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Dale Stockdale Blog




     February 25

     Hi, fellow trapshooters. I appreciate this opportunity to blog on the Trap & Field website. I had a great time at the Spring Grand at the Tucson Trap & Skeet Club. It was a well-run shoot, and the target-setting was good. All the staff had 2-way radios, making the communication excellent. If you were on the line and had problems, you could ask for a change or fix. Theyíd get on the radio, and an official would show up to take care of things. Every night after shootoffs, which could be quite late some nights, a road grader was sent out to grind the broken orange birds into black. Itís a desert background at Tucson, so itís sand. The orange chips are visible and could be distracting with the sun glaring off them. The club had someone staying late every night to clean up the background. By grading every night, it gave all the shooters a fair break in the next dayís events. The club didnít have to do that manicure project, and in my book thatís customer serviceóabove and beyond!

     The club had four big flat screen televisions. Two were located in the restaurant/bar area, and another two were located in the club lounge area. One TV had the leader board showing, and the other had the scores by squad.  They were so huge you could just look up and catch the scores. You didnít have to walk around looking for where they were posted.  Another plus to the tournament was that there were no lines. It seemed to me that worked closely with the club. Shoot management had the day figured out for squadding. Another plus, you could sign up for the whole week for targets but later decide to go back and play whatever options you wanted one hour before the event started. You could play the options by day.  

     The food was good, and again no long lines. They had a large grill set up outside and also the kitchen inside.

Beaudry RV provided food at the clubís party. I noticed that Doug and Rick spent time with the shooters, congratulating them on their shooting accomplishments. And the guys at Beaudry even made sure there was food left for those who were in shootoffs. When the day comes to upgrade my old Holiday Rambler, I will give them a call.

I received a 150 straight Satellite Grand pin. I also got the Tucson Clubís 100 straight pin, a silver phoenix bird with turquoise. (If you get a 100 in doubles or handicap, you can earn a silver feather, which attaches to the pin.) My Dad Merle won one back in the 1950s. It was good to be back at the Tucson club. The last year I was there was 1988, and a lot of people were surprised to see me. Like all trapshooters, I married and had children and wasnít able to travel to shoots like before. But, like most trapshooters, the children grow and your time gets freed up, and youíre able to get back on the line. Itís been a fun year for me. I got to attend the Dixie Grand in January.  I hope to get back and see you at the Southern Grand in March, but I canít guarantee it. Weíll see how my schedule goes.

From my experience as a gun club owner, Tucson T&S did it right. I didnít hear anyone complaining about the shoot. The clubhouse stayed open until late into the night in order to accommodate Bob Munsonís Texas Hold íem championship card game. Thanks to Bill Martin for all his help at the facility. I hear great things about his support of the club. And it was interesting to visit with Daro Handy and talk about his views on release triggers (after he broke 99 in one of the prelim handicaps). Of course, it was great to see Elissa Cronk from Trap & Field, the official magazine of the ATA. She was there late most every night gathering information.  I think our official magazine does a great job of recognizing the shooting accomplishments of ATA members, featuring gun clubs and reporting on tournaments.

     A fantastic, smooth shoot doesnít happen by accident. Thanks to the management and staff at Tucson Trap & Skeet Club! I had a great time!

Dale Stockdale



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