2013 Grand American

Welcome to the 2013 Grand American.

On opening day Dennis Tune of Fayetteville, AR, won the Trap & Field Handicap with the lone 100 from 25.5! Way to go Dennis. Be sure to get your picture taken by the official Grand photographers–Copeland Photography.

Scott Jens, Sean Hawley, Randy Miller and Tim Reed blasted 99s and ended second through fifth.  Posting 96s, Jennifer Wilburn was Lady I winner and Linda Cox was Lady II. Samantha Foppe broke 99 for sub-junior; Wm Faeth hit 98 for junior honors. Trevor Shockley took junior gold with 98. Dave Dressler won sub-vet with 99. Larry McNamee and Robert E. Long ended with vet and senior vet after carding 98s. Ziggy Tkaczenko was chair winner. We’re off and running.





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