NRA Singles


Okay, read ‘em and cheer. There were 30–count them–30 200 straights in the NRA Singles event today.

Congratulations to Fred Nagel, Todd Hanson, Leo Harrison III, Terry Palmer, Dean Neumann, Tim Reed, Ethan McCauley, Steve Johnson, Joe Sudbury Sr., Stacy Bringelson, James Powers, Mitchel Lovelss, Patrick Farrington, Dale Gerlich, Chris Vendel, Zach Zannini, Patrick Stacey, Keith Parrott, Rachel Hopkins, Keith Ditto, Patrick Lamont, William Sergent, Billy Zager, Steven Smith, Allan Radway, Jack Futch, Jeffrey Webb, Ryan Stehl, Hunter Thornton, and Ryan Glow. Way to go!  It’s getting exciting. Competition is hot!

Mark Wade


1992 GAH Champion Mark Wade stopped by to say hello to Trap & Field. His name was drawn in today’s Grand Gun option.


Chris Kinder

Trap & Field’s Men’s Rookie of the Year Chris Kinder. Thanks for shooting ATA.

Emily Erffmeyer

Michigan’s Emily Erffmeyer is shooting the Grand. Good luck!


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