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August 11, 2012

There’s a break in the weather and temps are nice and cool. More and more shooters arrive on the grounds at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta, Illinois. The AIM youth shooting carnival  closed out on Tuesday with a flourish to finish the AIM Grand Championship. Four of the junior category shooters smashed 200s in the competition. Kudos to Hayden Steward (Tenn.), Keiver Haldorson (Mont.) and Alex Reta (Calif.). Way to go! They won champ, second and third, respectively. Sarah Lowen (Mo.) paced all the young ladies with 196, and she won the high lady trophy in Junior category. Watch for complete results of the AIM in Trap & Field.

On opening day on Wednesday, Iowa’s Dale Stockdale won the Trap & Field handicap with 99. Gordon Wellsandt (Mich.) and Skip Trammell (N.M.) also carded 99s but failed to answer the shootoff call. Gordon ended as runnerup and Skip as vet winner. Dale got the first ticket into Bill and LeeAnn Martin’s $100,000 Challenge. Jacque Snellenberger was high lady with 98 and she earned the first ticket into LeeAnn Martin’s $50,000 Ladies Challenge.

On Thursday three tied 99s in the handicap race for the champion trophy.  Stephanie Carey of Kentucky won the shootoff after four extra rounds. Denis Bringelson (Colo.) ended second and David Huber (Miss.) third. Stephanie got her ticket into LeeAnn Martin’s $50,000 Ladies Challenge.

On Friday, Hunter Edwards (Neb.) blasted the lone 99 to get into the $100,000 Challenge, and Jennifer Upcraft (Ill.) turned in a 97 to take her place in the Ladies Challenge.

After 40 plus years Richard Burden of Mattituck, N.Y. won his first Grand trophy. Way to go, Richard!  Congrats on your Sub Vet runnerup award in the Budweiser Handicap.

Nick Galata and Ron Charnigo

Ohio’s Nick Galata (2007 GAH Champion) and Ron Charnigo (shooter extraordinaire) came in to sign up today.


Cameron and Parker Alcoriza

Cameron and Parker Alcoriza came in to attend grandfather Ron Alcoriza’s Trapshooting Hall of Fame Banquet. It’s sure to be a huge crowd this year with the inductions of Ron, Harland Campbell and Mike Jordan.






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