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Information for Around the ATA is provided to Trap & Field by state and provincial ATA Delegates and/or their designated representatives.

Shooters and local officials: Please inform your ATA Delegate of news about shooters and clubs in your area.

Southwestern Zone


Here we are already into 2014, and the last week of duck season is here. That means trap season is next on my “things I like to do” list, and I am looking forward to a great year of shooting targets. New clubs are everywhere in Arkansas, as we have been driven by the influx of youth shooters in our state. Coming online this year is the Game and Fish Foundation SSC in Columbus, with shoots already scheduled. The awesome facility in Jacksonville will be up and running in February. Look for a special story in Trap & Field about this new facility in the near future. Also a new club will be starting this year at Texarkana, so look for shoots in that area.

Work is already under way on the Arkansas State Shoot June 11-15 at the Remington GC in Lonoke. Last year the Arkansas State Trapshooting Federation had $20,000 added money. They also had the Gander Mountain Challenge and the Alliant Powder shootout. Both had $1,000 purses to be divided three ways. I know Chuck Sharp, ASTF president, and the BOD members are looking to add to last year’s numbers with more and larger purses. Add the Arkansas State Shoot to your 2014 list to attend. If you need any info about our state shoot or any of our gun clubs, check out our website at Eddy Kinslow has done an outstanding job with our website. I’m not sure how many hours Eddy spends doing this for the ASTF, but I know it is a lot. Thanks, Eddy.

Congratulations to the 2014 Arkansas state team:

Men’s—Alan Sharp, .9516; Woody Barnes, .9389; Steve Mathis, .9319; Benny Holtzclaw, .9306; John Scrogin, .9288; Bronson Castleberry, .9275; Jim Cooper, .9219; James Kiddy, .9181; Chris Townsend, .9149; Richard Thielemier, .9124. Women’s—Jessica Self, .9018; Kaylee Corwin, .8621. Junior—Tanner Cooper, .9712; Haden Zirbel, .9515; Luke Bussell, .9452; Jordan Harper, .9445; Noah White, .9431; Austin Scrogin, .9397; J. C. Tune, .9387; Blake Campbell, .9322; Daniel Griffin, .9303; Owen Garrison, .9230; Brad Hulen, .9165. Sub-junior—John Wiens, .9326; Garrett Scrogin, .9301; Logan Hurst, .9198; John Didier, .9168; Jaden Youngblood, .8810. Veteran—Bob Tredway, .8687. Senior vet—Dr. Doyne Williams, .9104. Austin Scrogin with 20,500 total fired at the most targets.

Remember to take a friend shooting.

James Kiddy

                ATA Delegate



As I write this, I’ve just returned from Columbia, where the Missouri Trapshooters Association met for its annual winter board meeting. The board finalized plans for the Missouri State Shoot to be held May 12-18. This year there will be All-American points on the final 1,300 targets of the program, which means from Wednesday’s handicap to the end of the shoot, All-American points will be awarded and will include all seven categories. The Ammo and Added Money Shoot-Out that was very popular at the Fall Handicap will be back in the state program on Thursday’s and Saturday’s handicaps. This is a great way to win 10 flats of shells or share in the money if you do not win the shells. Shooters do not have to shoot off to be eligible to win the money. Remember, no waiting this year for the state meeting to begin. There will be no shootoffs Friday night; the state meeting is scheduled to begin 30 minutes after the last event is concluded.

The Missouri state teams have been selected and will be recognized at the state meeting. The 2014 teams, based on the 2013 target year, are as follows:

Men’s—captain Leo Harrison III, Marvin Beumer, David Deitch, Don Sappington, Rick Fuller, Steven J. Fuller, Brad Casner, Trevor Shockley, Bobby Chambers. Women’s—captain Rachel Hopkins, Pamela Lewis, Beth Teegarden, Taylor Houx, Tricia Cook. Junior—captain Elijah Bridges, Cash Cain, Nate Carl, Tyler Logsdon, Jaret Holden. Sub-junior—captain Samantha Foppe, Zachary Kalcic, Zachary Smith, Josh Dintleman, Dylan McCosh. Veteran—captain Ronald Carneal, Lyndle Pruett, Bob Boatright, Roger Chamberlain, Jim Hindman. Senior vet—captain Norman Provow, Melvin Whitlock, David Williams, James D. Overstreet, Fred Naugle. Congratulations to all on a job well done!

Bob Burg has donated another outstanding shotgun to be raffled to raise money for the youth trapshooting program. This year it is a Winchester 101 combo with a special Winchester case. This gun was made in recognition of the Trapshooting Hall of Fame. It has beautiful wood, is ported, and comes with choke tubes. Raffle tickets will be sold throughout the year, and it will be awarded at the Fall Handicap by drawing. Tickets, $10 each, will be available from board members, at the MTA office and from youth shooters. Bob has supported the youth for many years by donating guns from his personal collection. The MTA is most appreciative of Bob’s support, and we thank him for his generosity. When you see Bob at a shoot, make sure you personally thank him for his many years of support to our sport in several ways. You will see in our state shoot program that he has also donated $2,000 added money and many trophies this year, as he has done for the past several years.

The board has selected Bob and Jeannie Rush as the 2014 Missouri Hall of Fame inductees. Bob and Jeannie are instrumental to the successful operation of the MTA and its tournaments. It is hard to imagine what the MTA would be without them. Bob is an accomplished shooter, and he and Jeannie make a great team. You could not find two nicer people to work with and to take care of the shooters. A very special congratulations for this well-deserved recognition. Please plan to attend their induction ceremony.

During the state shoot on May 15 commencing at 6 p.m. at the MTA clubhouse, Karla Harrison will have an auction for many guns, knives and memorabilia from Leo’s private collection. This will be an opportunity to own a piece of trapshooting history. More information is available from Wheeler Auctions at 660-327-5890 and

If you attended the Fall Handicap, you should have received a card for a free practice round, so bring that card with you to the state shoot and shoot a free round on the MTA. This is one way we say thanks for attending our shoots. You can redeem the card at any of our shoots in 2014.

Hopefully you will get this issue of T&F before the Team Shoot at the MTA March 15. It is put together by Tom Rombach, and he has done a great job over the years making this tournament a good time for all. Thank you, Tom, for organizing this event. Get your team together and make plans to participate in this fun non-registered shoot. A registered shoot will be held the next day.

On a sad note, Leo Harrison Sr. (“Grandpa”) passed away peacefully Jan. 16 at the age of 97. He was a longtime MTA board member and instrumental in the MTA’s formative years. I and many others had the distinct privilege and pleasure of serving on the board with him. His wisdom and foresight in guiding the MTA and serving as its treasurer for many years, keeping a watchful eye on finances, will never be forgotten. The family has listed the MTA as a choice to make contributions to in memory of Leo.

Mark your shoot calendars for the ATA Southwestern Zone Shoot July 17-20 at the MTA host site, with the last three days being the Zone Shoot. Also plan to travel to the Ozarks Sept. 27-Oct. 5 for the Missouri Fall Handicap.

The Kansas City Trapshooters Association has announced that All-American shooter Rachel Hopkins has been hired to manage the KCTA. Rachel grew up at the KCTA honing her shooting skills, and she worked behind the counter as a teenager. Rachel says she is looking forward to this new challenge and that it will give her the opportunity to use her shooting knowledge and college degree in finance to continue to improve upon the great traditions of the KCTA. She grew up just up the road from the club and says that coming back to manage the KCTA is like coming home for her. She is very excited about this opportunity and intends to hit the ground running. Please welcome her to the KCTA.

One tradition of our winter board meeting deserves comment. The board meets for several hours and has a lot of work to do, and Brenda Fuller, wife of board member Steven, has for years provided a sweet diversion from our tasks by baking the best cinnamon rolls you can imagine and bringing them to the meeting. Thank you, Brenda, and keep bringing those rolls!

The registered shoot season is ramping back up, so support your local clubs by shooting, volunteering, and bringing new shooters. If every shooter introduced just one person to the sport in 2014, just imagine the impact that would have—not only on your club, but on the sport itself. If I can be of any help, e-mail me at Shoot straight, be safe, and support your local club.

Randall Crawford

ATA Delegate



The weather this winter has caused the cancellation of just a few of the derbies for Shawnee Twin Lakes and OTA SP. When the weather cooperated, the turnout has been very good.

Shawnee Twin Lakes had its Jan. 1 belt buckle shoot. Weather cooperated, and attendance was excellent. The singles event had seven squads, and the handicap event had five. The singles buckle winner was Travis McBride, and Gordon Sebring captured the handicap buckle. The high-over-all buckle winner was Mike Meeks.

The OTA SP had warm but windy weather for its Jan. 12 derby. Gusting 30-mph winds could not deter the 40 dedicated shooters. Singles high gun was Mike Grove. The handicap high gun was a tie between Wayne Loyd and Rob Daughhetee. Tex Hollis won the doubles. Although the clubhouse is still under construction, it provided welcome relief from the wind.

As you read this in the March issue, registered trapshooting will start up again. Shawnee Twin Lakes will be the first club to host a shoot on the first Sunday in March. George Wise always has a good shoot, and this is a good place to start registering targets after the winter break.

Rebuilding efforts were still under way here in mid January. Outside work has slowed down until warmer weather. Work continues inside for all the necessities—plumbing, electrical wiring, heat and air conditioning, computer stations, score monitors and on and on. Roger Finkle has done an excellent job keeping the ball rolling in the right direction.

Support your local club, and remember our military men and women.

Charles LeadingFox

ATA Delegate



Maybe by the time you read this column, Princess and I will at least be thinking about getting our guns out. We are definitely not cold-weather shooters. As I get older, I dislike cold weather even more.

Texas lost another shooter this month. I received word of the passing of Steve Heimann. My prayers are with his wife Cathy.

I would like to congratulate the following people who made our state team.

Men’s first—captain Dalton Wayne Jennings, Jeff Webb, John Hoffland, Charlie W. Long, Marvin Webb. Men’s second—Jon Hataway, Bob Johnson, Virgil Rickel, Trey Banack, Ron Schroer. Women’s—captain Jamie Becker, LaDene Rickel, Stacie Banack, Jennifer Willson, Trish O’Connor. Sub-junior—Caleb Cody. Veteran—Gary Sherrod. Senior vet—Charlie Crow.

I’m writing this in January, and you will be reading this in March. I hope you have made your plans to attend the Southwestern Grand at the National SC in San Antonio. The dates are April 8-13. If you have never been there, you need to make plans to go now. It is one of the premier shooting facilities in the United States. The Texas State Shoot will be held there July 1-6. I hope to see you at both shoots.

I don’t have any more news to report. That’s partly because no one ever sends me any information and partly because I tend to hibernate when the weather gets cold. If you have news, please let Princess or me know about it at or 806-679-6889.

I’m always preaching to you to read the ATA Rulebook. Well, folks, that ain’t going to change. I’ve told you before that when a question on the rules comes up on the trapline, the loudest person usually knows the least about the rules. I wish every new shooter had to take a Rulebook test to join the ATA. (I’m sure my wish to win the Powerball lottery has a better chance of coming true.)

Treat the trap help and shoot personnel with respect. They have a thankless job. Lots of small clubs have many unpaid and under-appreciated volunteers doing the work. If you don’t agree with this, just volunteer sometime and see for yourself.

Stick a fork in me, ’cause I’m done. Till next time, y’all shoot well, y’all shoot often, and y’all have a great time.

Jerry O’Connor

ATA Delegate


Western Zone


The big news this month relates to the Alberta Provincial Championships at Calgary FC July 24-27, and the reason is that LeeAnn and Bill Martin have contributed $30,000 to the Alberta association! Thank you, LeeAnn and Bill, for this very generous support. Alberta shooters, if you see these fine people in your travels, please take time to thank them personally for their huge contribution to trapshooting and to APTA. We hope to see them both at our provincial this year!

After consideration and recommendation from Allan Radway, ATA Western Zone Vice President and ATA Past President, directors of the association have decided to split the contribution over three years, which allows us to try different approaches for funding on an annual basis if required.

The objective in 2014 is to enhance attendance at our provincial shoot, with special emphasis on Thursday and Friday events. APTA is using the Martin contribution to enhance prize money to levels not seen in provincial tournaments in western Canada for many years.

Since Lewis purses are always popular, there will be a special Martin Lewis, which will add close to $6,000 added money over the tournament. This event must be entered on Day 1 of the tournament. It will cost $100 to enter and will feature payouts on single events and a major payout on the high-over-all.

Prizes for Thursday’s and Friday’s handicaps will have $500 for high gun and $250 for second, ties shoot off. Take your reductions, show up and win!

The Grand finale will be the provincial handicap, which features a troy-ounce gold coin to the winner, $300 to second and $200 for third, ties shoot off.

An equally important factor to shooters is food, and this will be special! Saturday evening Bob Gruszecki has arranged one of his famous pig roasts for shooters and families. For those of you who have not experienced one of these, it is food to die for. This alone is a great reason to attend!

At this provincial, resident sub-juniors and juniors will get free championship targets (if they choose not to play options), so we invite new shooters to prepare to attend this as their first provincial.

Alberta shooters, plan to attend all four days of the 2014 provincial to take advantage of these great opportunities.

For those out of province/state, we have a package of trophies, money and pins that optimize All-American points, but you have to compete with a tough crowd of Alberta All-Americans on home ground, so show up and show your stuff!

A special invite to those from the Maritimes and Ontario, who we had fun with at the Grand last year. Come to Alberta, see the mountains, and shoot great scores!

Canada no longer has long gun registration, so if you are from the U.S., you can get your long guns into Canada for a small fee. See for details. Come see our country and visit friends you met in Arizona last winter! Just to refresh memories, our Larry Ivany shot 399 in the all-around at the provincial in Calgary two years ago. Calgary is a high-altitude, high-scoring club with the best background in Canada.

To find out all the detail, log onto, a great website where Trevor Kuhn provides updates. You can also link to Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association to learn about the Calgary facility and plans for the shoot. We look forward to seeing you!

If there are questions or suggestions for future T&F info, let me know at

                Garry Hill

                ATA Delgate



Many across Arizona remember shooting with Allyn Kubishke. I’m sad to report Allyn passed away Jan. 3 at the age of 74. He will be missed; however, his contribution to trapshooting in Arizona and in particular Yuma T&SC is a legacy shared by many. Allyn was one of the founding members of the club and surely instrumental in the major renovation completed last year. While the club doesn’t throw ATA targets any longer, Allyn and his crew throw thousands of the orange domes to winter visitors who leave the frozen Midwest and East to enjoy the sun and fun in Yuma. My memories of the Yuma club center around Field 5, where the house is so high the targets leave from the side rather than the top.

Allyn retired from Wells Fargo Bank in 1999. Then he and his wife Christina settled in to a new chapter, shooting and fishing full time (sorta!). Fishing was Allyn’s first sport. His bass boat, the Perazzi on water, was a gleaming jewel poised and ready to land Colorado River bass. Allyn has three children: Kurt, Kim and LuAnn. You would never know from talking to Allyn, but he was a bionic trapshooter. In 2000 he had a quadruple bypass and didn’t slow down.

The following is from Raylene and Roger Junkins of Prescott:

“On Jan. 3 we lost a great friend in Allyn Kubishke. Allyn first registered targets from 1967 through 1979. We met Allyn when he returned to shooting in 1999 with his son-in-law Shawn Gillespie and his son Kurt.

“Since 1999 we have shot on many squads with Allyn and Shawn and really enjoyed them as squadmates. When we were shooting in Prescott, Allyn and Shawn would stay at our house. In Yuma we would go out to eat at Chretin’s Mexican restaurant. Roger and Allyn also shared a passion for fishing, and they met up for many fishing trips. At one particular trapshoot in Yuma, we went down on Wednesday so they could go fishing before the shoot. That particular time the fishing was so good that their shoulders were so sore from casting that neither one shot particularly well.

“We really admired Allyn for his perseverance in overcoming health issues to keep shooting. He had shoulder surgery, hand surgery on both hands and, most recently, a hip replacement. After the hand surgery, he couldn’t pull the trigger with his trigger finger, so learned to use his middle finger.

“We last shot with Allyn and Shawn at the Arizona Hall of Fame Shoot Nov. 29-Dec. 1. Allyn was very proud of the 97 he shot in doubles on the final day of the tournament. In his career he registered over 112,000 targets.

“A gentleman and great friend, he will be greatly missed by us.”

Tri-State SP has been busy building two more trapfields, bringing the total to four. (Are they looking to hold the Grand?) Special thanks go to Robby Love and his crew of volunteers in their club’s expansion.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and his staff of 15 visited the club. Paul heard good things about the new range and wanted to see it for himself and do a little shooting. They shot several rounds of trap and skeet. Arizona Game & Fish Commissioner Bob Mansell, Jay Cook, shooting ranges branch chief along with Mike Baum and Ben Alteneder of Arizona Game & Fish attended. All had a good time.

Talking about Arizona’s Chamber of Commerce days, we have great targets and our residents and visitors who take advantage of our clubs and warm days. For those of you who like details, I will share with you. Arizona residents shot 1,061,000 targets. Combined resident and non-resident shooters who support our clubs shot 3,345,475 targets.

Our clubs are setting some records. Tucson T&SC registered 2,002,650 targets in 2013, ranking in the top five in the ATA. I’m told that Tucson’s combined total for trap, skeet, sporting clays, 5-stand and bunker tossed over five million orange domes into our blue skies. Ben Avery CTC registered 455,225 ATA targets last year, followed by Casa Grande with 336,025. Our other clubs’ registered totals ranged from 13,600 to 57,000+ each. From year-end ATA records, with 3,345,475, Arizona is ranked No. 4 (behind Illinois—which gets the Grand targets in its count—plus Pennsylvania and Ohio). So thank you, Arizona clubs, residents and winter visitors.

In the past I offered a story about “Who’s on my Squad?” Time to start those stories again. There is a group of Arizona shooters who are dying for their 15 minutes of fame.

To start off, I will pick on Susan Kalal, who was was born and raised in Tucson. Her husband Randy Kalal is on the Tucson T&SC board and works closely with the vendors at the Autumn and Spring Grands. Randy and Susan have four children, Kelly (36), Nicole (34), Stacy (31) and Nick (29). Randy has been shooting trap for 24 years. He has taught all the children how to shoot and handle a gun.

Susan is in her last couple of years teaching the future leaders of our country. She is an eighth-grade science teacher and has been with the Tucson Unified School District for 18 years.

Susan feels her greatest achievement in her professional career is earning a master’s degree in educational leadership. Her greatest achievement with her family is that they are all happy and doing well in their chosen paths in life.

Susan has been shooting registered targets since 1994. When Randy and Susan got married, he took her trapshooting and got her hooked on the sport. What a honeymoon, Randy! That’s dedication to our sport.

Susan really loves the outdoors. She also enjoys meeting new people. Competition is also good, especially when she beats Randy! Susan has registered 52,750 targets since her start in 1994.

Her greatest trap accomplishment was at Spanish Fork, Utah, where she shot a perfect 100 in the first half of a 200-bird event.

Susan is very modest, as we know, but she says that she kids that she looks extremely young but has five grandchildren. She has a tattoo of a gecko on her left shoulder and quips that she’s a much better shooter than Randy but just lets him win so as to not hurt his feelings. Now that she has a Perazzi, Susan is consistently making the Arizona state team.

Arizona shoot dates and results are posted on the ASTA website I can be reached at 520-907-1895 or by e-mail at

I want to remind everyone to know the ATA rules and shoot and live by them and really look at the ATA webpage for the latest revisions. Keep the “wood on the wood,” and as Dan Northway from Montana tells me, “See the bird.” Shoot Arizona!

                Richard Luckett

                ATA Delegate



As a complementary program to the NSTA, the Clark Co. SC is hosting ATA registered Big 50 events on the first and third Saturdays of months that alternate with the NSTA registered two-day programs. We’ve built small purses into the Big 50 entry to see how this is received by the shooters. It’s a little too early to tell, but the first event held Jan. 4 had 19 shooters, and the second one on the 18th had 27. So far, so good. The Big 50 may give us a chance to develop new registered shooters without the costs associated with 100-target programs. This is a test for all of us to determine what today’s shooter is looking for, plus give our locals added opportunities to register some targets. The Big 50 program is something I can handle without getting caught up in the web of Clark Co. fiscal directives, which prohibit the shooting complex from hosting major events that result in mailing payouts at completion.

Upcoming Big 50 programs currently scheduled at the shooting complex are March 1 and 15 plus May 3 and 17.

The Nevada state ATA shoot will be held at the Clark Co. SC in Las Vegas April 2-6. This is going to be an exciting shoot, with lots of All-American points for shooters, following the Arizona State Shoot March 24-30 at the Ben Avery CTC in Phoenix.

Capitol City GC in Carson City is busting at its seams; attendance has been outstanding since the closure of Sage Hill in Reno. Capitol City just installed a new wobble trap that is a huge success. The club is also hosting the Nevada state sporting clays championship in July. Congratulations to Capitol City; when most clubs are down in numbers of targets thrown, they are up by over 100%

                Bob Clement

                ATA Delegate



With the conclusion of the Spring Grand in Tucson, Ariz., many Utah shooters are starting to plan their shooting calendars for the upcoming season. Check the USTA website for updated dates throughout the state. March has a couple registered shoots at Purgatory GC in southern Utah, March 1-2 and 28-29; this is great time to shake off the winter rust and get a jump on the season. March in southern Utah can offer some excellent weather for those of us wanting to get out of the cold and smog. Ogden has an AIM shoot March 8; get those kids out and shooting some early spring targets.

Congratulations to Ryan Hancock of Kaysville, Utah. Ryan is one of Trap & Field’s co-Rookies of the Year for 2013. Utah has a reputation for producing quality candidates for Rookie of the Year. Please take time to congratulate Ryan when you see him at the range. The Rookie of the Year is a huge accomplishment to achieve.

It’s never too early to start making plans for the June 25-29 Utah State Shoot. The trophy package is looking great again this year. USTA officers are currently putting the final touches on all the festivities and program, so make sure to get your advertisements submitted for the program. As always, if there is anything you want to see in print, please let me know at

Quint Sudbury

ATA Delegate


Central Zone


The ATA announced that our own Barry Roach has been appointed to the position of Field Promotions Coordinator. Barry will be using his sales, promotion and marketing experience. He is developing a plan for promotion of the ATA and our sport through our member clubs. The goal is to benefit the ATA, gun clubs and our members. Let’s do everything we can to help him. It would be nice to grow our sport to the participation numbers we have had in the past.

Your ISTA Board of Directors is planning for the first annual Hall of Fame Shoot and Banquet April 5 at Brittany SP. John Kravanek is going to be inducted at a dinner and ceremony at 5:30 p.m. The dinner will be free to anyone shooting that day. Dinner tickets for non-shooters will cost $5. Plan on attending. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor. Let’s help John celebrate this special occasion.

The ATA will be raffling an E-Z-GO Express S4 gas golf cart again this year. Raffle tickets will be $20 each, and I will have them available at our state shoot.

The ATA has also announced it will award All-American points on the final 1,300 targets of any state shoot.

As always, contact me with any questions or newsworthy information you may have. I can be reached at 903 Center St., Mazon, IL 60444; 815-735-2974 (cell); 815-448-5120 (home); or

Jim Matteson

ATA Delegate



As I am writing this article, it is 60º in southern Indiana. I sure am looking forward to spring and shooting.

Congratulations to the Indiana shooters who won trophies at the Dixie Grand: Morris Cornelius, Brandon Sullivan, V. Tank Lunsford, Devon Harris, Carl Simkins, Scott Norris, Bill Tempest, Loren Dixon, Debbie Atwood, John Youngblood and Monte Morrison.

The AIM championship program will be shot on July 8 this year. This is the first day of the state shoot. AIM coaches will need to get their teams pre-registered and pre-squadded. For any information about the AIM program, you can contact Indiana AIM director Keith Weller at

For anyone who wants to shoot a large number of targets in a short period of time, there are several marathons offered by our gun clubs. Marathons will not only allow you to get your target requirements, but they also help get rid of the rust after not shooting all winter.

Plans are already being made for another great Indiana State Shoot. I hope that our state shoot will be part of your plans for this coming year. If you need to contact me, my e-mail is

Roland King

ATA Delegate



Greetings from Iowa!

As I write, we are in a deep freeze with ‑15º temperatures and ‑25º wind chills. I know spring is on the horizon, right?

For those of you who have not yet done so, please get your ATA and ISTA dues brought up to date. Iowa residents will be required to show their current ISTA annual or life membership card at the Iowa State Shoot prior to being classified.

Some of you may receive a yardage reduction in the next few months. If you choose to take the reduction, make sure you carry an up-to-date average card printout reflecting your new yardage. And in case you are not aware, just because you are offered a reduction, you are not required to accept it. To refuse a reduction, simply contact Kathy Key ( at the ATA and advise her of your refusal.

If you are looking for a new challenge, the AVAD Hunt Club near Coon Rapids is home to a newly constructed International trap bunker. They will be hosting a bunker trap clinic in May; details can be found at (click on Shotgun Coach Education, then Continuing Education).

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for future articles, please contact me at 641-425-1588 or

Stay warm and shoot straight!

Lori Wickman

ATA Delegate



As I sit down to write this, it is 4º above zero with a 28-mph wind. Most of our state is in a blizzard with zero visibility, and we are sheltered inside for today. Roads have been barricaded off and closed; no travel is advised. I am told chili is on the stove, so tonight will be a perfect winter evening.

Congratulations go out to our captains for the Minnesota all-state teams: Eric Munson, men’s; Mariah Michaelis, women’s; Nick Fetzik, junior; Max Bunning, sub-junior; Dean Walker, veteran; Lou Kosiba, senior vet.

You can view the complete list of team members by going to the MTA website at

Congratulations also go out to Minnesota shooters who earned spots on the 2014 All-American teams. We are proud of you. They are as follows: Scott Gens, men’s first; Eric Munson, men’s second; Dean Neumann, men’s second; Roman Pompe, men’s second (Czech Republic, honorary Minnesotan on even days); Brittany Vajdl, Lady I second; Nick Fetzik, junior second; Colton Langer, junior second; Zach Warweg, junior gold second; Gunnar Gens, sub-junior second; William VanNieuwenhuzen, sub-veteran second; Mark Zauhar, sub-veteran second; Dean Walker, veteran second; Lou Kosiba, senior vet first.

Level 1 coaching schools at Buffalo are full for January and March with 25 participants each. An additional class may be opening up April 5-6, again to be held in Buffalo. If you are interested, please e-mail me at The price is $125 to cover the cost of the course. When we receive your e-mail, we will forward you the address to send your payment. We will also include the schedule for the class. We have received many requests for this, so please hurry, as this will be our last class in Minnesota until the snow flies next year.

We are saddened to hear that Ronald A. Guttormson of Borup passed away at 74 years old. Ron was a farmer by trade plus an outdoorsman who loved hunting and fishing and was a shooting mentor to many. Ron mentored in the Red River SC at Pesley, the Moorhead R&GC and Clay Co. 4-H. Ron’s information is posted on the site. The Minnesota Trapshooting Association and board wish to extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

We are currently working on Minnesota’s youth chain shoot schedule, which is a series of ATA-registered youth-only shoots, so look for them soon on If you or your business are interested in making a donation to the Minnesota youth trapshooting auction and fundraiser to be held at our 2014 state shoot in Alexandria, please contact Sally Stevens at or phone 763-486-0853. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible, and you will be receipted. All Minnesota ATA youth shooters could sure use the help.

Please remember, if you are a new club throwing registered targets for the first time, the Minnesota Trapshooting Association would like to assist you. We will help you run your shoot and provide a trophy package for your club. We will assist you in the paperwork and steps to learn to run registered shoots on your own with confidence. Please contact Sally, our MTA secretary, for more information.

Once again, please be safe out there. Get out and support your local clubs throwing jackpot targets. They appreciate your business. I hope to run into you on the line somewhere soon.

Mark Stevens

ATA Delegate


South Dakota

Congratulations to the state team members, based on 2013 shooting performance:

Men’s—captain Fred Nagel, .9778; Matt Bartholow, .9739; Foster Bartholow, .9577; Troy Balk, .9560; Scott Myren, .9499; Todd Hanson, .9496; Greg Johnson, .9450; Rod Larson, .9416; Dana Edwards, .9405; Scott McIntire, .9403. Lady I—Tessa Myren, .9238; Jessie Wiedman, .8993. Lady II—Marlene Hettinger, .7973; Judy Bonefield, .7740. Junior—Hunter Weaver, .9226; Kody Kaven, .9007. Sub-junior—Chet Bryan, .8791; Austin Tennyson, .8752. Junior Gold—Chris Nagel, .9289. Sub-vet—Darby Fast, .9373; Mark Policky, .9291. Veteran—Dave Thorson, .9384; Chuck Manning, .9303. Senior vet—Bob Barker, .9259; Jim Graff, .8969.

Men’s team members shot at least 1,500 singles, 1,000 handicap and 1,000 doubles, with 500 targets in each discipline registered at South Dakota clubs.

Minimum target requirements for all categories were 1,000 singles, 500 handicap and 500 doubles, with 500 targets in each discipline registered at South Dakota clubs.

All team members also had to participate at the state shoot for that year.

As spring arrives, registered shooting will start up on the prairie once again. Crooks GC has the first shoot, April 26-27, then Aberdeen May 10 and Rapid City May 18.

The state shoot will be in Aberdeen July 15-20. You can contact Jerry Brick for camping spots or other information at 605-225-6383.

You can get in touch with me at 605-336-7285 or at

Remember to bring someone new with you to the gun club next time you go shooting.

Bob Felber

ATA Delegate



Hello from balmy Wisconsin. As I write this, it is ‑14º with a ‑45º wind chill.

At our last meeting it was announced that the homegrounds board of directors has chosen Denny Taylor as manager of the campgrounds and the WTA shooting facility. I think Denny will do a good job for the WTA. He was hired as of the first of February. We will be looking for a new southwest zone director to take Denny’s place, as he will now give that up.

We met with Mueller Technologies and discussed many questions on the cashiering part of the state shoot. The board has gotten the food vendors lined up. We also purchased a like-new skid loader, with help from Bill Simonar.

I would like to congratulate Bruce Stiteley and Don Mittag on being voted into the Wisconsin Hall of Fame.

Even though it’s cold out, it is not too early to start thinking about your upcoming summer schedule. The state shoot dates are July 15-20. If anyone has anything I should write about, please let me know at or 262-424-0444.

Rick Tesker

ATA Delegate


Eastern Zone


Well, as I sit here in late January freezing my tail off, I can’t wait for the trap season. I am looking forward to seeing you all and warmer temperatures. Let me start by congratulating the 2013 state team: Dave Bicknell, .9531; Antonio Lobo, .9457; John Russo Jr., .9365; Hani Hafez, .9337; Joe Wheeler, .9282; Fred Andrulat, .9150; Dan Gutt, .9123; Larry Sayers, .9079; Brian Scussel, .9065; Bob Cooper, .9047.

The men’s high all-around honors went to Dave Bicknell with .9531, and women’s winner was Theresa Bellerive, .8845.

Connecticut will be hosting the Hall of Fame banquet March 15 at the Bristol F&G. Please feel free to contact me for information. Tickets will be $25, or $35 per couple. Cocktails will be at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. It will be a wonderful evening. The CTA has been very busy planning the upcoming state shoot to be held June 20-22. Look for us on Pre

As the hunting season comes to a close, we can pull out the trapguns and get in some practice.

Rich Latouf

ATA Delegate



As I take on the duties of Maine ATA Delegate, I can’t help but think about the big shoes I must attempt to fill . . . Cal Stinson’s. Cal has served well in this capacity for many years, and all of the trapshooters in Maine appreciate the way he has represented them. After being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, Cal just received another acknowledgement—of being the oldest person to make the All-American team.

The shooters who made the Maine state team for 2013 are as follows: Al Wright Jr., .9331; John Carville, .9039; Jake Levin, .9012; Cal Stinson, .8981; Sam Giles Jr., .8924; Al Baker, .8919; Dan Samson, .8884; John Kazilionis, .8845; Henry Ellis, .8840; and Eric Adams and Bob Harris, .8799.

Al Wright had the high singles and doubles averages of .9827 and .9394, respectively. Dan Samson led handicap averages with .9100.

Maine trapshooting lost a good man and friend when Fred Wiegleb passed away recently. Back around 2003, there were some very dark days for the Scarborough club. It came under the scrutiny of the DEP, and as a result the skeet fields were closed, and eventully four trapfields were closed as well. Fred was selected to head a planning committee to bring the club into compliance with state and federal regulations. Through tact, diplomacy, perseverance and force of personality, he accomplished his goal to enlarge and improve the club. It now boasts nine trapfields as well as a clubhouse and camping facility. While there were many who contributed to this effort, Fred was definitely a driving force in developing this major shooting facility for Maine shooters.

Although we are all looking forward to shooting in warm temperatures, take note that there are several clubs that offer early spring/cold-weather shooting. Included in those are Androscoggin F&GC in Auburn (207-240-0605), Scarborough F&G (207-899-9010), South Berwick R&GC (207-252-0393) and Arnold Trail SA in Sidney (207-465-3458).

I can be reached at 207-649-8594 or

                Bob Paradis

                ATA Delegate


New Jersey

As I sit here writing this month’s article, there hasn’t been much registered shooting here in the Garden State due to the cold and snowy weather conditions on the second and 21st of the month. It seemed that the 12 Garden State shooters who ventured down to the Dixie Grand in Florida brought with them the cold windy conditions that prevailed during most of the shoot. Thirty-three percent of them were successful in bringing home a trophy: Tim Duffy, Mike Krokovic, Butch Zeppone and Mark Wade. Nice shooting, guys, during some harsh conditions. As always, at the shoots that R. J. Stuart cashiers, you can go to his website and see who shot what and where.

Each month it seems the state association secretary and I are receiving e-mails from the ATA office in Sparta with a list of names of shooters who have shot at 2014 registered targets without paying their 2014 dues. The target year starts Sept. 1 and not Jan. 1, so please send in your 2014 dues to the ATA office in Sparta, or you can renew your membership at the next registered shoot you attend.

I’m happy to report that Patricia Comly of Lambertville has been selected to be one of the three 2014 New Jersey Hall of Fame inductees on May 31 during the New Jersey State Shoot. According to ATA records, Pat started registered shooting in 1962 and competed until 2008. During that time she won trophies all over the tri-state area plus the Grand in Vandalia. Pat captured the ladies’ 16-yard championship at the 1973 New Jersey State Shoot. She and husband Tom have two sons, John and Bill. At one time the entire family was registering ATA targets. During Pat’s career she shot at 93,050 singles, 47,975 handicap and 33,950 doubles. A more detailed biography can be found in the state shoot program online at or in a hard copy edition that should be at your favorite gun club.

On a sad note, three shooters have passed away: Bernard T. (Bernie) Fleming of Keyport passed away Dec. 29; he was 82 years old. Bernie was born in South Amboy and raised in Morgan. He lived in Keyport for 42 years. He was a Marine and served in the Korean War from 1952 to 1955 and received the Korean PUC, China Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal and the National Defense Service Medal. Bernie was a retired iron worker for Local #373 in Perth Amboy. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Rita, five children, two brothers, two sisters, 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. During his career Bernie registered 36,000 singles, 15,200 handicap and 1,150 doubles.

Robert F. Pacitti of Mount Laurel, a longtime Vincentown resident, died Jan. 6 after a brief illness; he was 74 years old. Born in Mt. Holly, he was known as Bob the Barber and had a barbershop in Pemberton, drove a truck for North Penn for many years, then opened the Towne Barbershop in Vincentown. Bob loved golfing, trapshooting and riding his bike through the Pine Barrens. He also enjoyed woodcarving. Bob registered 4,000 singles, 2,250 handicap and 150 doubles targets. Bob was predeceased by his wife Josephine; he is survived by three married daughters, five grandchildren, two brothers and two sisters.

Thomas D. Miller of Marlton Lakes died Jan. 9; he was 76 years old. A native of Swedesboro, Tom served four years in the Coast Guard. He was a State Farm agent in Medford for over 37 years. An avid sportsman, he loved hunting, fishing, skeet and trapshooting. Tom is survived by his wife of 54 years, Barbara, a daughter, a son, seven grandchildren and one sister.

If you have a suggestion for an article or have a question, I can be reached at 732-546-7910 or

Joe Sissano

                ATA Delegate


New York

Hello to everyone. I hope you are staying warm during this long winter season. If anyone is attending any shoots in Florida or the southwest during the winter, I hope you are traveling safely.

We are sorry to say that one of the New York State ATA’s best friends from Pennsylvania has passed away. Stephen (Doc) Ollock passed away Jan. 5. Doc always attended every shoot at our homegrounds. In 2013 he was a sub-vet ATA All-American and had earned 22 straight Pennsylvania state team selections, five as captain. Doc was also a member of the Pennsylvania state Trapshooting Hall of Fame. To view more about Doc’s records, go to the Pennsylvania state website at The saying in Pennsylvania was “you had to beat Doc to win anything at Elysburg.” Our deepest sympathies to Doc’s family on his passing. He will surely be missed in New York.

We are proud to announce the high-average shooters and the New York state teams for 2013. Chris Vendel was the high male 16-yard shooter with .9919. Tiffany Decker took high lady in the singles with .9476. Mike Campbell was high handicap shooter with .9360, and Vendel led doubles with .9672.

The New York state teams for 2013 are as follows:

Men’s first—captain Chris Vendel, .9605; Bradley Heath, .9580; Justin Slater, .9536; Michael Fox Jr., .9488; Bob Edwards, .9403. Men’s second—James Flint, .9389; Brian Luther, .9386; Chris Landon; .9381; Milton Luther Jr., .9364; Christopher Vendel, .9360. Honorable mention—Urban Womer, .9349; Richard Sauer, .9325; Michael Manzo, .9314; Curtis Robbins, .9260; Michael Moran, .9234. Women’s—captain Tiffany Decker, .9116; Catherine Barney, .8749; Deborah Bell, .8536; Viki Hatch, .8437; Leslie Slater, .8303. Junior/sub-junior—captain Trevor Parker, .8890; Samantha Wagner, .7908. Veteran/senior vet—captain Keith Welch, .9374; David Clary, .9364; James S. Wright, .9324; Woodrow Doty Jr., .9277; Richard Sharp, .9248.

Excellent shooting by these fine New York shooters.

I hope everyone will stay warm for the rest of the winter. April is just around.the corner, and we will start shooting registered targets soon. I hope to see you all soon.

                Brian Whalen

                ATA Delegate



Greetings from Ontario, Canada.

I am now at liberty to provide greater details on the 2015 Pan Am Games and specifically the shooting events, which will all be held at the Toronto International T&SC located near Cookstown, about 20 minutes south of Barrie in Innisfil Township, Simcoe County. The “official” media event was held at the club Jan. 22. I did not believe it appropriate to release too many details until the 2015 Pan Am dignitaries et al make the announcement, although most of what they released to the public was not a well-kept secret.

I have always been an advocate for all types of shooting—rifle, pistol and shotgun, both recreational and competitive, right up to and including Olympic level. As I have observed previously, English firearm owners years ago decided not to collectively support all of the recreational and competitive firearm disciplines. Many Brits felt that handguns were not that important to them, and that if a ban or restriction on handguns took place, the anti-gunners and the government would leave them alone to pursue their long-gun endeavors. What a tragic mistake. The victory by the anti-gun element over handguns simply emboldened them and the government to enact very restrictive laws on all firearm owners.

In Canada firearm owners did not make that mistake; we all stuck together, and although we still have very repressive firearm laws, it could have been much worse. In fact, with the Federal Conservatives, we have had some limited claw backs; for example, with the elimination of the long-gun registry. For our U.S. friends, the Second Amendment is an invaluable tool in protecting their constitutional right to own firearms, but they (like us) must always be vigilant. “Gun control” has many nuances, from the firearms themselves to the ammunition used to where you can lawfully discharge them. Our clubs and ranges are always under attack from environmentalists (for anything from lead shot to noise issues) and from those in society who simply don’t like guns. Many local municipalities side with the anti’s, as they are fearful of losing votes and consider their gun clubs to harbor enthusiasts who, for the most part, do not live or vote in their jurisdiction. So I hope you feel the same way I do; when the shooting sports get positive coverage like the 2015 Pan Am event, it is a good news story for all firearm enthusiasts.

The shooting community couldn’t buy the type of positive promotion and publicity now being generated. Listen to what some of the dignitaries are saying: “The sport of shooting has a long history at the Pan Am and Olympic Games, and Canadians have stood at the top of the podium on several occasions, starting with the legendary Walter Ewing’s Olympic win in 1908,” said the Honourable Bal Gosal, (Federal) Minister of State (Sport). He went on to say: “As a supporter of the 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, our government is proud that this venue will enable our best to train and compete in a world-class facility here at home, as well as leave a lasting legacy for the development of our athletes.”

Rarely do Federal (Conservative) members of Parliament and (Liberal) Provincial Members of the Provincial Government see eye to eye on many issues, but here is what the Honourable Michael Chan, (Provincial) Minister Responsible for the (Pan Am) Games (Liberal), had to say: “High-performance and recreational athletes will benefit greatly from this Games-driven investment in the Toronto International Trap & Skeet Club. As we prepare for the 2015 Games, we are proud to support the important legacy that the event is creating in our communities.”

And not to be outdone, having heard the glowing support expressed by representatives of the Federal and Provincial governments, the mayor of the local municipality, Innisfil, Her Worship Mayor Barb Baguley had this to say: “As a growing community, we are pleased to have the Toronto International Trap & Skeet Club transformed into a world-class training and competition facility through the legacy investment of the 2015 Pam Am Games.”

There you have it, folks, a rare display of solidarity in support of a shooting club by all three levels of government at the same time.

Other dignitaries also spoke, and then the last speaker (who was supposed to be me on behalf of the club, but I was out of the country shooting) took the podium. The club had asked my son Drew if he would say a few things. Drew started by thanking the 2015 funding partners, for without them the money needed to upgrade the facility would not be possible. He commented that what exists today at the club came from private sector investment, and to have the opportunity for public-sector investment in a shooting club is greatly appreciated. This will enable one upgraded and a second (built from scratch) Olympic bunker with superimposed skeet as well as a 50-meter rifle range with a superimposed 25-meter pistol range and a new, fully enclosed 10-meter airgun range. Rifle, pistol and airgun will all be equipped with state-of-the-art electronic targets. Drew emphasized that the post-Games legacy will benefit Canadian shooters at all levels for years to come. His closing line is reported to have attracted a solid round of applause and went like this: “On behalf of the club, I want to assure the 2015 Pan Am funding partners that of all the projects you have helped create, you are likely to receive from this investment the biggest bangs for your bucks.” Well done, Drew.

During the Games, the Toronto International T&SC will be referred to as “The Pan Am Shooting Centre.”

Footnote: Key partners in the Pan Am funding include the government of Canada, province of Ontario, Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Paralympic Committee, GGH municipalities and universities, and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, the lead partner in the Games.

When I represented Canada at my first Pan Am Games in Indianapolis in 1987, I knew nothing about the Games, their significance and what they were all about. I will devote a full article in a few months’ time; I think you will learn a lot.

Next month watch for my article on bringing firearms (by Americans) into Canada. Quebec has the (ATA) Canadians this summer, and many Americans would like to attend but want an overview of how to bring their guns into the country.

Paul Shaw

ATA Delegate



I had mentioned in an earlier article some upgrades that were taking place at Bay City GC near Erie. I’m glad to say the work is completed, thanks to the many volunteers who helped on this project: Mike and Steve Duckett, Ken Wheeler, Jared Joint, Butch Soty, Joe Pitetti, John Worner, Joe Miikowski, Carl Gentile, Steve Wall and Josh Keefer. All four traphouses were removed, and new houses were put in their place. This improvement will enable members easier access when loading the traps and filling the houses with targets.

Across the state, other projects that are well under way include lead recovery at the PSSA homegrounds, with a completion date expected to be early May, as well as the removal of and installation of new walkways and traphouses on the bottom shooting line; this is also scheduled for completion before the Keystone Open. These projects at Elysburg are just the start of many improvements that will be taking place in the next few years.

I would like to mention that Pennsylvania has 12 shooters who have received their AAA-27-AAA pins: Debbie Ohye-Neilson, Stephanie Sandler, Scott Berkhous, Steve Huber, Ken Darroch, Frank Pascoe, Joel Etchen, Shawn Kirsch, Skip Klinger, Doc Ollock, Don Neilson Jr. and Adam Krzyzanowski. Congratulations!

The state high average leaders have been announced. Debbie Ohye-Neilson led the ladies in two categories: doubles, .9613 on 5,300 targets and a record-breaking singles high of .9861 on 6,600. Peggy Powers Hamilton led the handicap with .9346 on 1,300 targets. On the men’s side, Brandon Deal topped the singles with .9920 on 3,000 targets, Glenn Lash led handicap with .9321 on 2,800, and Joel Etchen was the doubles leader with .9700 on 2,100. Each leader will have an event named in their honor at the 2014 state shoot.

Congratulations to the Pennsylvania shooters who won trophies at the Dixie Grand: James L. Blevins, Debbie Ohye-Neilson, Jean McCord, Mark Polojac, Sean Bardell, Donald Neilson Jr., Bruce Schmidt, Frank Pascoe, Kate Schmidt, Lisa Long, Sheldon Hostetter, Steven D. Miller, Joseph Zmuda, Peter Frederiks, Peggy Powers, John T. Spangler, Carl Gentile, Righter Bowman and Robert Griffith.

Some ATA news: I will have tickets available for the E-Z-GO golf cart being raffled off at the Grand American closing ceremonies; please see me if you are interested in purchasing a ticket.

Just a reminder, please have your ATA membership dues up to date before entering any registered event. Member clubs are getting billed when dues are not paid.

Pennsylvania has lost many-time state team member and Hall of Famer Doc Ollock. Our condolences go out to his family. Sadly, I also have to report the passing of Rick Yocco. No matter if you shot registered trap or a weekly league in the Mon Valley area of western Pennsylvania, you ran into Rick. He would be the first to ask if there was anything he could do to help and never turned away. It made no difference what was needed—cashier, scorer or loader. Our condolences go out to his wife Marci and their children.

Anyone who would like an accomplishment or milestone reported, please contact me at

Glenn Lash

                ATA Delegate


Southern Zone


Duck season ends this weekend in Alabama; it’s bitterly cold today and time to think about warm weather and orange birds that always show up when you look for them.

Our state officers are busy working on plans and the program for the state shoot. From what I see, it should be another great shoot, and I hope all who read this article will consider the Alabama State a must-do shoot. If you have any suggestions to offer, you might want to contact Tim Hall. His e-mail address is Tim is our president and is leading the way. Bill Parson at Dixie T&S always has the club in great shape, and I’m sure he would welcome any input or help offer. Bill’s e-mail is

In several past articles, I have mentioned the importance of helping new young shooters. One small club in north Alabama has done an exceptional job in this effort, and I would like to recognize them this month. Cedar Hill TR between Russellville and Redbay is a one-trap club operated by Wade Willingham. He has just completed his sixth year. This club concentrates on developing young shooters and has done a great job. The club takes as many as 25 young shooters to our state shoot and to the Grand American every year. They have won numerous events at the Grand.

Cedar Hill is open from 3:30 p.m. until around 7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday and from noon to 7 p.m. on the first Saturday of the month for registered targets. They have Big 50 events on Tuesday and Thursday and a full 300-target program on Saturday.

The club address is 4021 Hwy. 84, Russellville, AL 35653. Phone number is 256-412-9287. Their website is Go there and shoot! We need to help these small clubs.

Keep your head down.

Larry Sexton

ATA Delegate



Congratulations to the 2014 state team members:

Men’s first—captain Matt Trammell, .9441; Jerry Bryant, .9393; Gerald Armstrong, .9359; Alex Riera, .9358; Mark Zauhar, .9339. Men’s second—Joseph Fastaia, .9285; J. Hohman, .9208; Tom White, .9175; Vincent Valois, .9161; Pedro Abrantes, .9090. Women’s first—captain Marilyn Lehrfeld, .8772; Kim Ayers-Wright, .8468; Scarlett Ehlers, .8086; Laura Hohman, .8029; Sarah Jacobs, .8006. Women’s second—Delia Sippel, .7923; Willene Goerner, .7827. Junior first—captain Justin King, .9432; Matthew McBride, .9347; Zachary Taylor, .9219; Federico Ramirez, .8751; Zachary Eleyet, .8489. Junior second—Matthew Debord, .8447; Jay Bunn, .8160; Andrew Bryants, .7645. Sub-junior—captain Andrew Loitz, .9372; Matthew Vega, .9224; Harry Franklin, .8904. Veteran first—captain Marcellus Osceola, .9407; William Vosnos, .9339; Morris Stinebring, .9185; Randy Richards, .9180; Ron Ward, .9102. Veteran second—Edward Medley, .9053; Bob Hutson, .9037; Nick Mazzarella, .9012; Jack Schumpert, .8960; Robert Hewes, .8932. Senior vet first—captain Don Kerce, .9341; Buster Ingram, .9143; Jim Coniff, .9136; Angel Estevez, .9075; Larry Crismond, .8949. Senior vet second—Jerry Schwab, .8909; Wesley King, .8901; Thomas Mann, .8889; Peter Cohen, .8872; Larry Hill, .8834.

Awards and recognition will be presented at this year’s state shoot meeting.

The ATA “Quarter Million Club” had two Florida shooters achieving that milestone, namely Ronal Kot and Chuck Hazelett. This award is a pin of recognition given by the ATA for those who have registered 250,000 or more targets in any combination.

Trapshooting is at its peak in Florida during March. Check out the Florida shoot card or just go to and see who is throwing targets. Now is the time to support our local clubs and get in some registered targets before our state shoot.

This year our March 25-30 Florida State Shoot will have all of its events qualifying for All-American points. This is new for this year, and with our state shoot likely being an ATA Competition Factor 4 tournament, it makes achieving these points very worthwhile. You can check it out on for the specifics.

In March we Floridians have a second opportunity to attend and compete in a Satellite Grand. The March 17-23 Southern Grand is the largest registered shoot we host in Florida, with competitors coming from well over 30 states and several Canadian provinces. You don’t want to miss a day of competing here, nor do you want to miss the largest turnout of vendors who will be offering trapshooting sundries during the week-long event. This is usually an ATA Competition Factor 5 event for those seeking All-American points.

Just as an FYI concerning a part of the job that I do as ATA Delegate: each month I receive from the ATA a list of trapshooters who have become eligible for a handicap reduction. The review happens when a shooter has logged at least 1,000 handicap targets. First I review the ATA codes that are associated with some of the trapshooters. Second, I look at the handicap scores to be sure they are under the break point. I try to see if any major wins happened during that period. I may see, call or e-mail a shooters who are on the list. I do this to make sure they understand why they are or are not receiving a reduction. In some cases I have discussed the reduction or no reduction with members of our Florida board and with the ATA Central Handicap Committee Southern Zone member. In all, it is an attempt to be as accurate and fair to our trapshooters who come under this review. So if you receive a reduction or have not received a reduction, you can always get to me, and I will provide you the information that I receive from the ATA. So, yes, most reductions for Florida shooters need to be approved by me before action is taken by the ATA.

Just a little piece in closing: many of you knew of my recent back surgery. It has kept me away from doing any type of shooting. That’s quite a withdrawal for anyone who loves to shoot. With the utmost appreciation, I would like to acknowledge the phone calls, e-mails and get-well cards I have received from the many shooters I have come to know throughout many years of competing in this sport. It is my understanding that I will be able to shoot in the Southern Grand and Florida State Shoot, giving me an opportunity to catch up with all of you. Thank you for all your concerns and best wishes. I thank God for His support during this medical procedure.

Please contact me with any information concerning trapshooting in Florida at or 321-427-6553.

Larry Grenevicki

ATA Delegate



It seems that temperatures were a little below average for most of Mississippi this winter. I anticipate that we will be seeing some of our clubs throwing extra shoot dates into the mix this spring as a way to help shooters get a few more targets. Again, Coastal R&P, located along the I-10 corridor in south Mississippi, remains one of our most active clubs, if not the most active. Thank you, guys, for all you are doing to support trapshooting in Mississippi.

The Mississippi TA board is really stepping up the pace getting ready for the state shoot. The National Aviation Academy is again principle in presenting our state shoot, and we would be remiss if we did not thank them for their support.

The state shoot will be May 23-25 at the Capitol GC near Jackson, In the last edition of Trap & Field, I mentioned that we may have a “warm-up” event on May 22. That has proven not to be feasible for us this year. The club will be open for registration that afternoon and for practice shooting. However, no registered targets will be available May 22. Capitol GC will throw program targets, utilizing all the club’s five fields. Recently the old Pat-Traps were replaced with new ones, and thus the 2014 shoot will be shot utilizing White Flyer orange dome targets thrown from new Pat-Trap machines.

The shoot will feature a total of 700 program targets: 300 preliminary targets May 23 (100 doubles, 100 singles and 100 handicap). Saturday, May 24 will bring the 200 championship singles, and Sunday will bring the 100 championship doubles followed in the afternoon by 100 championship handicap targets. At present trophies, added money and food will be as last year.

Please go to for squadding information. With only five traps, space may be limited; therefore, we encourage pre-squadding to ensure a spot.

Let’s all get out and support our local clubs and shoot targets.

                Will McCarty

                MTA President


North Carolina

Fourteen N.C. shooters made the trek south to the Silver Dollar SC for the 2014 Dixie Grand. The weather was a little cool but dry, and overall was not too bad. Overall the shoot was up about 2% over last year. In spite of north breezes on Wednesday and Friday, I’m pretty sure all of us were happy to be out of the really cold weather that we were having at home.

There was a good showing of N.C. shooters, and some shot great and others shot well but were unsuccessful at winning awards. The following shooters won trophies: Tom Wilkinson, Charlie Brown and William West. William also got punched a half yard for his sub-vet runnerup win in the Remington Nitro 27 Handicap.

I would like to encourage all N.C. gun clubs to promote youth shooting by hosting an AIM shoot along with one of your regularly scheduled shoots. Please contact Jeff Galloway with any ideas you have about the AIM youth program or hosting an AIM shoot. I am sure Jeff will provide any assistance you may need. The Durham WC has a dynamic youth program, with some youth shooters participating in both SCTP and ATA competitions. Doug and Kim McKinney may be able to offer some advice to other trap club managers on how the program is implemented.

I hope some of you will be able to join us at the Southern Grand in March. Also, as a reminder, the following shoots are currently planned for the N.C. Homegrounds at Bostic: Dogwood Open, April 24-27; state shoot, June 4-8; Southern Zone, July 17-20; and the NCTHOF, Sept. 25-28. Get your camping requests to Joy Duncan early.

Remember to visit and for N.C. shooting information. You may also want to check out the tarheeltrap trapshooting chat room. If you have any information you would like to see in this article, please send it to me. I can be reached at or 336-674-8655.

Terry Roush

ATA President


South Carolina

We’ve had a real winter this year, as have most of the rest of you. Between the rain and cold windy weather, there hasn’t been much shooting going on. Let’s hope we have some good weather for our area state shoots. I have info on a good motel rate in Conyers, Ga., for their state shoot.

We had our state shoot meeting last Sunday, and everything looks good. Spartanburg will hold the shoot, and we know the facility will be AA class. They have improved the restroom facilities. We’ll have the same loader-scorer group we had last year; they are professionals and do a great job. Teresa is already buying trophies, so you know they’ll be super nice. All of our events will garner All-American points, so shoot the entire 1,300-target program.

We will have our free fish dinner; that alone is reason enough to come to our shoot.

Between Gary Olson, Dickey Pigg and myself, we have figured our latest state team. Once again Kenny Inman is captain, followed by Donnie Pigg, Neil Alexander, Gary Olson and Doug Stenback. Second team is Rodney Raines, Gary Hamrick, Logan McAllister, Russ Middleton and Ron Thompson. Category shooters are Teresa Knight, Lady II; Spencer Power, sub-junior; Joseph Rogers, sub-vet; Dickey Pigg, veteran; and Jim Faber, senior vet.

Competition was fierce; some spots were decided by a 10th of a target.

Shooting the most targets was Ron Thompson, 15,050.

I hope to see you in Georgia. If not there, for sure at our shoot May 14-18.

You can get shoot info at

Jim Faber

                ATA Delegate



Well, with duck season over, it’s time to start thinking about trapshooting. By the looks of the scores at the Dixie Grand, several Tennessee shooters are winning trophies. I’ll have a complete list of the winners next month.

This time of year, if you’re like me, you’re ready for some warmer weather. The 34th Southern Grand American is March 17-23 at Silver Dollar SC, Odessa, Fla., followed by the Florida State Shoot March 25-30. Maybe I’ll see you there.

The Tennessee AIM State Shoot will be June 10-11, and the state shoot will be June 12-15 at the Tennessee CTC in Nashville.

Check out our website at for more info. For questions or further information, contact me at or 731-217-9957.

Billy Cook

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