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Information for Around the ATA is provided to Trap & Field by state and provincial ATA Delegates and/or their designated representatives.

Shooters and local officials: Please inform your ATA Delegate of news about shooters and clubs in your area.


Western Zone


Arizona has been wonderful this year, T-shirts and shorts from January onward. The shooting has also been exciting, with the biggest shoot of the year, the Spring Grand, just concluded. Twenty-one Alberta shooters attended the Spring Grand, which was our biggest group in several years. Then with spouses, it became even larger.

Some of the big winners in Tucson were no surprise. Diane Peyton continued her winning ways, starting with a 200 straight in Casa Grande prior to Tucson and then several more 100s during. Art won the high-over-all and three runnerup positions in sub-vet doubles, handicap and all-around during the pre-Grand. Both won numerous trophies and lots of All-American points.

We did not have any winners during Spring Grand week, but Trevor Dawe kept things exciting by running the first 75 in the handicap. He later shot off for veteran champion and runnerup with 97 but missed a couple early and bowed out.

Allan Radway, our ATA Past President, shot great scores, including a 98 in handicap, 99 in doubles and several 100s in singles. He took home a few vet trophies.

It was good to see Doug Leong down in Arizona. Wind or clouds, Doug shot steady and was within a target or two of most trophies. Lewis (Blackjack) Lyman also continued his winning ways, especially on the money events.

In Alberta news, Neil Burbidge reports that Medicine Hat has launched an aggressive junior program, along with their regular league shooting, which is an outstanding success. The club has several coordinators for the junior program, has already bought some guns, and is looking forward to helping young shooters get introduced to the sport. Over time, with the right encouragement, some of these will become registered shooters. APTA continues to look at various ways to help new shooters and other league shooters make the step to ATA competition shooting.

Remember, the Alberta Provincial is right around the corner; make your holiday plans now to shoot all four days and take in all Calgary has to offer—which is a lot!

Club shooters, remember, there is a team event for juniors as per the provincial program; bring your best kids from the club and to the provincial and, at reduced target rates, win some trophies and mega status for the coaches. Bob Gruszecki and the AHEIA group have a wonderful program planned, so attend, have fun and try your hand at taking a portion of the $30,000 cash LeeAnn and Bill Martin have so generously contributed. Thank them personally, if you have the chance, at our provincial.

Thanks to Trevor Kuhn, who has provided us lanyards, T-shirts and shoot cards for promotion of our shoots this year. Check out all the latest on the Alberta trapshooting website courtesy of Trevor on

The provincial shoot program is now in circulation and online at To book a campsite, contact the Calgary Firearms Centre at 403-256-0665 or

If you have info you would like to appear in T&F, please let me know at

                Garry Hill

                ATA Delegate



Welcome to back to Arizona! While I was classifying at the Spring Grand, I was told story after story about the extreme cold back home. Dan from Minnesota told me it was -21º back home. According to the weather report on Allan’s phone, back home in Sundre, Alta., it was -28º with the wind chill. Jim showed me pictures from Butte, Mont., where there was 54 inches of snow at his buddy’s home.

Sad news to share with you about a pioneer in our sport: Robert (Bud) Decot has passed away. He was88 years young, from Phoenix, and he peacefully passed into the spirit world Feb. 10. Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., Bud was the founder of Decot Hy-Wyd Sport Glasses. He traveled the country for 65 years, providing the best shooting glasses under the sun and a positive outlook on life for sports enthusiasts. He is survived by daughters Susan Decot Collins of Reno, Nev., and Linda Paolini of Buffalo, N.Y.; 10 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by son Bob in 1994. Services were private. Donations may be made in Bud’s memory to the Arizona Youth Trapshooting Association in care of Tucson T&SC, 7800 W. Old Ajo Hwy., Tucson, AZ 85735.

It’s time to learn about “Who’s on my Squad?” again. In the next few remaining months of our trapshooting season, I will pass along a few stories about shooters’ lives and why they shoot trap in Arizona.

Steve Phelps lives in Cave Creek; he is from Vancouver, Wash., and has lived in Arizona for five years. He and his wonderful wife Cynthia have been married 19 years, and they have four sons and six grandchildren. Oldest son B. J. is a pastor in Pasco, Wash. Travis lives and works in Portland, Ore.; Nathan is getting his master’s degree in art in St. Louis., Mo.; and Brady, their youngest, is a former Marine and currently works for Tucson Electric Power. All the boys like to shoot, and Steve tries to get them out to Ben Avery for trapshooting when they are in town.

Steve graduated from Clackamas High (Oregon) in 1969 and played college basketball for two years at Eastern Oregon College in La Grande. Yes, Steve is tall! His height gives him a clear view of the targets as they leave the arm of the machine; this may explain his shooting success.

He has been employed for the last 38 years in the transportation industry and the last 26 in third-party logistics. Currently Steve is working for Greenway Transportation Services in Scottsdale. He moves all types of freight all over the world for his customers—the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Costco and Walgreens, just to name a few. It keeps him busy and well stocked in shotgun shells.

This is Steve’s fifth year shooting ATA targets, and he really enjoys it, although it can be frustrating at times. He is currently shooting a Krieghoff K-80 Plantation Gold. He reloads as much as he can but prefers to shoot factory loads when competing.

His first goal was to make it to the 27-yard line, and this year he did accomplish that. Now his goal is to stay there and improve his doubles game, which he enjoys but finds to be the most frustrating of the three disciplines. The highlight of his shooting career so far was winning the 25-26 handicap trophy in the 2011 Arizona state championship, and he hopes to capture many more. He considers it a real blessing to have discovered this sport and gained the great friendships he’s made with others.

Steve’s greatest life achievement was winning the battle against cancer. In 1998 he was diagnosed with Stage 4 clear cell carcinoma on both of his kidneys. In a span of five weeks, he underwent two major surgeries to remove half of his right kidney and all of his left kidney. All was good after that for about two years until the cancer came back again at Stage 4, with seven tumors in his left lung. Surgery again was called for, and he had the bottom lobe of the lung removed. Again all was well for about another year, when it was discovered that there were now two major tumors, Stage 4 again, on his left lung, and this time they were inoperable. He underwent six months of Interleukin 2 immune therapy, and he has been in remission now for almost 13 years. It has been a real battle, but Steve says God, a great family and a positive attitude helped him win.

News from ATA: AAA-27-AAA recognition has been added, for those meeting the requirements since the AAA class was established in the 2000 target year. The AAA-27-AAA recognition is a one-time achievement. Shooters will be presented a certificate and pin for this accomplishment.

Target requirements are: men and sub-veteran, 3,000 singles, 2,000 handicap and 1,000 doubles; Lady 1, junior and junior gold, 2,500 singles, 1,500 handicap and 750 doubles; and Lady II, sub-junior, veteran and senior veteran, 2,000 singles, 1,000 handicap and 500 doubles.

In 2002 Tim Robb achieved the distinction, and in 2004 Dick Newell reached AAA-27-AAA. If you believe you have met the requirements and are eligible for the distinction but are not listed, please contact the ATA office at or 618-449-2224. See for full details.

The 38th annual Spring Grand American at Tucson T&SC is in the record books. Many of Arizona’s finest took home trophies. Attendance was great, and we did have a little rain and wind but no snowstorms for the championship events.

The following shooters earned trophies during the the Pre-Spring Grand and/or Spring Grand: Sandra Luchetta, Michael Luchetta, Gerry Williams, Canyon Ferris (sub-junior 99 and a big punch), Karen Bergman, Vince Bianco, Gerry Williams (Spring Grand Handicap champion), Scott McClelland, Tim Robb, Gary Palese, Jim Sharp and Ed Hutchison.

I especially want to congratulate Mike and Kim Grady. While they are not Arizona residents, they shoot thousands of targets in Arizona. Kim got her career-first 100 in Wednesday’s handicap of the Spring Grand, and Mike ran the ’caps on Thursday of the Pre-Spring Grand. See the full reports of both shoots in this issue.

Arizona shoot dates and results are posted on ASTA’s website Coming up in July is the ATA Western Zone at Tucson, 17-20; Garden Canyon, 12-14; and Pleasant Valley, 25-27. In August, we have the 2-3 at Garden Canyon, the 10th at Tucson, and 29-31 at Pleasant Valley.

I can be reached at 520-907-1895 or

I want to remind everyone to know the ATA rules and shoot and live by them and really look at the ATA web page for the latest revisions. Keep the “wood on the wood,” and as Dan Northway from Montana tells me, “see the bird.”

                Richard Luckett

                ATA Delegate



Unseasonably warm weather here has us all ready to start shooting a little earlier than normal. April offers several opportunities to get your spring off to a flying start. Ogden is throwing two AIM shoots this month, on the fifth and the 19th. Come out and get the kids started in this great program. Vernal R&GC has their 12-13 shoot. Spanish Fork is scheduled for the 19th, and Kanab GC rounds out the month with a 25-27 offering. Take advantage of these early-season targets and great spring weather.

The advertising campaign has kicked off for the Utah State Shoot. Talk with your USTA officers or see the USTA website for details. This year’s looks to be one of the most economical shoots on the calendar. Thanks to the generous contribution from Bill and LeeAnn Martin, all shooters will enjoy discounted target prices along with substantial added money. USTA officers and gun club officials are working on an excellent trophy package. Make plans to shoot the whole program.

I also wanted to thank Leslie Bodily for the excellent job she has done as USTA treasurer over the past two years. Leslie inherited a difficult situation and has handled the position extremely well. Her meticulous work has set the USTA on a course that will benefit Utah shooters for many years to come. Leslie and husband Justin are expecting a new baby in April, and we send them our congratulations and best wishes. Jenny Taylor will be the new temporary treasurer beginning April 1.

As always, if would like to see something in print or have a question, please e-mail me at I look forward to seeing you at a shoot.

Quint Sudbury

ATA Delegate



Following is a revised roster of the WSTA state teams as listed in the February issue.

Men’s—Bodie Johnson, .9571; John Kelly, .9400; Ed Smith Jr., .9428; Troy Ellis, .9362; Chad Frericks, .9326. Women’s—Tanie Heitz, .8796; Lorna Maasberg, .8745; Barbara Hodgson, .8473; Beth Willey, .8066. Junior—Hardy Musselman, .9543; Cole Jackson, .9354; Denton Skogen, .9075; Wyatt Jackson, .9072. Sub-junior—Haley Musselman, .8625; Tyler Thompson, .8562; Garrett Steele, .8236. Sub-veteran—Dave McNally, .9401; Jeff Danielson, .9285; Paul Good, .9106; David Banks, .8975. Veteran—James Butler, .9484; Robert Maasberg, .9372; Harv Fridley, .9291; Steve Weinberger, .9038; Albert Gastelum, .9037. Senior vet—Ed Smith Sr., .9125; Ray Killion, .9014; Jerry Schilling, .8967; John R. Cook, .8939.

Congratulations to the state team members as well as to Wyoming’s 2014 ATA All-Americans: Musselman, junior first; Jackson, junior second; McNally, sub-veteran second; and Butler, veteran first.

Phil Kiner

ATA Delegate


Central Zone


As I write this report, it is late February, and it appears there is no end to the extreme cold and snow. The Illinois State Shoot is just around the corner. In a previous report I discussed a couple of events your directors have added to make this shoot even more exciting. I neglected to mention a miss-and-out shoot on Wednesday, June 11. Dennis Baker (southern zone director) and his son Matt of Baker Lead Reclamation will sponsor this event. They will provide $1,000 added money. There is a $10 buy-in, and $5 from each entry will be added to this purse. For more information, check Page 14 of your program. Also, if you check the program, you will find close to $18,000 added money this year. Try to attend. This is going to be a fun state shoot.

The ISTA Board of Directors will be discussing rules for state team selection. If you have any thoughts on this subject, please contact me or your zone director. An example of things open to discussion would be the qualifications for consideration. Some states have the shooters apply to the Delegate for consideration, and they could declare category on the application. This would eliminate some of the confusion that has occurred with the additional categories. Another might be a vet who does not qualify for the category team, yet his composite average would place him on the 10-man men’s team. Would a 16-year-old female be eligible for either the junior team or Lady I? Let me know some ideas to improve the process. Hopefully I will see you at a gun club soon.

As always, contact me with any newsworthy items of interest or any questions or concerns pertaining to our sport. I can be reached at 903 Center St., Mazon, IL 60444;; 815-448-5120 (home); or 815-735-2974 (cell).

Jim Matteson

ATA Delegate



I hope everyone weathered the winter well and is getting ready to shoot some registered targets. Here in Indiana it is starting to warm up enough so we can get out and shoot.

Indian Creek SC in Georgetown will have a doubles marathon April 12. This is a fun way to get some doubles registered, and as the old saying goes, “You can have twice the fun in half the time.”

Now is also a good time to volunteer at your local club. I am sure our local clubs could use our help, as they are getting ready for a new shooting year. Even if it is just setting targets, club managers really appreciate the help. Also support your local clubs by shooting there.

I am really looking forward to the Indiana State Shoot. White Flyer targets with Pat-Traps should give us some outstanding targets. I hope everyone can come and enjoy one of the best state shoots there is July 8-13 at the Indiana homegrounds in Fortville.

You can reach me at

                Roland King

                ATA Delegate



Greetings from Iowa!

As many of you know, we have a new trap range near Denison. The Crawford County SSA began construction with the help of the Crawford Co. Pheasants Forever chapter. Grants from the Iowa DNR and generous donations from area residents made it all possible. The range currently has three trapfields as well as pistol and long-range rifle facilities. They are host to the area high school trap teams and are open to the public. They are located at 2271 300th St., which is approximately three miles east of Denison on Highway 30 and north a short distance. For details, go to

Many of you will be happy to hear the ISTA Board of Directors voted to return to the six-day format for the 2014 Iowa State Shoot. The high-over-all will begin on Wednesday. For questions or to arrange camping, contact Deb Oelmann at or 319-239-3086.

Congratulations to the members of the 2013 Elite Team—Dale Stockdale, Mike Bright, Dean Bright, Michael Yoder, Kevin Hartwig, Gary Lynn Stille, Jeff Walters, Phil Thyer, Louis Segebart, Rick Kalsow, Jerry Pierce and Steve Winkey. This team is comprised of the top 12 shooters, regardless of category, who complete the target and application requirements. Congratulations also go to the following category team members: women’s—Shelly Heitner, Beverly Dominacki, Kathleen Johnson; sub-junior—Hunter Eserhaut, Luke Erickson, Austin Haas; veteran—Darwin Stock, Steve Maltzahn; senior veteran—Gary Ludwig, Walter Dominacki, Dennis Bigelow. Formal recognition will be following the Doubles Championship July 25 at the state shoot.

Stockdale GC is going to be a Central Zone host site this year as a warm-up to the Grand. Dates are Aug. 1-3, so make plans now to attend.

Just a reminder, the ISTA will be hosting the state high school tournament Friday, May 31 followed by the SCTP state tournament on Saturday and Sunday at the homegrounds in Cedar Falls. If you are in the area, stop by!

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or ideas for future articles, please contact me at 641-425-1588 or

Think spring and shoot straight!

Lori Wickman

ATA Delegate



Winter has a death grip on Minnesota, with the trapline under four to six feet of snow after last week’s storm. Buffalo GC had to call in the heavy equipment, along with member Keith Koosman, to clear the fields. Thanks, Keith! The snow level is now 30 inches. Snowbanks at roads’ edge are now over 15 feet in some places. The groundhog that claims spring was six weeks away have been put on alert—they are now in hiding!

Meanwhile, the Spring Grand is just about to start in Tucson, Ariz., as I write this, and many Minnesota snowbirds will be in attendance. Good luck, shooters; bring home trophies and warm weather!

Minneapolis, Del-Tone/Luth, Beaverbrook and Buffalo gun clubs are still holding jackpot shoots. Brave souls are venturing out in miserable weather to attend. Zack Warweg recently visited Minneapolis and Buffalo and won honors at both. The last couple of weeks have found him, Mark Cameron and “Jimmy Bowen” in the money at Minneapolis GC. Del-Tone/Luth’s recent winners include Ed Dietz, Ray Steffenson, Troy Smith, Tom Zitur and Bob Smith. Buffalo has a race between Ken Norman, Chuck Eckstein, Maxwell Hartman and Wally Shelstad for top honors. Please support these clubs; staying open in the winter is an expensive choice. Customer support helps with year-round costs.

There has been another class added for NRA Level 1 Shotgun Coach training April 5-6. The class will be in Buffalo. Sally and I have trained nearly 50 coaches in the last three weeks, with more than 50 more currently signed up for March and April. As of this writing, only a few spots remain for the April class, so hurry! E-mail for a spot. The class is 16 hours long, and cost is $125.

The 2014 Minnesota shoot date calendar is posted on the MTA official website The state shoot will be July 7-14 at Alexandria SP. More and more people are telling me they are coming this year. It should be a great time.

It doesn’t seem like trap season is just around the corner, but it is. Get out and support your local clubs. Take a kid or two with you. As they say, “Teach your kid to hunt, and you will never have to hunt for your kid!” Let them live the dream, too!

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time at or 612-703-6155.

Mark Stevens

ATA Delegate



State shoot update: we once again will have a full agenda for your enjoyment. President Sara Dean and the board have tried to make this the best in the ATA.

We will be doing the shot raffle; see your local clubs for tickets. The drawing will be held during the Cardinal Classic. We will have a chance to win a golf cart and trailer, a John Deere Gator, and added money supplied by our most generous patrons. All details will be in your program.

As a reminder to all class winners and ties from the 2013 Ohio State Shoot, starting with Event 4: you must notify classification of your bump to the next higher class. This is the shooter’s responsibility and will be so noted in the program.

Your state shoot has arranged for your enjoyment some shooting opportunities that many envy. Our Champion of Champions program and club championships, as well as our state zone shoots, are great opportunities to qualify for zone trophies, as well as zone team awards for the singles and doubles events during the Ohio State Shoot. The zone sites are listed on the OSTA website. Dates are May 17-18. Also check your local clubs for the Champion of Champions and club championships dates.

Make sure to support your local clubs in these endeavors. Your participation will be greatly appreciated.

We in the northeastern zone are very fortunate, as we have many options to attend different venues. I for one try to encourage our locals to attend as many as possible to sample different operations. Be objective and offer encouragement to the staff and management. By doing this, we will grow our sport and make it more enjoyable.

As always, do not hesitate to contact your OSTA officers, zone directors and ATA Delegates. We are here to serve. Shoot well; shoot often!

Next time you see Noreen Snively, our state secretary, thank her for the time and commitment she allots to her responsibilities; they are many.

Charley Steving

ATA Alternate ATA Delegate


South Dakota

After the winter meeting of the state association, the Hall of Fame committee elected three individuals for induction into the South Dakota Trapshooting Hall of Fame: Tim Reed and Todd Hanson as shooters and Truman Nelson on the contributors’ side.

Tim has amassed six singles, one handicap, three doubles and four all-around state titles. Todd has captured two singles, two handicap, one doubles and four all-around state championships. Todd also won the Preliminary Handicap at the Grand in 2007. Both shooters have earned a host of other awards, both at the state level and at Satellite Grands and the Grand American.

Truman has won his share of awards but has spent many years serving the shooters of our state. He was state Delegate for 11 years and was at the helm for four years as state association president.

All three shooters will be inducted at our state shoot in Aberdeen this year on Sunday at the state meeting. Congratulations to all three men!

Mount Marty College in Yankton will be starting a collegiate trapshooting team this spring. Shooting will be on Wednesdays to start, and they expect to have 20 to 25 shooters to begin with. For more info on this exciting development, you can contact one of our newest residents, Rick Kalsow, at 712-330-7775.

The state shoot in Aberdeen runs from July 15-20. If you need any info, you can contact Jerry Brick at 605-225-6383, or get in touch with me at 605-336-7285 or

Remember to bring someone new to the gun club next time you go.

Bob Felber

ATA Delegate


Eastern Zone


By the time you are reading this, winter will be behind us, and you will be enjoying shooting in warmer weather. Let me start by congratulating Connecticut Hall of Fame inductee Theresa Bellerive for making the 2014 All-American Lady I team and to Joe Wheeler for his induction into the Connecticut Hall of Fame this past March. Honored at the banquet also were CTA treasurer Fred Farber, North Atlantic Sportsman and Bristol F&G. Host club Bristol F&G and HofF chairman Ed Hale did a great job again this year.

I would like to spotlight one of the CTA’s member clubs. The Fin Fur & Feather is located on 300 acres in rural eastern Connecticut in the town of Chaplin. The club was founded in 1947 and has all types of shooting sports facilities, which include eight skeet fields, four trapfields, archery, sporting clays and 5-stand. The club has 200-yard rifle and 50-yard pistol ranges. Shooting is available 365 days a year. The club also offers hunting and fishing. Three trout ponds are stocked each spring. The club stocks more than 1,700 pheasants on club land as well as 1,100 leased acres. The club is currently accepting new members. For membership information, visit The Fin will host an ATA shoot on May 18, so mark your calendars and don’t miss this one.

Delegate Bob Hruskocy and Delegate Dan Gutt put on a great shoot. Bristol F&G will kick off the season April 5, followed by Hartford GC May 4. The program book is headed for the printer at the time of this writing; thanks to Bob for all his hard work in preparing it.

Be sure to visit for important information about events and goings-on in Connecticut. The June 20-22 state shoot is fast approaching. is highly recommended. Don’t miss out on tickets!

See you out on the line.

Rich Latouf

ATA Delegate


New Jersey

As I write this on Feb. 24, that four-letter word is still in the forecast here in the Garden State. We in the Northeast are not alone; the entire country has continued to be hammered by bad weather throughout February.

At the Feb. 8 Ice Breaker Shoot at Groundswipers in Lacey Township, Bob Long was high with a 97. Temperatures were in the 30s. As usual, the après food included chili, turkey sandwiches, chicken soup, bagels and coffee.

The Polar Bear Shoot was held Feb. 16 at Pine Belt SC in Shamong. Cashier Keith Stevenson reported that the weather was bitter cold. Jeff Whalen captured the win with a 95.

This is a reminder to all shooters that the various clubs you belong to desperately need dues to be paid. During winter, turnout is usually lower than the rest of the year. Throw on low temperatures, snow, ice and rain, and attendance is really impacted. Clubs still have rent/taxes to pay; utilities, especially heating costs; snow/ice removal all adds up; and with no targets being thrown, income from yearly dues helps pay the bills. So please send in your check if you haven’t already; the clubs will surely appreciate it.

Len Fennimore reports that the 49th Cricket will be held this year on April 26, starting at Pine Belt for breakfast, moving to Pine Valley for lunch, and following the third 100 at Wilmington TA in Delaware, the trophy presentations and dinner will be at the Embassy Suites in Newark, Del. As usual, the Powder Shoot will be on Sunday at the WTA. Shooters who competed last year should have received paperwork in the mail. New shooters interested in competing can contact Len at or me for more information.

This year the ATA is again raffling an E-Z-GO golf cart to replenish the Gun Club Fund. Rudy Torlini and I have tickets, so let us know if you want us to save one for you. They are $20 each, and only a limited number will be sold.

The annual Quarter Grand will be at Pine Valley in Pine Hill April 12-13.

Monthly registered shooting resumed at Howell TC in March. They throw registered targets on the second and third Sundays monthly, ending in November.

I’m happy to report that the second inductee to the New Jersey Hall of Fame for 2014 is Robert Malmstedt. The ceremony will be May 31 at Pine Belt. Since Bob started shooting registered targets in 1987, he’s shot at 106,450 singles, 83,400 handicap and 77,300 doubles targets [as of press time—Ed.]. I’ve seen Bob progress in trapshooting over the years. My highlight about him was seeing him win the 2011 Clay Target Championship. He was leadoff in the last round of the shootoff. Bob was on Post 1 for his last five targets; his opponent had missed one late in the round. Still straight, Bob smoked his last target and paused with the gun on his shoulder, realizing what he had just accomplished. It was thrilling for me to witness. For Bob’s complete biography, go to to see the electronic version of the 2014 state program. As I write this, the program has been printed and will be available at your local gun club when you read this article.

Because the southern zone occurs May 2-4 at Pine Valley, I’m reminding you in this April issue. Remember, if you want to be a contender for a place on the south team at the state shoot in May, you’ll need to shoot on Saturday of the southern zone. Also, we’ll be having a telephonic shoot May 3-4 at North Jersey CTC in Fairfield. They’ll be competing with the south Jersey shooters for open trophies. Please make an effort to come out and support both clubs and the state association. Rudy Torlini has again put together a great assortment of trophies you’ll be proud to wear and display.

If you have a question or an idea for an article, please contact me at 732-546-7910 or

Joe Sissano

                ATA Delegate


New York

Hello to all of my trapshooting friends from New York and other states. Now that spring has arrived, I hope everyone is ready to get into full swing and start to shoot some registered targets. I know I am. It has been a long and cold winter.

Some of our shooters did well at the Florida Hall of Fame Shoot in January. Winners included Jack Wilcox, George Xanthaky and Keith Welch. Earning trophies during the Dixie Grand American were Bruce Meyers, Suzanne Barney, James F. Wright, James Strickland, Collin Preston, David Clary, James Decker, Frances Mitchell, Wayne Ernst, Keith Welch, Michael Fitzgerald, Samuel Astuto, Joseph Macewicz and Viki Hatch. All trophy winners can be viewed on Bob Stuart’s webpage and in Trap & Field Magazine. Great shooting, everyone.

Remember to mark your calendars for the shoot dates at our homegrounds in Cicero. The Empire Grand American will be May 7-11. The state shoot is July 8-13, and the Eastern Zone Shoot is July 23-27. The last shoot of the calendar year will be the Northeastern Grand American Sept. 9-14.

Our official state shoot program will be coming out in the near future. There has been a change from last year. The class doubles will be shot on Thursday; it will be 100 pair, along with 100 singles and 100 handicap for the day. On Friday the events will be 100 handicap and 100 singles. On the weekend, the Singles Championship will be on Saturday, and the Doubles and Handicap Championships will be Sunday. There will not be 300 targets on Sunday.

Once again Beikirch Ammunition Corp. from East Rochester has donated a Beretta SV10 PREVAL Competition over-and-under shotgun to be shot off for on Friday. Anyone who competes and completes shooting in Friday’s Beikirch Handicap will be eligible for the drawing of two numbers from zero to nine. If your score ends in one of the two numbers drawn, you will be eligible for the shootoff after the singles event. All target requirements must be met to be eligible. Those shooting for targets only are not eligible.

A very big thank you to Hans and Beikirch Ammunition Corp. for the donation. To speed up Sunday, the awards ceremony for the state teams and high averages plus the Hall of Fame presentation will take place on Saturday after the singles. It normally takes about 45 minutes to figure out the shootoffs after the Singles Championship, and while this is being done, the awards ceremony will take place. Two fine shooters will be inducted: Urban Womer and David Proper. Both of these gentlemen are very deserving.

I hope to see you all soon.

                Brian Whalen

                ATA Delegate



Greetings from Ontario, Canada.

Elsewhere in this edition of Trap & Field, you will find details of how Americans can bring non-restricted firearms into Canada (i.e., long guns such as rifles and shotguns). I hope the information provided will help, and you will visit a club or clubs in Canada in the near future.

At the time that I write this article, the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, have just concluded. In my opinion, it will be hard for any country to surpass the Sochi experience, from opening to closing ceremonies and everything in between.

The Olympics is always a showcase of individual and team talent and competitive spirit. These are the “Athletes’ Games” and as IOC president Thomas Bach observed, Sochi had undergone an “amazing transformation” from somewhere that looked like a “Stalinist-style sanatorium city” in the mid 1990s to an Olympic host city with state-of-the-art venues. The IOC zero tolerance on doping seems to be working. Although firearms are used in the biathlon events, biathlon is not a shooting event, but rather a skiing event. There were more than 2,800 athletes from 88 countries—both new records—and featured 12 new events. I know I got very little sleep, as live coverage of the events was captivating. The nine-hour time difference meant that an event taking place at 2 p.m. Sochi time (for instance) could be watched at 5 a.m. Eastern time.

As with any sporting event, even ATA, there are winners and losers. Tiger Woods once commented that second place is the “first loser,” but the Olympic creed strikes me as a more important message: “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well.”

Kudos to all Olympians from all participating countries. You make your countries proud through your effort, your sacrifice, your pursuit of excellence—to win a medal is only icing on the cake.

Since the inception of the modern Olympics (Summer Games) of 1896, look at the conflicts that have engaged so many millions of people on the battlefields of the world. Bitter enemies in wartime become the best of friends in time, and sometimes vice versa. So many lives lost and families destroyed. Some things may never change, but to me it is important seeing the athletes of the world engaged on the playing fields of the world. Many of these young people will become future political leaders of their respective countries. Just interacting in sport with athletes of other nations cannot help but give an appreciation and tolerance for other nations. Surely it is harder for someone to push the doomsday button if you know and respect someone on the receiving end. There are exceptions to all of this, of course—Hitler’s Germany hosted the 1936 Olympic Games (both summer in Berlin and winter 1936 in Garmisch–Partenkirchen), yet inside of three years, Poland was invaded, being the “last straw” that erupted in the second World War.

Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 brought the U.S. into the war on two fronts (Europe and the Pacific), yet in 1964 Japan hosted the summer Olympics. The Cold War between the Eastern Bloc and the West came close to a global holocaust with the Cuban crisis in the early ’60s, yet Moscow was the host for the 1980 summer games (boycotted by the West over Afghanistan) and tit for tat, the Los Angeles Olympics of 1984 was boycotted by the Eastern Bloc.

The Olympic dream has not faded throughout all of this. Has it contributed to a better world? You be the judge.

By the way, on July 18, a few short months from now, will be the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War (later known as World War I). This war raged for four long years and pitted Germany and Austria-Hungary against the Allies of the United Kingdom, France and the Russian Empire. Few expected that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary (on June 28, 1914) would trigger ultimatums, aggression and the honoring of international alliances. Canada was at the time part of the British Empire and was brought into the war immediately. Some argue (I believe meritoriously) that Canada came of age as a result of the sacrifice by so many and the major victories accomplished, such as the taking of the “high ground”—Vimy Ridge on April 9, 1917. The U.S. was officially neutral until April 6, 1917, when it entered the conflict and contributed significantly to the war effort. This leads me to questions you can answer for yourself:

Is it better to have armed hostile nations attacking their neighbors with apparent impunity because they believe there is no nation prepared and capable of challenging them, or is it better to be the undisputed world military leader—not as an instigator, but as a deterrent to rogue military aggression?

Was the Cold War between the Eastern Bloc and the West—the so-called “stalemate”—not better than the alternative?

Is a vibrant economy not important to military superiority or even sustainability? If so, is the West’s economy not eroding at a perilous rate with outsourcing and an apparent reluctance to embrace the capitalist principles our two countries were founded upon? (If you get a chance, read The Walmart Effect by Charles Fishman. It was first published in 2005 but discusses whether the cheaper product prices resulting from outsourcing American jobs is a net advantage or disadvantage. Decide for yourself.)

Now that the “sleeping giant” has been awakened and is flourishing with our complicity, how long will it take for it to become the undisputed world military power? Will it employ even-handed deterrence and foster world stability? Not likely!

Does anybody who has the power and influence to reverse this slippery slope even care?

What, if anything, can any of us do other than watch as the society so many of us take for granted erodes before our eyes?

Can international sport and the Olympic movement, although “non-political,” nevertheless be a catalyst for dialogue, moderation and mutual respect?

Will our children and grandchildren be better off than we are?

Just a few things you may want to ponder as you are crushing clays.

Paul Shaw

ATA Delegate



Congratulations to our 2014 state team members. In addition, Frank Pascoe and Debbie Ohye-Neilson were named captains of the sub-vet and Lady I All-American teams. Visit for additional information about the 2014 state team members.

Men’s first—captain Frank Pascoe, .9578; John Manetta II, .9549; Joel Etchen, .9542; Joseph N. Recla, .9538; Kenneth Darroch, .9516; Adam Krzyzanowski, .9501; Glenn Lash, .9453; Cody A. Davis, .9431; Steven Huber, .9414; Larry Shade, .9412. Men’s secondDonald Schaffer Jr., .9408; Ian Darroch, .9402; Andrew Zborovsky Jr., .9397; Brandon Deal, .9356; Donald Neilson Jr., .9332; Stephen Ollock, .9330; Charles Loomis, .9294; William Natcher, .9234; Glenn Kelly, .9207; Dennis Cacciola, .9197. Women’s first—captain Deborah Ohye-Neilson, .9575; Lisa Long, .9105; Susan Owens, .9065; Bethany Breighner, .9004; Belinda Pascoe, .8964; Robyn Bird, .8935; Irene Patterson, .8916; Donna Natcher, .8911; KayLynn Hamilton, .8902; Linda Loughran, .8900. Women’s second—Kate Schmidt, .8822; Genevieve Davis, .8786; Diane Arner Motzkus, .8721; Peggy Carney, .8658; Michelle Shaffer, .8560. Junior/sub-junior first—captain Ian Recla, .9420; Ian Fleming, .9312; Eric Uhl, .9236; Casey Inks, .8977; Christian Koerbler, .8775. Junior/sub-junior second—Danielle Green, .8610; Aaron Hower, .8421; Michael Chase Over, .7478. Veteran first—captain Curtis Paul, .9495; Emerson Bornman Jr., .9249; William Hazlett, .9160; Wayne Shadel, .9083; Regis Hess, .9079; Joe Mizikowski and Michael Loughran, .9061; John DiFabio, .9057; Steven Fitch, .9044; John Cashman, .9035. Veteran second—Leroy Cook, .9015; Michael Acierno, .9000; William Walsh, .8997; Luigi Liberato, .8991; Cecil Castle, .8989. Senior vet first—captain Wilbur Ruhl, .9365; John Allem, .9339; Sheldon Hostetter, .9330; John Minjock, .9239; Bruce Malone, .9216; James L. Blevins, .9143; Bert Schoonover, .9117; Mike Poore, .9083; Larry Gladhill, .9065; Ralph Challingsworth, .9007. Senior vet second—Philip A. Criado, .9006; Stanley Borascius, .8973; Jack Kostkas, .8967; Robert Reese, .8967; Charley Herman, .8955.

The following are first time state team members, two of which are also captains: Debbie Ohye-Neilson, Curtis Paul, Linda Loughran, Peggy Carney, Bert Schoonover, Wayne Shadel, Joe Mizikowski, Michael Loughran, Charles Loomis, John Cashman, Michael Acierno, William Walsh, William Koerbler, Danielle Green, Aaron Hower and Michael Chase Over. Best wishes for their continued success.

The late Stephen Ollock, Ken Darroch and Emerson Bornman have been selected to the men’s all-state team for the 23rd time, which is a state record. The ladies’ record for state team honors is held by Hall of Famer Anna Mae Eberle, who has been named to a state-record 36 all-state teams.

The 2015 all-state target requirements are as follows: men’s: 2,500 singles, 2,000 handicap and 1,500 doubles; category: 2,000 singles, 1,000 handicap and 1,000 doubles. Registered league targets are not used to fulfill those requirements; also, you must shoot the all-around at the 2014 state shoot.

Tickets are still available for the E-Z-GO golf cart raffle; please contact me to purchase a ticket. As always, please report any milestones or accomplishments for mention in future articles. I can be reached at

Glenn Lash

ATA Delegate


Southern Zone


North Alabama has benefited from a few warm days this past week, and they sure were welcome. I hope everyone had a chance to get outside for a bit of yard work or, better still, to shoot a few clays.

North Alabama and the Huntsville/Madison area received great news this past week. Remington Arms will open a manufacturing plant here, which will be housed in a very large building that was a Chrysler plant at one time. The plant is on the north side of Madison, near the Huntsville airport. Specifics have not been released on the products to be manufactured; however, it has been said that current and new types of firearms will be made there.

Plans for this year’s state shoot are moving along well, with sponsors and advertisers being lined up rapidly. If anyone has a suggestion on potential sponsors/advertisers, please contact me or any of the state association officers. We are working on finding a title sponsor that we could depend on for support in the future.

The featured club for this month’s article is Waterfall Valley. This small club, located 10 miles west of Tuscumbia and 10 miles northeast of Russellville, has been active for a number of years. The club has two trapfields with Pat-Traps and voice releases. Both fields are lighted. The club is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 1 p.m. until all comers are finished shooting. Registered events are held the second Sunday monthly from March through November. Registration begins at 9 a.m. for registered events. Big 50 events are sometimes offered, and a limited amount of supplies and ammunition is available. The club is operated by Horace Hester, and he can be contacted at 256-810-6553 for directions or further information.

Keep your head down.

Larry Sexton

ATA Delegate



Recently Ray Walden received his 25,000 pin for ATA singles, and Raymond N. Lee received his 100K pin for doubles.

We had a very good showing at the Dixie Grand, and they performed exceptionally well amongst the stiffest registered competition. Congratulations to all our trophy winners: Mark Zauhar, Mark Simkins, Jim Godez, Dale Rasmussen, Richard Ford, James Petruzzi, Tate Turner, Gene Darnell, Victoria Argenti, William Ohrt, Marilyn Lehrfeld, Jay Bunn, Pedro Abrantes, Kay Ohye, Jack Schumpert, Edward Medley, Guy Long, Jake Jacobs, Ruth Flayderman, Peter Harllee Jr., Justin King, Matthew McBride, Jess Crofoot, Billy Osceola, Ron Ward, Andrew Loitz, Donald Kerce, Morris Stinebring, Alex Riera, Gregory Hohman, Michael Smetanka, Matthew Debord, Marcos Vidal, Zachary Taylor, Skipper Wright, Harry Franklin and William Bezubiak.

Our Florida trapshooters won a total of 76 Dixie Grand trophies, or 17% of the trophies on the program. There were 169 Florida trapshooters classified (which was 28% of the trapshooters from the Southern Zone), and 22% of those won a trophy. A total of 603 shooters were registered in the tournament.

Our big Florida shoots are finished for this target year. Shooting registered targets in the state is still available, whether it be a registered weekend day or a Big 50 shoot. Take a look at the Florida shoot card for dates. The South Florida Shooting Grounds near Palm City was late in selecting dates, so you can check out for their schedule. Others that have scheduled dates include Silver Dollar, Sarasota, Robinson Ranch, CCC Miami, Markham Park, Flagler, Gator, Gulf, Volusia Co., Indian River, Tallahassee and Imperial Polk Co. You can find the Florida shoot card on

If you have any trapshooting news or information, just contact me at or 321-427-6553.

                Larry Grenevicki

                ATA Delegate



Attendance at the Dixie Grand was pretty good, considering the weather conditions. Several Kentucky shooters took home trophies: Henry Winn, Justin Johnson, Bobby Fowler, Reid Winn,William Burgess, Jack Tom Phipps, John Greer, Joe Hill, Doug Cox, Mitchell Miller and Larry Williamson. Congratulations to all of you!

The KTL has a good state shoot planned. This year all targets thrown from Wednesday to Sunday will carry All-American points. This means a lot of added awards given at an already great site.

A big thanks goes out to Aaron Willoughby for taking over our website from longtime administrator David King. David, thanks for the job you did for us. Check out for the folks who made the state and All-American teams. Congratulations to you all.

May God bless you with good health and many broken targets.

Terry Dean

                ATA Delegate



Winter continues to hang on here in Mississippi. While we have not had the amounts of snow, ice and very low temperatures that our northern counterparts have had, we have had our share. It seems the temperatures have been well below average, with most weather stations reporting this being among the top 10 coldest winters on record. We have had a few snow and ice storms; oddly enough, the majority of them were in the southern half of the state. Precipitation has been frequent, which means that the skies have been cloudy, reducing target visibility significantly against our backgrounds. Generally the mixed vegetation backgrounds we shoot against require lots of light to illuminate the targets.

All this being said, we have still had shooters venturing out to register targets. Coastal R&P, located along the I-10 corridor in south Mississippi, remains one of most active clubs, if not our the most active. Thank you, guys, for all you are doing to support trapshooting in Mississippi.

Under the direction of trap chairman Jerry Tharp, Capitol GC has recently begun a Big 50 program. Shooters can go out on Thursdays and register ATA targets. It is a little early to tell how successful it will be, but so far so good.

The club has recently installed new Pat-Traps in four of its five fields. The other field has a Pat that is less than two years old. All of the machines are hooked up, wired in and ready to go. It would appear that the club will be in good mechanical condition to host our state shoot May 23-25. It will again be presented by the National Aviation Academy, and we are appreciative for their support. The club will be open for registration and practice Thursday afternoon, May 22. A total of 700 program targets will be thrown over the club’s five fields, on the following schedule: 300 Friday (100 doubles, 100 singles and 100 handicap), the 200 championship singles Saturday, and 100 championship doubles followed by 100 championship handicap on Sunday. We will again be providing food for shooters each day. All added money and trophies for the preliminary events will be open. The championship events will feature trophies and added money for both open and resident shooters.

Please go to for squadding information. With only five traps, space may be limited; therefore, we encourage pre-squadding to ensure a spot.

Please see our full-page ad in this edition of Trap & Field and information on

Let’s all get out and support our local clubs and shoot targets.

                Will McCarty

                ATA Alternate Delegate


North Carolina

I hope you will have time to shoot with us at the N.C. Homegrounds for the annual Dogwood Open April 24-27. It is our first homegrounds shoot this year and should be a fun event. I expect everyone is ready to get out and break some targets under warm Carolina blue skies. Come on over to Bostic and check out the new vendor area, grounds landscaping and maintenance building.

Over this year’s awful winter months, Gastonia and Buckhorn clubs hosted several shoots. Old Hickory Rocky Mount, Ft. Bragg and Coharie SL joined them in March, with Buncombe, Rockingham and Charlie Brown starting in April. The high-country shoots will start at Watauga when things thaw out in May. The weather is getting better, and all our clubs are holding or are planning to hold registered shoots. Dust off the trapgun and plan to shoot at some of our great N.C. clubs. All clubs are putting on some good shoots and can use our continued support. Check the shoot calendar on and for Big 50 and other N.C. registered shoot dates.

Several N.C. shooters attended the Southern Grand at the Silver Dollar SC near Tampa and the Southwestern Grand in San Antonio this year. I will report on successes next time.

Remember to visit and for N.C. shooting information. You may also want to check out the tarheeltrap trapshooting chat room. If you have any information you would like to see in this article, please send it to me. I can be reached at or 336-674-8655.

Terry Roush

ATA President


South Carolina

This is a really good news edition. First, here are the members of the 2013 state team:

First team—captain Kenny Inman, Donny Pigg, Neil Alexander, Gary Olson, Doug Stenback. Second team—Rodney Raines, Gary Hamrick, Logan McAllister, Russ Middleton, Ron Thompson. Category—Teresa Knight, Lady II; Spencer Power, sub-junior; Joe Rodgers, sub-vet; Dicky Pigg, veteran; Jim Faber, senior vet.

Most targets shot was by Ron Thompson, 15,050. Congrats to all; shoot great scores in 2014.

Ron Burdick has come up with some donations that will sweeten our state shoot this year. Billy Griffin has given $1,000, which will allow us to have a two-number draw after Friday’s handicap for a shootoff with prizes of $500, $300 and $200. Thank you, Billy. Next, Ron received $1,000 from Russ and Ann Adams, which will allow us to have the same program after Thursday’s handicap. Thank you, Russ and Ann. So far we have $300 committed for Wednesday, so hopefully we can have an extra program that day as well. With the two definite added events for a total of $2,000 plus our famous free fish dinner, it should be a slam dunk that you’ll attend our state shoot May 14-18.

A bunch of South Carolina shooters are squadded and have motel rooms for the Georgia State Shoot; hope to see you there.

Check out our new website Mac Baughman did the coordination on this project. Mac stayed with the project through all the difficulties. Take a look; it’s a really nice site. Any of our state gun clubs can add info on the site; coordinate that with Jack Schaub.

Let me know if you have any information for this column at

Jim Faber

                ATA Delegate



We are saddened by the February death of Mark Payne. The 40-year-old head coach of trap and skeet at Martin Methodist University died from complications of a stroke. Mark previously served as coach of the Giles Co. 4-H trap team. He is survived by wife Darby, former state AIM director, and three sons: Trent, current sub-junior All-American, Reese and Grant. Our condolences to the family.

February was a good month for the shooters of Tennessee, with Beretta announcing plans to build a $45 million plant at Gallatin, creating 300 jobs.

Recent winners at the Dixie Grand in Florida were Wes Nesbitt, Amy Dement, KJD Davis, Trent Payne, Mikayla Dickson and Dillon Tosh.

The 2014 AIM annual teams were recently announced, with the following from Tennessee: All-Stars: Makayla Boisseau, sub-junior; All-Zone: Andrew Krick, junior; Colton Kirby, junior; Thomas Lochridge, junior; and Wes Nesbitt, sub-junior; All-State: Blake Carnell, junior; Hunter Freeman, junior; Jacob Beshires, junior; Jon Tucker, junior; Ryan Minchey, junior; Chad Payne Jr., pre-sub; Hunter Harwell, pre-sub; Brandon White, sub-junior; Jeffrey McEarl, sub-junior; Charles Teeples, sub-junior; Jordon Osborne, sub-junior; Timothy Whitlock, sub-junior; and William Bishop, senior. Congratulations to all.

The Southwestern Grand is April 8-13 at San Antonio, Texas. If you do not want to travel that far, Hog Heaven’s Spring Shoot is April 9-13 at White Pine.

At our February board of directors meeting, we voted to award resident, open and non-resident trophies Friday through Sunday of our state shoot. If you are chasing All-American points, the place to be is Nashville, with 316 total trophies.

Thanks to the generous offer of an anonymous group, all junior and sub-junior shooters (both resident and non-resident) can shoot the entire state shoot, starting Thursday, for half price. You will be responsible for your own daily fees and $15 for your half of the targets. What a deal!

The AIM State Shoot will be June 10-11. The state shoot will be June 12-15 at the Tennessee CTC in Nashville.

Check out our website at for more info. For questions or further information, contact me at or 731-217-9957.

Billy Cook

ATA Delegate



Congratulations go to Glen Funkhouser for his selection to the Virginia Trapshooting Hall of Fame. Glen is a tremendous competitor who’s won about every title in the state, most of them multiple times. He serves on the board of the Winchester GC and is an instructor, helping to bring up a new generation of shooters. His induction is well deserved.

Glen’s induction will be during the Hall of Fame Shoot May 3-4. Remember, there are target minimums for the shoot, and there’s still time to get birds in before it, as many of the clubs in Virginia are getting their seasons into full swing and have either weekend shoots or Big 50 events.

I want to point out that we have two new sponsors for events at the state shoot this year. Tweed’s Locksmith of Portsmouth is providing $2,000, and Silver Seitz is providing $1,000 in added money for purses. A thousand dollars will be added to each of three purses during the last three days of the shoot. See the program for details of which event and purse. You will have to enter each purse to be eligible for the added money. While you’re checking out the program, also notice that we’ll be holding a non-registered fun event on Thursday after the conclusion of the program events—a 50-bird side-by-side championship. Bring your side-by-side shotgun and join in the fun.

                George Hafkemeyer

                ATA Delegate


Southwestern Zone


I need to make a little correction to my article in February, as I mixed up two different reports. Our total target participation by state for 2012 was 1,371,975 and for 2013 was 1,249,300, which is a decrease of 122,675 thrown targets and means that Colorado shooters as a whole shot 1,226 fewer rounds of trap. The other figure, total targets thrown by state by club for 2012, was 904,775, and for 2013 it was 872,575 for a decrease of in-state shooting of 32,200 total targets or 322 rounds of trap. Sorry for the confusion.

I would like to congratulate the Colorado shooters who made the All-American team: Denis L. Bringelson, men’s; Stacy Rehor, Lady I; Ray Stafford, veteran captain; Jim Coons, veteran; and senior vet team members Claude Hemsi, Cliff Haycock and Ken Seidel.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any concerns or questions about trapshooting in our state. I can be reached at or 303-808-6152. For the most up-to-date information about trapshooting in Colorado, check out our website

Philip Vasquez

ATA Delegate



Trapshooting is at a virtual standstill in Kansas this time of the year. However, there are still some gun clubs holding ATA trapshoots; check their schedules on the KTA website and in the ATA Shoot Directory in T&F. Local gun clubs are open for league shooting and practice, and this is a good time to work on all those new ideas you are thinking about for the upcoming target season.

The KTA continues work to enhance our homegrounds. New for 2014 will be a shower house/storm shelter complex. With a building permit finally in hand, the proposed start date for construction is March 1, with completion planned in time for the Kansas State Shoot. This facility will be a six-sided concrete structure with four individual bathrooms and provisions for four more. The building will have central heating and air, tankless water heaters and tornado-proof doors. Also designed into this facility will be space for 200 people in case of severe weather. Those wishing to donate to this project can contact Fred Smith. at 785-587-4996 (cell),, or 10220 Westmoreland Rd., Westmoreland, KS 66549. Remember, the KTA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

Changes have been made recently within the KTA leadership, including Bruce Davis becoming the new KTA vice president. With Bruce leaving his position as central zone director, his directorship has been assumed by Fred Smith.

Kansas was again represented well on the national shooting scene with several shooters making the 2014 ATA All-American teams: Harlan Campbell Jr., men’s team captain; Rob Taylor, men’s first; Tapanga Turner, Lady I second; Beccy Landgraf and Susan Schwab, Lady II second; Larry Tagtmeyer, veteran first; Rich McAllaster, veteran second; and Charles Schwab, senior vet second. Congratulations to these shooters on a great year!

The Kansas Trapshooting Association is also pleased to announce the KTA state teams for 2014 (based on 2013 averages).

Men’s first—captain Rob Taylor, .9694; Martin Wilbur, .9517; Don Budd, .9433; Ronald Beach, .9392; Bruce Davis, .9371. Men’s second—Richard Schooler Jr., .9317; Julius Windholz, .9251; Jeff King, .9224; Kenneth Johnston, .9197; Toube Gale, .9190. Women’s—captain Beccy Landgraf, .8577; Gloria Sims, .8276; Juania Gale, .8243; Susan Dauber, .7930. Junior—captain Dylan Vogel, .9352; Weston Workman, .9190; Connor Kinkelaar, .9182; Anthony Brown, .9032. Sub-junior—captain Garrett Seuser, .8978; Jacob Apsley, .8963; Joel Panter, .8789; Jedd Rose, .8528. Veteran—captain Larry Tagtmeyer, .9567; Larry Zerngast, .9330; Rich L. McAllaster, .9252; Gary Brehm, .9238; Roy Rathbun, .9060. Senior vet—captain Virgil Tucker, .9163; Larry Schmidt, .9107; Glenn Moote, .8830; Gary Hinds, .8828; David A. Rhoads, .8824.

Now is the time to start planning for the upcoming trap season. Key shoot dates include the state zone shoots: western, Dodge City GC, May 3-4; eastern, Cedar Hill GC, May 31-June 1; and central, Tuttle Creek SP, Sept. 6-7. The Kansas State Shoot is at the KTA homegrounds June 2-8. Other KTA shoots include the KTA Hall of Fame, Aug. 22-2, and the KTA Fall Handicap, Sept. 25-28.

The KTA would also like to welcome a new gun club, Duck Creek GC in Winfield. Duck Creek will be conducting ATA registered shoots for the first time this year.

The KTA will not be hosting the ATA Southwestern Zone Shoot this year. We will be supporting the Zone shoot held at the Oklahoma Trapshooting Association homegrounds (El Reno) July 18-20. This will be an opportunity for all shooters to help the OTA get back on their feet after the devastating tornado last year.

Until next time, I can be reached at I hope to see all of you on the line.

David A. Rhoads

ATA Delegate



Louisiana shooters and out-of-state shooters interested in shooting in Louisiana should check out the LTA website The site offers a list of all scheduled registered shoots in Louisiana for the year, maps and directions to our trap clubs, shoot results for Louisiana trapshoots in the past three months, and state shoot results from the most recent year. The website also has contact information for trap captains at each of our member clubs and basic information on the normal starting times and programs. The site also contains a section on the Louisiana TA Hall of Fame, including a list of inductees and their biographies.

Please take a look at the website, and come shoot with us in Louisiana this year!

Shon Sanson, LTA Director, for ATA Delegate Mitch Killingsworth


New Mexico

And just like that, winter is over. First of all, I need to apologize for not having a report in the March issue of Trap & Field. Hobbs held a one-day shoot in early March, and Alamogordo hosted their annual shoot in March, and I neglected to write a Delegate report for the March issue, so my apologies go out to both clubs. Hopefully both shoots were a great success.

Albuquerque kicks off shooting in April with a two-day shoot the first weekend of the month. The following weekend Southwestern Shotgunners is hosting a three-day shoot in Silver City in the southwestern part of the state, and the NRA Whittington Center in the northeastern region is hosting a two-day shoot. Take your pick, either end of the state. Both clubs have great facilities, are great hosts, and promise a good time. NRA Whittington Center is also hosting their annual shoot the first weekend in May and the New Mexico State Shoot in June.

I hope to see you at one of the upcoming shoots. Clubs, please send me your shoot reports, so I can brag about our great shooters.

As always, you can reach me at

                Dale Rechtenbach

                ATA Delegate



It’s Feb. 25, and I hope warmer weather is just around the corner. Surely it will be warmer in the Panhandle when you read this. I am so ready to load up and head to the Southwestern Grand in San Antonio. Could be that it will be over by the time you read this. If it’s not, I hope you can make it, and if it is, I hope you did make it.

At the February meeting of the Texas TA, our Hall of Fame inductees were announced. We have two very deserving individuals this year: Catherine Heimann from Plano and Ron Schroer from Georgetown. Congratulations to you!

For the first time in many months, I received some information for the column from one of our shooters. Drew Fryman let me know that Ron Schroer shot at and broke his 100,000th doubles target. Way to go, Ron. And also a big thanks to Drew for sending the information to me.

I am pretty sure you have not heard this from me before, but please read the ATA Rulebook. If I have mentioned that before, I don’t apologize for repeating myself. I’ll bet there are still many of you who could not pass a simple test over the rules. You are never too old to learn (but you might be too hardheaded).

Contact me or Princess if you have news. Call me at 806-679-6889 or e-mail at

Till next time, y’all shoot well, y’all shoot often, and y’all have a great time.

Jerry O’Connor

ATA Delegate


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