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   The whole process of how to get in the Olympics is somewhat complex,

and it frequently changes. It is my desire to try to make it easier to understand and to

lay out helpful guidelines. I encourage  your questions as this website is intended to be a

source of current information on International Trap Shooting,  particularly to young shooters

and their parents. 
It has been my pleasure to train and work with young shooters over the years who have

made it to the podium by earning bronze, silver and gold medals  in both national and

international competition. It  is a dream that can become reality for some.

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Here is the working calendar for International Clay Target competitions. It is the best International Clay Target calendar there is.  Thanks to the United States Army Marksmanship Unit for allowing us to get this important information on the Trap & Field web site.  Keep in mind this is a “planning calendar,” and as such there will be additions, cancellations, as well as date and location changes.  So, make sure to confirm with the site in advance before making travel arrangements.  I’ll be making some updates as I receive them.

2009 Planning Calendar for SHOTGUN Shooting
(in Microsoft Excel format)


Now that Mark Weeks is the new National Shotgun Coach, what changes do you see that would affect young shooters in the USA Shooting program?
I talked with National Coach Mark Weeks at some length during the fall selection match.  It is his intention to make more use of the Regional Training Centers to provide junior shooter training especially for Junior Olympic and National Development Team members and national level coaching in the different regions of the country.
   With the elimination of the Spring Selection Match, he will use that March timeframe to hold a PTO (preliminary try out) at which the top three finishers in each discipline from the 2008 selection matches, who will be attending the World Championships, would not compete.  He would then select several of his World Cup team members based on the Spring PTO rankings, thereby offering more young shooters an opportunity for overseas experience and giving adult shooters just out of the junior ranks attainable goals and good reason to stay with the program.  With four World Cups each year that would provide excellent motivation for our upcoming shooters.


What do you hear about the new bunker in central Ohio? 

The Cardinal Center, located in central Ohio, is quickly becoming one of the nation’s premier shooting facilities. Cardinal has been named a Bronze Level Regional Training Center featuring international trap, double trap, and in the near future, international and American skeet. The shooting club is also home to Buckeye International Junior Shooting Sports, Inc., an organization whose mission is to promote and develop young shooters in the international disciplines. The Cardinal Center features onsite camping, cabin rentals, fishing pond, indoor swimming pool, banquet room and other shooting opportunities. It is also the home grounds of the Ohio State Trapshooting Association.  Located in Marengo, Ohio, it is easily accessible from Interstate 71, and is only a 30 minute drive from Columbus International Airport.
   Jack Fishburn, owner of Cardinal Campgrounds and shooting facilities, is the force behind the goal of constructing a premier shooting facility in Ohio. The Ohio State Trapshooting Association (OSTA) had lost its home grounds in Vandalia and was looking for a new location.  Mr. Fishburn recognized OSTA’s need and an opportunity to boost the local economy.  With Mr. Fishburn’s vision and input from national governing bodies like USA Shooting, the club has goals of holding national and international competitions in the years ahead.
   With one bunker in operation and additional bunkers in the planning stages, the facility is available for coaching junior athletes in all aspects of the international shotgun sports. Coaches Tim Young and Jim Eyster are recognized by NRA, CMP, and USA Shooting as level II international shotgun coaches and serve as members of the National Coach Development Staff.  They are well versed in the shotgun sports and have helped develop elite athletes from the Ohio region.
   Plans for 2009 include holding the Jack Fishburn Classic International Trap Championship March 13-15, the Ohio Junior International Trap Championship and a NRA Junior Shotgun Camp in July.  Contact Tim Young at or view their website,, for further information and upcoming events.


 There is a rumor that double trap will be dropped from the Olympics.  What do you hear?

The latest information from ISSF is that double trap will continue in the Olympics at least for 2012, but perhaps in a changed format.  The ISSF believes that double trap participation would be improved if the game were less expensive and that bunker shooters would be more inclined to shoot the game if it were made less technical and involved more gun movement.                      

In order to achieve both goals the ISSF shotgun committee has recommended for 2010 the following changes.  The number of targets would be reduced.  Instead of shooting the qualification match of 25 pair in five passes of each of the three schemes for 150 shots, only 15 pair would be shot in the three passes but the targets could be either an A, B or C scheme presentation, repeated three times. This would reduce the total number of targets shot to 90 in the qualification match and require more gun movement, because the shooter would not know in advance the location of his first target.  The up-to-one- second delay between call and target appearance would also be eliminated.

The 2009 World Cup and World Championship events would be contested under the current rules but no Olympic quota spots would be awarded.  This would allow time to modify control computers for the new presentation and develop successful technique. At this time this is only a recommendation from the Shotgun Committee and may or may not be adopted.

I think this is a good thing.  Certainly, double trap participation in this country and overseas has lagged far behind that of bunker trap.  One reason may be that it takes thousands of rounds to learn the correct and very precise hold points and look points required to shoot winning scores with minimal gun movement.  The new rules should make skillful gun pointers more competitive and reduce the cost.

   Where can I get proper coaching and training in the Olympic clay target sports? 

USA Shooting has instituted a new policy establishing Regional Training Centers that focus on the international shotgun sports.  There are currently two such RCTs. The first is Willawalla Creek Gun Club at Saint  Jo, Texas, where Olympian Bret Erickson is head coach. The phone number is 940-759-4695.  Brett’s website is .  The other is my program, the Youth Development Shotgun Team at the North Mountain Sportsmen's Association in Muncy Valley, Pa. My e-mail is and phone is 570-326-6561.  To achieve the RTC designation the facility, program, and coaches must go through a vetting process established by USA Shooting and meet certain standards as well as carry on an active program of training, competitions and introductory programs for new shooters.  Only programs with a known successful track record achieve the RTC designation.

 Do I have to shoot the 24-gram international load?

Not necessarily.  International trap is shot with a 24-gram payload of shot that can be no larger than size 7, generally at a muzzle velocity of about 1350 fps.  24 grams is almost exactly the same as 7/8 ounce, so that this load can be duplicated easily by re-loaders.  In USA Shooting-sanctioned matches it is not necessary to shoot the 24-gram load unless you are a top-classed shooter or are attempting to make one of the national teams—in which case, it is mandatory.  This rule is unique to the United States and is not applicable worldwide but was introduced to make international trap more available to shooters who do not have access to the international load.  My recommendation, however, is to shoot the international load.  It's easy enough (and with current lead prices, it is much cheaper) to reload and now the factory international loads, especially the imported ones are more readily available.  Even the 7/8 ounce hi-speed promotional loads at the chain stores work reasonably well.

   Should I quit shooting ATA?

Absolutely not.  You need to shoot ATA matches to develop competition experience because there is very little international competition in this country.  Although it is beginning to change with the development of more youth programs and the SCTP state qualifying matches there are really only four national class international trap shoots for you during each year.  These include the spring selection match in the April timeframe, the national championships in June or July and the junior Olympic national championships in August or September followed by the fall selection match typically in September or October.  That is not enough.  It is absolutely necessary that you hone your competition skills in ATA and particularly at the big shoots—state and zone championships, the Satellite Grands, and the Grand American.  That's where you learn how to win.  Some people are concerned that they will not be able to switch back and forth between the different target speeds.  In my experience that has not been a problem.  Several members of the Youth Development Shotgun Team who have achieved National Team, National Development Team, or Junior Olympic Team status are also multiple state champions, Grand champions and ATA All-Americans.  They transfer easily back and forth between ATA and international trap and find that each discipline complements the other and makes them better shooters.  I look at it as cross-training.


   Where can I shoot Olympic trap?

The best list of Olympic trap bunkers and addresses, as well as the contact person, phone number and/or e-mail address and website, if they have one appears at BJ McDaniel's website .  This website, run by the 20 year assistant national shotgun coach also contains excellent information on training plans, shooting diaries and articles geared to the needs of elite shooters. There is a lot of very useful material there.

     What kind of a gun do I need?

International trap is shot almost exclusively with over- and-under shotguns choked modified to improved modified in the first barrel and I-mod to full in the second. I like the Krieghoff gun especially for double trap because you can set different points of aim for the first and second barrels. Semi-automatics and pump- action guns are very rarely seen.  There are several reasons for this, including the desirability of having two separate chokes for your two shots; the fact that  the shooters stand on a straight (rather than curved) line and the traditional automatic will toss fired shells on the shooter to your right; the need to empty and clear the semi-automatic before changing shooting stations and the need to load two shots which can occur only after the shooter to your left has completed his shots; and the tendency of the semi- automatic to set off the voice-release system when the action is closed.  The sum total of all of these things tend to disturb squad rhythm but are, more importantly, handicaps to the semi-auto shooter.  If you are intending to try Olympic trap, give yourself a fair chance and don't handicap yourself by attempting to shoot with a semi automatic.

     How do I know my child can be competitive in Olympic trap?  

This question gets asked in a lot of different ways and, to some extent it has a number of different answers.  But basically, if a youth is competitive at ATA shooting, there is no reason he/she should not be able to be competitive in international trap.  Olympic trap shooting is a harder game than ATA and the scores are lower--- there is no question about that. While Olympic trap is a slower paced, more focused game, the targets are much faster and the angles harder.  But the qualities that make an outstanding ATA shooter are the same qualities that make an outstanding bunker shooter.  They include focus, determination, commitment, a love of shooting, and tremendous support from family and their communities.  Like ATA it is not a cheap game, but there is much more than just expense involved, as there are a lot of family decisions that have to be made along the way.  But most importantly, there is the dream: the dream of the Olympic gold medal. That has to be an amazingly strong dream for someone to train at the highest level month after month and year after year for the opportunity to qualify as one of the two men or only one woman to represent the United States and shoot at 150 trap targets once every four years at the Olympics.  It is that dream that separates the Olympians from everyone else.  Do you have it?

A word from Dieter
A word from Dieter

As the temperature hovers around Zero Degrees here in Ottsville, we find it difficult to imagine that the shoot season will soon be in full swing. But as we know, the Dixie Grand signals the beginning of another trap season as our shooters head out on the circuit.  We hear the brisk weather has greeted shooters in Florida and send our warm wishes to all for a good shoot!

Congratulations to the 2009 ATA All-American Team!!  We proudly congratulate K-80 Shooters Harlan Campbell, Jr. – Five Time Men’s Team Captain, Kay Ohye Veteran Team Captain and Debbie Ohye-Neilson who continues her reign as Lady Team Captain!!  Krieghoff wishes all shooters the best of luck in their All-American quest as the New Year begins.

For those of you who like to vary your sport, Krieghoff offers a full line of competition shotguns and hunting firearms to suit your individual style.

The success of the K-80 Trap Special, including the new Pro Rib model, has inspired Krieghoff to introduce the K-80 Pro Sporter for Sporting Clays and Skeet shooters.  Designed with a higher rib and coordinating stock, the K-80 Pro Sporter offers shooters a wider field of vision for quicker target acquisition.  The “head up” design reduces perceived recoil and helps lessen fatigue.  The Pro Sporter can be configured with 30” or 32” inch choke tube barrels and the choice of #3 Sporting adjustable or #6 Monte Carlo adjustable stocks.  The Pro Sporter’s point-of-impact can be adjusted to 50/50 or 60/40 through interchangeable adjustment wedges which fit under the barrel rib.   

For the hunter, Krieghoff has designed a revolutionary new In-line Repeating rifle. The Krieghoff Semprio’s precision engineering and design allow for quick caliber changes in a few simple movements.  The ergonomic design incorporates kinetics to dissipate recoil and keeps the Semprio firmly seated against your shoulder throughout the firing sequence.  Already well received in Europe, the Semprio will be available in the United States later this year.

To paraphrase a popular saying, when something new comes in, it generally means something old goes out.  After enjoying over a decade of success as a Trap Handicap and Singles competitor, the Krieghoff KX-5 program has reached its maturity and production will come to an end later this year.  Now is the perfect time to add this single barrel – dedicated competition shotgun to your collection with the assurance service will continue to be available for the KX-5.

Krieghoff’s new Certified Pre-Owned Firearm Program has received great interest since being announced.  Shooters are realizing the great value of purchasing a pre-owned Krieghoff backed by a One Year Limited Warranty.  Contact your dealer today to find out more about this new program.

The Grand American seems so far away to us on this chilly day, but before long we will see you once again in Sparta for another memorable event.  Until then, keep an eye on our website for the latest Krieghoff information and to follow our shooters success as they head out on the circuit. We wish all of you a successful 2009 full of good shooting!

Krieghoff Custom Stocks

The Perfect Finishing Touch


Krieghoff K-80 Trap Special
see what's new for 2008!

Les Greevy operates the Youth Development Shotgun Team at the USA Shooting Regional Training Center in Muncy Valley, Pa., where he provides novice- to championship-level training in American and Olympic clay target games for individuals and groups with emphasis on visual, mental and mechanical skills.













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