AIM Grand Championship

Trying the game of Snooker

August 5, 2012

There’s a great turn out of young AIM shooters here at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex (Sparta,Ill.) More than 900 showed up and most are shooting games today. The ATA lined up a four-day carnival of shooting for the young athletes. There were special 50-bird events yesterday on Saturday. Today continues with 50-bird handicap, doubles and 28-gauge events.  They are also shooting the game of Snooker. As you may know that is an English pool game. You shoot the red ball first and go in a certain order. Well, the English  turned it into a shooting game. Pretty fun, hey?

Hogden Powder has been holding reloading seminars. And Leo Harrison has given shooting instruction today. Tomorrow Harlan Campbell will hold clinics as well.

Former Washington Redskin, Superbowl winner all-pro defensive tackle (and shooter) David Butz will talk with all the AIM participants about being a winner on and off the field.  There will be opening cermonies and special recognition awards.

Opening ceremonies are scheduled for tonight with awards.

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One Response to AIM Grand Championship

  1. Mark Haas says:

    Ozzy Austin Haas,#1 in the state of Iowa in pre – sub Aim division! Good luck at the Grand!

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