October 16, 2008

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I ran out for lunch today and had the car radio on, and I was simply inundated and suffocated with all the bad news about the economy, the debate and who won, whose fault the economic crisis is, who did this, who did that. . .I turned the darn radio off. All I could think of was Jackie Gleason saying, “A little traveling music please.” And he did this goofy thing with his arms outstretched and glided across the stage to the music. My brother and I mimicked that little reel when we were kids. And so that’s the way it was today in the car—I thought a little traveling music, please, and a little RELIEF from all this negative talk about everything.  Sometimes the media almost conjures up the bad stuff. And eek, I’m the media, but not the mainstream media. We at Trap & Field are a niche media and we stick to our subject! Every once in a while we get outside the patterning board, but for the most part we stay in our sport.  I think the word “mainstream” is almost too kind to call the media. They should be called “meanstream” media.  But I don’t want to talk negative, so I thought I would share some lighter thoughts with you. Kind of like just sitting at the gun club talking.

I came across a blog site by Zig Ziglar’s son Tom. You remember Zig Ziglar, don’t you? He’s been around for years, that deep velvety smooth voice saying all kinds of positive, encouraging things and spouting nuggets of wisdom over the years.  I think Zig  is 81 now and still going. The Zig Ziglar company continues doing seminars.  I think Tom Ziglar is a chip off the old block. I hope you find his site interesting. Let me know what you think. Oh, and Tom has lost 71 pounds in the last year. He’s on a “pure” mission,  that is eating pure food. He quit eating processed junk.  I really resonated with that.

As some of you who know me, you know that I am an organic nut—as in advocate. Over the years I’ve quit eating processed food and I do feel better.  I haven’t had a cola or pop or soda (depends where you were raised) in over five years. I don’t miss them at all.  I’ve quit eating white bread and white sugar.  I understand they are processed and produced to feed people at cheap costs, but you might as well eat the sacks they come in because that’s about as good as they are for you. And it’s pretty well known that all that processed stuff is causing record diabetes in more children and adults. And I tell you, it’s hard to eat at a gun club. I usually use the hot dog bun to hold the hot dog and eat it, then discard the bun. Not that the hot dog is all that good, but hey, you got to eat.  So I usually take my favorite snack to the gun club: organic pistachios. You got to try these at Braga Organic Farms in Madera, California. It’s a family farm. And they just harvested their pistachios in September so they are good and fresh! Have you ever had a fresh pistachio? If you see me at a shoot, I’ll share some with you, as well as the organic roasted almonds. Yum.

John Lilly (son of Ned Lilly, Hall of Fame enshrine)  called the office yesterday with some updates on record information. He’s living in Stanton, Mich., and fishing and hunting. More on what he said in the November issue of Trap & Field.

The Hall of Fame does a great job of preserving the history of our sport! Check out the page for the state Hall of Fames at http://www.traphof.org/state_provincial_hofs.htm  If your state is not on there, maybe you could get involved helping out.  A big thanks to all the Hall of Fame sponsors! Be sure to say thanks to the Hall of Fame for all they do.

I hope to see you on the line! Let me know how you’re doing.

Terry terry@trapandfield.com

Check out this blog:



Bob Schultz flips the dogs and it looks like Dennis Taylor is sampling them. Yum!

Mike and Michele Riley from Findley, Ohio came to the cookout


                       Some of the winners this week. Rachel blasted her first 200 straight in the Singles Championship Event.

October 3, 2008

Hi, everyone, I’m here at the 28th Missouri Fall Handicap. Looks like a good crowd is here, not sure of the numbers yet.  It’s gorgeous weather with perfect temperatures and plenty of sun to see the targets.

Last night Bob Schultz of Target Shotguns organized and worked the 6th annual complimentary cookout for shooters. The hot dogs served were the delicious brand served at the St. Louis Cardinals games and at the Kansas City Royal games. Bob said they cooked and served over 600 all-American favorite dogs last night. It’s been said for years—baseball and trapshooting go together. Thanks to all the helpers who worked with Bob. And thanks to the vendors who made the cookout possible with donations.

Hope you’ll be coming into beautiful Linn Creek, Missouri for some shooting this weekend.

Terry Heeg



September 30, 2008

I know senior editor Sandy Tidwell gave a sigh of relief and a big WHEW! when the October issue was complete. I echoed the sentiment. I think you’re going to enjoy that issue—in the mails now and should be arriving for your reading pleasure any minute.  Who are the 2009 Hall of Fame enshrinees? Who earned Grand American Grand Slams? Who broke the most total singles (program and shootoff) at the Grand? Who has won all the ladies’ crowns in all five Grand title events? Who is Mr. August ? Find out in the October issue.

Here’s a tidbit—Sandy will mark a milestone next August. She’ll have been at Trap & Field for 30 years. Wow!  That’s a lot of scores, records, deadlines and sighs. We appreciate all you do, Sandy, and we thank you so much! If any of you would like to send congrats, contact her at sandyt@trapandfield.com.

ATA shooters are the best people I know!



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I had the opportunity to go to Jackson County Sportsmans Club in Michigan this month for their two-day shell shoot. It’s a great club. Attendance was up over last year, and they had 14 squads on Sunday. The clubhouse is clean and spacious, and the food was great. They treated shooters to a pizza dinner on Saturday night. A big thanks goes to Robin and Kathy Fitzgibbons for all they do for the club. By the way, Kathy shot her personal best at the Grand this year. She blasted 98 in the Krieghoff 100 Handicap on prelim Saturday. Would you believe she was shooting targets only! (Holy blastin’ balooey, Batgirl!) Fellow Michigan shooter Jacque Snellenberger won the ladies’ trophy with a 98. Great shooting, ladies!  I hope you can visit the club some time in your travels. Here’s the info for your GPS:  500 Mantle Avenue, Jackson, MI 49202 or check out the ATA website: http://www.shootata.com/content/ata_zones/club.aspx?clubid=270135 for club info.

Keep shooting, and let me know how you’re doing.

Terry Heeg



Leo and Foster are shooting off Saturday evening, and
are more than 800 straight.

The two take a break after the 32nd round.


The two co-champions of the Clay Target race
congratulate each other after 900 shootoff targets.



August 25, 2008

Can you believe August is speeding to a close? What an August it’s been! If you’re a trapshooter, you know how exciting the eighth month is with the Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament. Congratulations to Canada’s Patrick Lamont for capturing the Grand American Handicap with the lone 100 from 27, and winning the All-Around, matching the record 399x400. I talked with Pat recently about winning his third Canadian Championships doubles trophy. I asked what his shooting goals were, and he answered, “I’d like to earn a Grand championship ring one day.” And he won two rings! Read more about Pat and the Canadian Championships in the upcoming September issue, going in the mails this week.

Congrats to Foster Bartholow and Leo Harrison III (in alphabetical order)  for their outstanding co-championship in the Clay Target race. They each posted 200x200 in the program and an amazing 900 straight in the shootoff in the days following.  Both are great sportsmen! Congrats to Richard Marshall Jr. for his top honors in the Doubles Championship, and congrats to Ray Stafford for his championship win in the High-Over-All with 988. Congrats to Harlan Campbell Jr. for earning the top trophy in the Champion of Champions event.

Hooray to all Grand trophy winners and to all who competed in the Grand American events.  We’re working on the October issue now where you can read all about the 2008 Grand American. What records were set?  What’s in the trapshooting history books now?

Terry Heeg




August 16, 2008

Congratulations to Canada’s Patrick Lamont—the winner of the Grand American Handicap with the lone 100 from the 27 yard line! Patrick is the third Canadian in ATA history to win the GAH! Watch for Trap & Field coverage.  Pat shot 200 in the Clay Target, 100 in the GAH and was perfect going into the doubles championship this morning.  Pat’s score came in moments ago, posting a 99 in the feature twins.  I just talked with Pat and he also earned the all-around with 399x400. Pat said, “I’m at a loss for words. I didn’t expect this.” He will be taking home two Grand American rings! Great shooting, Pat!

The Clay Target Championship shootoff continues today. Leo Harrison and Foster Bartholow are still vying after 24 rounds.


      Leo Harrison III                        Foster Bartholow

Congratulations to Harlan Campbell, Jr. who won the Champion of Champions! Following in second place was Randy Chrobocinski of New Mexico and third place was Monte Estes of Texas.

Tennessee’s Trey Hill made it to the 27-yard line on Sunday in the Budweiser Handicap.  Tennessee ATA Delegate Ben Loveless presented the pin. Trey shot 98 in the event and ended sub-junior runnerup after shootoff. He also earned the category second place trophy in the Clay Target Championship.  Congrats, Trey. 

Debbie and David Cates were at shootoffs last night. Debbie blasted 97 yesterday and won lady runnerup in the GAH. Great shooting, Debbie!

Butch and KayLynn Bornman attended last night’s party sponsored by

Silver Seitz. KayLynn proudly wore her medallion award.

Jeff Pare of Gamaliel Shooting Supply (black shirt) announced the winner

of the one year supply of ammo. Jerick Hutchinson  of

Huntsville, Arkansas, was the winner.

The ammo will be delivered to his door!


Congratulations to Elmer Denman of Sun Prairie, Minnesota. He won the Silver Seitz gun in the special Grand promotion.

Neal Krigbaum of St. Louis, Mo., stopped by the T&F counter to say hello. He last shot the Grand in 1966. He was Vice President at the Alcan company for many years (and later sold to Smith & Wesson). He and Bob Allen started their businesses at about the same time way back when. He said he has a lot of memories.  He shot a Model 12 back in the day! 

The excitement continues today as the doubles scores come in. I’m signing off now as we end the Grand American events today. It’s been a pleasure to keep you informed for the last 11 days. More to come in the pages of Trap & Field. Our web master will be off next week, and all of us at T&F will be sorting through scores and shoot reports and all the stories of the greatest shooting event in the world—the  2008 Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament.  

Terry Heeg






















August 15, 2008

Hi, everyone. Right now the Grand American Handicap is being contested. Who will win this most prestigious event?   Shoot offs were continued for the Clay Target Championship until later today.  Who will win this ring winner event.

The Hall of Fame wrapped up their Silent Auction yesterday.  I’m taking home three special items that I bid on and won. The monies go for good benefit to the Trapshooting Hall of Fame and Museum.  For further information you can contact the effervescent Tami Daniel (tdaniel@shootata.com) at the museum in Vandalia.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, it was a packed house at the banquet and induction honoring Jim Hunter, Gerald Russo and Harold Smith. This is the one event to put on your calendar to attend—you can rub elbows with the greats of all time. I shared a light moment with Texan Tommie Hunter. 

Tim Varble of Jerseyville, Illinois, stopped by the T&F counter to say hello. He’s been shooting ATA for two years; he started out with an SCTP team.  Tim won the Illinois Singles Championship last year with a 200. He is off to Lindenwood this fall to begin his freshman year and will be on the shooting team. He’s shot some good singles here with his Ljutic. We wish Tim a great school year. 

Congrats to Larry Hord of Helenwood, Tenn. He blasted 200 in Monday’s Winchester AA Singles and won the Class AA award after two rounds of shootoff.  Hooray for Tennessee shooters!


Kudos to T&F’s Jacque Snellenberger.
She has picked up more than five awards this Grand.

We’ll keep you informed. Wish you were here.

Terry Heeg




August 14, 2008

It’s another great day at the Grand American—sunny, bright blue skies and moderate temperatures. The Champion of Champions Race took place this morning.  Trap & Field will let you know the winners. The Remington Nitro 27 Handicap is underway. Remington is passing out attendance pins this year and has other promotions in the works.

Sandy Armstrong oversees the score inputting and makes sure all is accurate for our ATA shooters. 


Behind the scenes inside the Score Sheet Annex. This is where the scores are input as fast as they are received!

This week a statue was erected of an old-time trapshooter. Fred Hoppe (brother of Frank Hoppe) sculpted it for commemoration of the 100th Grand when it was held in Vandalia, Ohio. You may recall that Fred first sculpted a miniature version of the trapshooter  and sold many copies at the 1999 Grand. With those proceeds he then created the life-size statue. It was originally planned to be erected at the Vandalia grounds, but with the airport forcing the move, it was delayed. All the details were worked out and the statue was put up Tuesday night and Fred was here briefly yesterday to give us the scoop. More on this in an upcoming issue of Trap & Field.  

The placard reads:

Wish you were here.

Terry Heeg


Ladies Bingo is underway. It’s a roomful—with some of
the best prizes I’ve seen.

The scores are hung inside and outside the Vendor Mall building. 

View from the road. This is a first class modern facility!



Mallory Stanton

South Zone VP John Hiter presents
Cyndee Gullett her 27 yard pin

August 13, 2008

It’s been exciting times here at the Grand American.! The Clay Target Championship is underway.

A good shooting shout goes to go Mallory Stanton of Dearnborn, Mich. She carded her first 100 in doubles on Tuesday in the Browning Doubles Class Championship. Congrats to Cyndee Gullett of Duluth, Ga. She shot a 98 in the President Neil Winston Handicap and earned  a spot on the 27 yard line.

The ATA announced special recognition awards on Monday night.

A big applause for:

ATA Gun Club of the Year: St. Charles Sportsmen's Club - St. Charles, IL
ATA Official of the Year - G. Mike Seitz
ATA Volunteer of the Year - Gary Bombalacki
ATA Coach of the Year - James Sable
ATA Coach of the Year - Mark Stevens
ATA Photograph of the Year - David Telesha - Cicero Sunrise

Check back. Wish you were here.

Terry Heeg



August 12, 2008

We’re ready for another day of shooting! Today is the Browning Doubles Class Championship and the President Neil Winston Handicap.  Tonight is the Hall of Fame Induction Banquet honoring Jim W. Hunter, Gerald Russo and Harold S. Smith Sr.

A big thanks goes to the Sparta Chamber of Commerce.  They have a table set up with all sorts of information about the area for shooters and their families. There are friendly faces every day manning the booth, and they even take outgoing mail! That’s service! If you want to know anything during the year you can call the Chamber at 618-317-7222 or check their website at www.spartailchamber.com.

I saw Missouri’s Bob Overstreet, manager of the Gateway Gun Club in St. Louis, and THIS JUST IN—Gateway Gun Club officially opened today. The hours are Tues. thru Sun. 2 – 9 PM.  You can find the address and directions in the Trap & Field Gun Club Directory in the Average Book. Watch T&F for the Grand Opening and shoot dates.

Last night was opening ceremonies in between shootoffs.  A crowd came out to applaud the Executive Committee members. There was a party on grounds as well. Attendance awards were given out. Did I mention Dave Berlet has attended 65 Grands? His Dad took him to the Grand when he was one year old. Special recognition awards were given as well.  More to come. We wish YOU could be with us.

Terry Heeg

In the Main Events Center

Nothing like the Grand!

Sparta Chamber of Commerce

GMC vehicles are on display around the complex. The drawing for a 2009 GMC Sierra will take place this Friday night at the grandstands. Tickets are still being sold for the GMC/ATA Benefit Sweepstakes. Call your buddies to buy you a ticket and get in the drawing!



This Bud’s for you!
A thrilled Paul Becker.

I was so excited for Paul Becker!
Past President Henry Carroll presented accolades to Paul.

Paul shares his victory with son Adam.
Both father and son are great shooters!

August 11, 2008
3:00 pm

Congratulations to Paul Becker of Two Rivers, Wisconsin.

He was the winner of the special Budweiser shootout held last night. Read all about it in an upcoming issue of Trap & Field.

Kudos to Michigan’s Bob Scheonrock . He won the vet award in Sunday’s Wenig Custom Gunstocks Doubles with 99. Bob is in Michigan’s Hall of Fame.

Bob Scheonrock



August 11, 2008

Here we are—Grand Week begins today!

FIRST: This just in. . . Congratulations to ATA shooter Corey Cogdell (Eagle River, Alaska) for winning the BRONZE Medal for the U.S. Shooting Team in Women’s Trap at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China

Let me catch you up—it  was a busy weekend. On Friday 12-year Cash Cain of Eldon, MO, shot his first 100 from 19 and the lone 100 in the Enhancing Today Handicap. Congrats to him and more on him to come later.  

Our Elissa Cronk arrived to the Grand over the weekend. Check out her blog: Elissa’s Notebook.

It was an exciting Krieghoff 100 Shoot Out. The trapfields were  lined up with eager shooters vying for the special engraved K-80 trap special combo valued at $25,000. At the end of the special miss-and-out, it was David Blazek of Little Swamico, WI who out lasted the others.  Congratulations to David. And thanks to Dieter Krieghoff for this sponsorship!

Thanks to White Flyer for all they do for the shooting sports. Phil Murray is on the grounds for the entire Grand American. Hundreds of shooters stop by the White Flyer building to receive their commemorative target and so many say thank you to Phil for all the special awards and certificates that White Flyer provides to recognize shooters and their accomplishments!

Wish you were here shooting with us. We’ll have full details in Trap & Field Magazine.


Terry Heeg



Good stuff—Only in T&F

Phil Murray, White Flyer Targets

Gone Fishing
 Be back to the trapline later

Shooters, know your rules!

Royce White and Keith Ditto earned their Grand Slams this year!



Here they come

A BIG thanks again this year to White Flyer for the tents. The shooters can take a break.

Behind the scenes: Mary Massey, Youth Ambassador; Edie Reynolds; Youth Development Director Nick Aycock,  ATA Marketing

Tennessee’s Steve Williams

August 8, 2008

Here we are at day 3 of the Grand American World Trapshooting  Championships.  First, let me give you an update on yesterday. Congrats to Bruce Best from Texas for blasting the lone 99 to capture the Blaser Handicap. South Dakota’s Fred Nagel and North Carolina’s Bob Schultz posted 98s to end second and third.  Colorado’s Stacy Bringelson snapped up the lady laurels with 96. Ray Pumel of Nebraska won the chair award with 95.

The competition is heating up (but the temperatures are cooler), and shooting continues. Today’s schedule: Event 7 Embracing the Past Singles, Event 8 Enhancing Today Handicap and Event 9 Ensuring our Future Doubles. And tonight is the second annual

ATA Funds Celebration banquet. The banquet is an event to raise monies for ATA’s three tax-exempt Funds: The Youth and Education Fund, The Gun Club Fund and the General Fund. NRA’s Wayne LaPierre is the keynote speaker.  Only a few tickets left.

Having a good time. Wish you were here at the largest shotgun shooting competition in the world!

Terry Heeg



Tennessee’s Scott Layman



August 7, 2008

The Grand opened yesterday with the Richard Shrode Singles—76 shooters smashed centuries!  In the Nick Galata Handicap there was one lone 100 from the back fence. Can you guess who did it? If you answered Leo Harrison III you are absolutely correct! Pat McCarthy and Sean Hawley followed with 99s. Father son duo Don and Nicholas Ross from Russellville, Alabama, stopped by the T&F counter to say hello and report their trophy win in the Handicap. Don earned the top slot in the 25-26 category and Nicholas won runnerup.

 In the Eric Munson Doubles there were seven 100s. Hooray to Denis Bringelson, Bob Munson, Fred Nagel, Steven Johnson, Frank Bentley III, Sean Hawley (again) and Leo again!  Temperatures were a little warm yesterday, but cooled off today.  It’s perfect shooting weather.  Stay tuned. It’s going to be the best Grand ever!

Back by popular demand, tad a: Sarah Gordon and Ondrea Weikum (Membership Services)

Richard Marascola, Chairman of the Central Handicap Committee

More cashiering: Sarah Shaw, Joan Tepovich and Laurie Penford

Come on in andget signed up to shoot!

Don & Nicholas Ross

Sharon Grover and Chris DeRemer work in cashiering

Barbara oversees Cashiering and Tom Rocheford supervises squadding.




The crowd gathers to watch shootoffs and   awards ceremony.

August 6, 2008

The SCTP National Championships

At the World Shooting & Recreational Complex, Sparta, Ill., a record count of 1,526 young trapshooters competed at the eighth SCTP National Championships Aug. 4-5. Accompanied by proud parents and coaches, the young athletes took the line on Monday to shoot their first 100 singles targets. At the completion they watched exhibition shooter Scott Robertson put on a fun and lively shooting demonstration; afterwards Beretta hosted a pizza party for all SCTP, families and coaches.  On Tuesday the young competitors finished their second 100 birds of the championship. As scores were being collected, Winchester hosted a shooting exhibition performed by Patrick Flanagan. After the scores were tallied, two teams in the Varsity category tied for the top spot, and two teams in the Intermediate Advanced category locked horns for third place.  It would take shootoffs to determine the winners. In place of traditional shootoffs, a miss-and-out shootoff was held.  The crowd was enthralled and gave cheers and applause at the end for all who vied.  Results are posted on the NSSF/SCTP website Youth trapshooting teams from 35 states were represented.

NSSF officials opened the awards ceremony and thanked sponsors: Phil Murray representing White Flyer; Shane Naylor and Scott Peterson, Remington; John Bauer, Beretta; Devon Harris, Federal; and Winchester.  Medals and trophies were presented to the winning teams with cheers from the audience.  Check out Trap & Field’s September cover for photos of the top winners in each category.

Jack Robertson, NSSF’s Manager of Special Events, said it was a tremendous team effort of all NSSF staff for a well run championship event. “It’s the best ever we’ve been able to do in this eighth year, and I’m pleased with the standard we’ve set in overseeing the tournament.”  Robertson gave compliments to the youth and coaches for their great sportsmanship during the event.  “I’m pleased with the number of competitors, and I think it’s the largest turnout to date.” Robertson also thanked the ATA for the support role it played in ensuring a smooth running shoot.

SCTP is managed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in partnership with USA Shooting and other governing bodies for shooting sports. Across 41 states in 2008, 9,135 youths competed and 1,562 adults volunteered as coaches and directors, both new records for the program.

Trap & Field salutes the NSSF and SCTP program. It’s a dynamic youth athletic program. Thanks to all the volunteer parents and coaches who support the program.



August 5, 2008

Wow, what a crowd here at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex.  SCTP is in its final day.  I met brothers Jacob, Jeff and Jordan Koberstein today. They participated in the SCTP Championships on the Evansville GC team. They all shoot Remington 1100s and enjoy the sport. Jeff says it’s calming and relaxing.
ATA shooters are arriving in mass numbers to register for the Grand American.  Hope to see you at the Grand. Let me know what’s happening with you.
Terry Heeg

Beretta hosted a pizza party for SCTP teams and families.


Jacob,  Jeff and Jordan Koberstein

ATA members in the Main Events Center signing up for the Grand American

SCTP teams are everywhere.



August 4, 2008

All ATA members are making the pilgrimage to the Grand American World Trapshooting Tournament Aug. 6—16. SCTP shooters, families and coaches arrived at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex yesterday to register for the National Championships. The teams started competition today and will complete their 200 targets in tomorrow’s shooting. A pizza party is planned for the kids this evening.

Tomorrow the Main Events Center opens at 10 A.M. for ATA members to begin squadding and registration.  Good luck, shooters.

Look forward to seeing you at the Grand. Stop by the Trap & Field counter. We want to see you.

Main Events Center



SCTP competitors

Along tent vendor row



July 4, 2008


We’re busy here at the office working on the August issue. We’re deep in shoot reports and shootoff scores, but we’ll take some time to celebrate the independence of our great country. We hope you’re at a trapshooting tournament with plenty of hot dogs, apple pie and great scores. Where ever you are, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. God bless America!

Let us know what’s happening at your gun club.

Terry Heeg



T&F’s Own the Zone columnist
Bob Palmer

Pete Tsementzis

July 2, 2008

Hi, everyone. I’m back with computer connections. The results of the 2008 Canadian Championships are in the history books, and what a fantastic tournament it was! Again, kudos go to Barbara Sheldon who produced the shoot and tournament director Warren McLay and all the staff for making such an enjoyable time for the ATA shooters.

Congratulations to Canadian Champions: Mike Pickering, Singles; Patrick Lamont, Doubles; and Pete Tsementzis, Handicap, All-Around and HOA.  We had some rain on Sunday, but it cleared up by noon and it was blue skies and fluffy white clouds after that.

If you didn’t make it this year, I urge you to try and visit the historic Hamilton GC in Stoney Creek, Ontario for a registered shoot in the future. Check out Trap & Field’s Official ATA Shoot Directory for dates or contact the club (http://www.hamiltongunclub.net). Make a vacation of your trip. The Niagara Falls area is close by.  It’s only about an hour from the gun club—with breath taking views of the falls.  You can visit the many (and I do mean many) wineries in the area as it is a great grape-growing climate there. Another spot of interest is Niagara-on-the-Lake with quaint shops and more wineries.  There are many inns and B&Bs. 

Drew Shaw, Chief cook and ATA shooter. Thanks to Mom Beverly who took over when he shot.

Terry Jordan
It’s never too late to get a Terry Jordan wall chart  for practice.


Here are a few of my pictures to share with you. Let me know what’s happening at your gun club.


Terry (terry@trapandfield.com)

The stately Hamilton Gun Club
Established 1882

Kenny Ray Estes of the ATA Hall of Fame
set up a mini Hall of Fame and greeted
Canadian shooters and talked history.

Andy Murdock, former ATA Delegate of Ontario
readies to compete along with Jerry Mariani.


At the Canadian Niagara Falls
Complete with boat, bird and rainbow.


I can’t even imagine how one would go over the falls in a barrel.
Can you?



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