best gun clubs to shoot ATA.

ATA Central Zone VP Jeff Wagner


Come on up to the Great Lakes Grand. Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg (terry@trapandfield.com)




May 15, 2009

Hi, everyone, as you know the ATA’s youth program—AIM—held their AIM Online Zone Championships the first and second weekends in May. Results from the youth teams are coming in to the ATA and will be posted on the AIM website. Watch there for the winners of the zone shoots.  http://www.shootata.com/aim/aim4ata.html.

We just heard from AIM Coach Tina Wolfe of Indiana. She is my guest on today’s blog, and here is her special report about her youth teams and their central zone shoot. Let me know what’s happening with your youth programs and gun clubs.

Terry Heeg (terry@trapandfield.com)

AIM Report by Coach Tina Wolfe                          

Blustery Weather Did Not Discourage Young Shooters
at the St Joe Valley Conservation Club (St. Joe, IN)

The AIM central zone shoot was held on May 9, 2009 at the club despite the wind advisory and impending threat of showers.  Fourteen youth, ranging in ages from 12 to 22, turned out to brave the weather and post scores that will compete with peer teams across the nation for trophies. 

Matt Gresley and Kyle Muncy participated as at the collegiate level.  Landon Leins, Megan Mozena, Tanner Bowman, Kyle Piercy, and Cody Shuman made-up the Junior category, while  Jon Yoder, Chad Ramus, Wyatt Boyles, Tandon Norton, McKenna Shull, Eric Ramus, and Garrett Mozena participated in the Sub-Junior category.

With winds gusting from 45 to 50 mph, the clay targets were more than challenging for the young shooters; but they were no match for Landon Leins!  He posted a high score of 94 out of 100!  Way to go Landon!  That is good shooting! All the participants produced respectable scores while battling the elements. Congratulations to all! 

There are nineteen kids participating in the program this year.  The young shooters have their sights set on the Indiana State competition which will be held Saturday July 18, at the Indiana Gun Club located in Fortville, just north of Indianapolis.  Then on to the Grand American in Sparta, IL on August 8 and 9.  Look for more exciting updates as the team moves forward with more competitive shooting events.

The AIM youth program encompasses:  Academics, Integrity, and Marksmanship.  We specifically focus on the safe handling of firearms as well as developing the skills necessary to participate in the sport of a lifetime.  The coaching staff, Rob Wolfe, Tina Wolfe, Chris Krafft and Judy Krafft, is NRA and ATA certified.  We would like to thank the St. Joe Valley Conservation Club and the Friends of the National Rifle Association for their support of the youth program.  Please visit the following websites for more information about

St. Joe Valley Conservation Club  www.stjoevalleytrapandskeet.com
AIM Youth Program  http://www.shootata.com/aim/aim4ata.html
Friends of the NRA  http://www.friendsofnra.org



May 4, 2009

The Michigan Trapshooting Association hosted a super Spring Team Shoot this past weekend. The grounds and clubhouse looked great at the home grounds in Mason—and attendance was up. There were 777 entries in the Team event on Sunday!  There were 17 shooters who posted centuries in the event , and five showed up at the shootoff line to vie for first and second place: Mikey Bredin, Vernon Beasley, Zac Saneholtz, Dennis Howe and Jody Phenicie. Congratulations to Mikey Bredin who won the top spot with one perfect round and Vernon Beasley was runnerup.

Congratulations to the first place team “The Old Guys” with 490x500. 

Squad leader Gary Shell, Lucio Persichepti, Gino Ala, Dick Bates and Ed Weycker



Congratulations to 12-year-old Andrew Wild of Dowagiac.  He just started shooting last year. He won Friday’s top spot in the handicap with 96 and again on Sunday with a 97 he earned the top honors. He also collected the sub junior awards in the all around and high over all. He’s wearing a hat his uncle gave him when Andrew started shooting. The hat was appropriately shot when he ran his first 25. His uncle, Lt. Col. Richard Sanders, is serving in the Air Force and is currently stationed at Osan AFB, South Korea.  

I hope you’re making plans to attend the 22nd annual Great Lakes Grand. I’ll see you there. Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.



April 29, 2009

Some trapshooter humor. . .

Well, I couldn’t resist the photo op with this good-natured squad at the Southern Grand.

Meet the Binkie Squad:
Bill Hazlett, Joe Mizikowski, Ralph Challingsworth, Louie Carter and Steve Miller.
If any squad member had a problem when shooting, they sought comfort with their binkie. It silenced many a whine and kept the shooters in a team rhythm unrivaled by other squads.
They even offered their binkies to other trapshooters as adversities arose on the line. Hazlett and Mizikowski earned trophies from the get-go in opening day singles winning AA runnerup and A runnerup, respectively. Challingsworth topped senior vets in the handicap championship. In opening day’s doubles Carter earned the AA award, and Miller was second in Class A. The Binkie Squad quietly left the tournament planning adventures for other shooting venues—perhaps at a gun club in your area.

Read all about the Southern Grand in the May issue.
Let me know what’s happening where you are.





April 15, 2009

ATA shooters made the pilgrimage to Texas to participate in the 30th annual Southwestern Grand at the National SC in San Antonio. Congratulations to Utah’s Pete Martin for smashing 100 straight in Monday’s Preliminary Singles and winning the top spot. Virginia’s Blair Surber and Michigan’s James Novack posted 98s and ended senior vet and vet winners respectively. Diane Peyton of Alberta won the lady laurels with 97.

Rich Bullard of Sparks, Nevada won the day’s handicap with 95. (He was the Singles Championship runnerup at the Spring Grand.) Texans Cole Anders and Kevin Gomez were sub-junior and junior winners.  Vern Brown of Precision Fit was the long yardage winner with 94.

Ray Stafford topped Tuesday’s yardage race with 98. Bob Munson’s 98 was good for the back fence trophy. Great shooting, Joyce Sweetser, for your 96. Vermont is cheering for you. Arnold Nix and Bryan Hull turned in 97s for senior vet and junior honors.

Check out Bob Stuart’s web site at www.rjstuart.com for live web cam and trap chat. Hi, Bob. Hi, Sandie. It’s a great set up. You can see what’s happening in the trophy room, and trapshooters from all over the country are chatting. Hello to Helen and Darla working in the trophy room.  It’s a little windy and cloudy in San Antonio, but that’s part of the trapshooting venue. Good luck, shooters! There’s nothing quite like the ATA community. Let me know what’s happening in your trapshooting world.

Terry Heeg



Rich Bullard says: "I learn a lot
by reading TRAP & FIELD—
my favorite trapshooting magazine!"



Congratulations to Karen Dickman. She won the Robertson and Freeman Miss and Out contest on Thursday evening. Nearly 70 shooters got in the competition. They began shooting from about 30-some yards, then moved back twice and ended up at about 45 yards back from the trap house.

Getting to the trapline on time!

March 27, 2009

Attendance is up at the Florida State Shoot and competition is hot. ATA members are competing to the max. Be sure to check out RJ Stuart’s web site at www.rjstuart.com and check out the scores. Complete coverage will be in a future issue of Trap & Field. Today’s shooting includes the class singles , prelim handicap and class doubles.  There is a complimentary dinner tonight for competitors and their guests hosted by the Silver Dollar Shooters Club.  Thanks, club. And thanks, shooters, for shooting ATA targets!

Congrats to Colton Kant and Nick Palmieri for coming in second and third. And Pat Byrd was fourth place. Colton also smashed 100 in the prelim twins race on Thursday; Mark Zauhar also smashed a perfect century to end with AA in that event. Nick won the sub-junior trophy in the day’s handicap with 94.

Watching the Miss and Out. Thanks to Henry Robertson and Mike Freeman!

Silver Dollar mode of transportation.



March 26, 2009

Postcard from Odessa, FL

The Florida State Shoot is underway with more great sunshine weather. So far it looks like big orange targets on bright bue sky. Congratulations to Charles Bickle of South Elgin, IL. He blasted a perfect 100 in Tuesday’s opening singles and earned the Class AA trophy for the top spot. In the day’s handicap, Brian Whalen of New York smashed 97 from the 26-yard line and took the long yardage award. Terry Price of Illinois and Bruce Meyers of New York broke 94s and ended 18-21 and 22-24 winners, respectively.

In Wednesday’s handicap race, Robert Symoski of Pennsylvania carded 96 and was short yardage winner. Ray Stafford and Mike Jordan smashed 98 from the back fence and ended with the long yarder and vet trophies. Sub-junior Jacob Terry is back from Tennessee, and he smashed a 99 for the category honors! Keep an eye on this youngster!

Hope you’re shooting ATA targets in whatever state you’re in!  Let me know how you’re doing.

Terry Heeg


Let’s hear it for the girls behind the counter.

Look at that Florida sky!

Getting ready.

Joany Barnett (North Carolina) takes a small break.

Away from the cold shooting in Florida all winter are John Chick (New Hampshire), Gary McDonald (Indiana) and Jack McDonald (New Hampshire). They all concurred they were having fun!



Registered ATA shooting continues at the Silver Dollar in Odessa, FL.  The Florida Gulf Coast PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America) is holding their 13th annual trapshooting tournament March 20-21.  Come on out if you’re in the area. Here’s a look at what’s going on.

Inside the club house Lillie Singleton (Florida Gulf Coast PVA Administrator) and Judy Raggi (Volunteer) sign up all shooters for the tournament.

March 20, 2009
It’s definitely a beautiful Florida day in the neighborhood!

There’s a lot going on—all kinds of raffles for some beautiful gifts and door prizes. There’s a silent auction going on as well. 




Some good scores are coming in! The tournament culminates tomorrow evening with a festive banquet.

Be sure to check out the PVA web site to find out all the great services and activities the PVA offers.


Check back here at Editor Papers.

Terry Heeg




March 16, 2009

What a Southern Grand it was! Congratulations to Leo Harrison III and Canada’s Paul Shaw. Both blasted 200 in the Singles Championship event, and after going 10 rounds and nailing 249x250 they were declared co-champions. Good shooting kudos to the others who smashed 200: Junior Rachel Hopkins, Devon Harris, William Forester, Kay Ohye, Steve Huber, Mike Jordan, Sheldon Hostetter and Junior Brett Long.

Congrats to Leo on his lone 100 from the back fence to capture the Handicap Championship, All-Around and HOA.  Read complete results in the May issue of T&F.

Thanks to Silver Dollar for a great shoot. The practice trap was moved to the east end of the line opening a trap in front of the clubhouse. The target drop area was graded every night to give a plain background for shooters every morning. The grounds were in great shape.

Thanks, everyone, for shooting ATA targets!

Terry Heeg

Congrats to Phyllis Born for shooting her 100,000 singles target on Saturday. Hubby Roger gave a surprise “to-do” for her with a huge cake. Phyllis was quite surprised!  




March 14, 2009

It’s another gorgeous Florida day in the sunshine state. There are 135 squads in today’s Singles Championship. Red 100s are already popping up on the scoreboard. There’s an adrenaline charge in the club house and all over the grounds.

In yesterday’s Remington Nitro Handicap, back fencers Jimmy Heller, Tank Lunsford and Ray Lee smashed the field high 98. Also carding 98s were Junior Nathan Wayne Hofer and Sub-Junior Johnathan Eubanks. Both young men earned punches to the 27-yard line with their scores. All five went to the shootoff last night. Jimmy Heller broke a perfect 25 to earn the top spot, Tank was second with 24 and Ray Lee was third with 23. Nathan and Johnathan scored 23s in the extra inning and ended with Junior and Sub-Junior category awards. 

In yesterday’s Doubles Championship three blasted 100s. Ray Stafford prevailed in shootoff; Mike Hampton ended second, and Debbie Ohye ended with the lady’s trophy.  Watch Trap & Field for complete coverage.



March 13, 2009

It’s a tremendous crowd here at the Southern Grand. Yesterday’s handicap had 560 competitors—up more than 40 entrants from last year! Three 27-yarders smashed 99 and vied for the winner’s spot with one extra round. Mike Blaisdell blasted a perfect round to take the top honors;  Martin Wilburn ended as runnerup and Michael Latocha was third. Congratulations, men!  Jamie Becker, Janice Feaga and Jeanne Lutes locked for the femme trophy and settled it with one extra inning. Jamie was winner and Janice was second.  Kudos to Arkansas youth shooters Brett Long and Haden Zirbel for winning junior and sub-junior awards!  Pat Owens and Joseph Canterino were vet and senior vet winners.

Happy Birthday to Vermont’s Steve Bigras. He celebrated yesterday on March 12.

Zach Nannini and some of the California boys have updated me on happenings from their state. Hall of Fame inductee Jimmy Heller shot his 100th 100 in doubles March 1 at the Kingsburg Gun Club. Wow, that’s something. Read all about Jimmy’s shooting accomplishments in the upcoming April issue with his bio information. David Kelly shot another 100 from the 27 at Livermore Gun Club some time ago. As always, check the pages of T&F for the Record Roundup.

The weather has been perfect all week and the forecast for the weekend is perfect, perfect. Thank you to the Executive Committee for making this great shooting weather possible!

Check back over the weekend for more updates. Wish you were here.

Terry Heeg



Tom Smith, National Sales Manager of Caesar Guerini is here at the shoot showing the company’s new top single shotgun. It was unveiled at the SHOT Show in January, and this is the first opportunity for ATA shooters to get a look.

Josh Taylor from White Flyer targets is here passing out Southern Grand commemorative targets for shooters to take home.



March 12, 2009

Hi, everyone,

I’m at the Southern Grand American ATA tournament at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club in Odessa, Florida. Weather is perfect this week with lots of sun (better to see the targets with) and temps in the 80s. Wow, does that feel good getting out of the cold North freeze.  And as always—a whole lot of hot competition is going on. There’s a big crowd here at the “Dollar” as ATA shooters have converged to the sunshine state for trapshooting at its best.

Ten shooters smashed perfect centuries in Monday’s opening singles. Congratulations to Canada’s Jake Rosmaninho for capturing the day’s handicap race with the solo 99 from 22 yards. Indiana’s Tank Lunsford ended runner-up after a coin flip with Sean Hawley. They broke 97s from the back fence. Good shooting, Jennifer Wilburn for your lady trophies in the “caps” and twins on Monday. Tank also won the top spot in Tuesday’s doubles with a 99. Zach Nannini and Christopher Vendel earned junior and sub-junior category awards with 97 and 96 respectively. On Wednesday, long yarder Mark Zauhar won the day’s handicap; Dewayne Debyle and Cal Stinson were senior vet winners one and two. Alex Koella and Jake Peretin won junior and sub-junior. California’s David Kelly topped the Doubles event with 100! Robert Lefever and Dick Musetti were senior vet winner and runner-up. More to come!

Terry Heeg





February 2, 2009

The ATA’s official youth program—AIM—continues to gain momentum and popularity.  Have you heard the exciting announcement?  Here it is in a nutshell: The ATA has reduced the 2008-2009 participant registration fees for AIM.  Effective immediately, the fees are now set at only $13 per year for the program, lowered from $25 per year. And 100% of the AIM fee goes toward awards and scholarships! ATA membership remains a requirement to be a participant in AIM and the annual ATA dues for all AIM participants, pre-sub through collegiate categories, remain at only $12.

AIM National competition will be a part of the greatest extravaganza of shooting—the Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament. AIM participants have the opportunity to rub elbows with shooting’s greatest stars and the respected ATA membership. AIM youth shooting athletes will be competing for championship titles on Aug. 8-9 at the 2009 Grand American at the WSRC in Sparta, Ill. There will be more than 415 awards available to be won, and a special awards ceremony will be held on Sunday to honor the winners and participants.

Check the official AIM website at http://www.shootata.com/aim/aim4ata.html for more info as it unfolds, and check out the pages of Trap & Field. Check back here on my blog. I’ll have some AIM firsts!

Let me know what’s happening where you are.

Terry Heeg




January 30, 2009

Hi, everyone,

I had somewhat of a perilous adventure returning from Florida and driving through ice and snow. It’s all true what you saw on the news.  

I sat at a standstill on I-75 just north of Richmond, KY for almost two hours. I took some pictures. Wow, what a trip!

Here are some of the lovely ladies at Silver Dollar GC playing a card game of Fiddlesticks.

Shooting continues.

Watch for the February issue—in the mail now. Read all about the ATA Gun Clubs of the Year:

Buffalo GC (Buffalo, MN) and St. Charles SC (Elburn, IL).

And lots more interesting stuff in the February issue--only in T&F! Let me know what’s happening at your club!


Terry Heeg



Look at the traffic completely stopped.

View of the guard rail.

Looking over the guard rail down in a ravine. See how heavy the ice is on the trees?




Rob Taylor

Leo Harrison III

January 19, 2009

Congratulations to the Dixie Grand champions:   Rob Taylor of Manhatten, Kansas, smashed the only 100 to win the Doubles outright;  16-year-old Alex Koella of  Jefferson City, Tenn.,  blasted his first 200 and a perfect round of 25 extras to win the Singles. Missouri’s Leo Harrison III carded the solo 98 from the back fence to earn the handicap crown, and he ended with the HOA prize as well. New Jersey’s Kay Ohye was the all-around victor.  It was an exciting satellite grand and thanks to all who competed and all who worked to make it a terrific ATA tournament! Complete coverage coming in Trap & Field Magazine.

Alex Koella



January 15, 2009

Competition continues here at the ATA Dixie Grand. Congratulations to 13-year-old Johnathan Eubanks of Flemingsburg, KY, who won Wednesday’s Preliminary Handicap with the lone 98 over the field. Wow, great shooting, Johnathan!  He’ll be 14 next month! Hey, Happy Birthday! He moved from the 22.5 mark to 24, and he shoots a K-80. His brother Jackson secured the sub-junior trophy of the yardage event!  Congrats, Jackson!  

As you know,  T&F columnist Dale Stockdale is here at the Dixie Grand and I caught up with him after his great shooting.  He was third place in Tuesday’s handicap and winner in the day’s singles with his perfect century. 

When I asked Dale about his great scores, the humble guy just went into gun club manager mode.

Dale:  There’s a photo op everywhere here at the Silver Dollar among the palm trees. What a great family photo you can take and use for next year’s Christmas card. It’s just beautiful here; the sidewalk runs the entire length of the trapline. It’s just a great facility. The trapline itself has a good background. Oh, it’s good to be in the sun here during the winter. Even though it’s chilly now, I’m wearing a black t-shirt and with the sun it perfectly warms you. The target setting has been excellent and kudos to shoot management. They come out in between events and check the targets, they check the speed. I’ve seen them graciously accommodate a reset. If they think the targets aren’t right, they check them, and for the windy conditions we’ve had I think they’ve done a fine job.  I believe they are really trying to make the customers happy.  They are making both sides of the road (both trap ranges) equally top-notch to shoot. There is not a bad place to shoot.  There are a lot of shooters working the line this year.  Some of them say, “good shooting,” when the round is done, and that is really cool because they know good shooting.  Like you, Terry, a shooter yourself.  And your husband, Keith, what a great shot he is. [Dale, Keith Heeg, Ray Stafford and Barry Kemper smashed 100s in Wednesday’s singles—editor’s note]You know, Trap & Field has been around forever, since 1890 in fact. My Dad subscribed and kept all his issues. I love to go back and look at the old issues. Recently I came across a 1966 issue and, well everyone will read about this in my upcoming February column. Anyway, Trap & Field has a depth of coverage for ATA events, stats, and has your name and your friends’ names. It’s great that the gun clubs get those results and pictures and personal tidbits about shooters to T&F.  It’s the greatest magazine!

Thanks, Dale. He is hosting the second Heartland Grand Sept. 1-7, 2008 at the Stockdale GC, Ackley, Iowa. But, Dale, how about your great shooting, what’s your secret?

Stockdale Gun Club

Terry Heeg (terry@trapandfield.com)


Johnathan Eubanks

Carol Brisbin greets shooters at the Silver Dollar Shooters Club


A whole lotta shootin’ going on!



At the cashier window

Cody Sullivan

T & F's Dale Stockdale

January 14, 2009

Hi, everyone,

Congratulations to Indiana’s Tom Antczak for winning Dixie’s opening singles event with a perfect century. Anthony Dore and Marcellus Osceola recorded perfect scores and ended AA winner and runnerup, respectively.  Mark Weldy of Maryland earned the top spot in the handicap with the only 96, and California’s David Kelly was the doubles AAA winner with 99.

On Tuesday, Daryl Fornoff of Illinois, smashed the lone 97 to claim the handicap top prize. David Storring (Canada), T&F’s own Dale Stockdale (Iowa) and David Bath (Illinois) shot 94s and ended second place, third and fourth.

Adam Becker (Wisconsin) and Collin Bigras (Vermont) won the Dixie Grand gun option drawing. Each received a Remington 1100 Classic trap gun. Competition continues and the Florida sun is shining brightly today! 

Terry Heeg


Linda Walker

Paul and Adam Becker



January 13, 2009

Hi, everyone,

It’s opening day at the Dixie Grand tournament, and so far it looks to be a good turnout. It’s a little chilly and windy, but it’s close to paradise compared to lower temps and snow up north. Here are a few pictures to warm you up. Check out Bob Stuart’s web site for more of my photos.  Check back here for more happenings. Good shooting, everyone. Let me know what’s happening with you.

Terry Heeg (terry@trapandfield.com)




Ray Lee


Silver Dollar


Larry Tomlinson




Greta Cesario—Been shooting for 35 years!

Gerry Trammell checks out the latest issue of T&F.

January 9, 2009

Hi, everyone,

Hope you’re having a good winter in your part of the country.  Great weather continues over the Silver Dollar here in Odessa, Fla.   Lots of registered shooting still happening.  The Florida Hall of Fame shoot begins tomorrow.  Congratulations to Florida’s Hall of Fame inductees:  Terry Hancock and Kim Ayers Wright.  I’ll be at the banquet Saturday night to celebrate their shooting and association accomplishments.

Check out Ask Les Greevy’s blog. We’ve published a calendar of all International Clay Target matches. A big thanks to the United States Army Marksmanship Unit for graciously allowing us to publish this most pertinent calendar. Keep in mind, it is a working calendar and dates and sites will change, so be sure to check ahead of time before making travel arrangements. Les will be making updates as changes come in. If you want to know anything about International trap, contact Les at les@greevy.com.

Re: January issue.  We are hearing that the January issue is arriving late in some areas. We have checked with the US Post Office and have been told that the holiday mail has slowed down regular mail. Also the bad weather in certain areas has caused delays. Arrggghhhh!  We are as frustrated as you are, and we apologize for the Post Office.  But good stuff is coming in the January issue. The AA-27-AA pin recipients for 2008 are announced, as well as the new members of the “Quarter Million Club.’ And check out the Gun Club Scores section—the heart and soul of trapshooting—you all!  Langhorne R&GC (PA) hosted a Shoot for Sight competition and raised more than $3,000 for the Lions Club. Check out the picture of the handicap winners at the Airport GC’s (Lancaster, OH) National Trapshooting Day and New Target Year Kick-off shoot—Bill Dyer, Jack Reynolds, Russ Hastings, Tim Burris, Ron Geesling and John Geesling. And lots more—only in the pages of Trap & Field.   Let me know what’s happening at your club.

Terry Heeg  (terry@trapandfield.com)



December 30, 2008

Hi, everyone,

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas holiday and enjoyed some good food with family and friends. I know the weather has been cold, snowy and icy in places.  I hope you’re all safe and warm. I’m at the Silver Dollar in Odessa, Florida, and it’s been quite warm here. Lots of shooters from the North have made the pilgrimage to the “Dollar.” It’s great seeing old friends.

And here is the resident alligator, or maybe he’s a trapshooter.  What do you think?

Speak of trapshooters, there’s a lot of activity going on here at the “Dollar” and many improvements. The facility is gleaming. And the staff continues to make preparations, and fluffs and puffs to get the gun club ready for the Dixie Grand (Jan. 12-18, 2009). I hope to see you here for the tournament. I want to say that the Silver Dollar gun club has a great staff.

This is Marty Wood from Ashville, NC.  He shot his first ATA at the North Carolina Hall of Fame shoot this past fall. He decided to have a try at the “Dollar.” He shot his first 25 straight the day after Christmas. Congrats, Marty. He’s looking forward to returning for the Dixie.

In addition to the registered Christmas shoot, traps were also open to accommodate novices who were trying shooting for the first time. There were lots of smiles and cheers! Isn’t shooting fun?

Let me know what’s happening at your club! Happy New Year to all!

Terry Heeg


Here’s the tranquil lake with island. You can see the white egrets have come in to roost for the evening.

Meet Bill Miller. He’s the Silver Dollar gun club manager. You might recognize him as a shooter and 2007 Florida Hall of Famer. He’s been registering targets since 1978!

As we all know, clay target shooting is a family affair. I met Doug Yale Sr. of St. Petersburg  and he has been shooting for many years, and now wife Mary is beginning with a Beretta. Look at their 10 year old granddaughter Katie shooting for the very first time ever, along with help from her  dad Doug Jr. She smashed 5 targets and can’t wait to shoot some more! Isn’t that great!



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