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Check out our May, 2014 Edition!

All-American team requirements
Dreaming about making the team?
Check here for rules and requirements.

ATA couples:
Iowa's Butch and Bev Dominacki.

Trapshooting Hall of Fame Inductees
W.F.J. Fienup, Sean Hawley, Bill and LeeAnn Martin to be inducted in August.






Check out our April, 2014 Edition!

Rules to live by
Hapless Harry tells Ned Newbee his Top 10

Heading north?
Ontario ATA Delegate Paul Shaw writes about taking your guns and ammo into Canada.

Young guns
Attica (Ind.) schools adds a trap team.







Check out our March, 2014 Edition!

Ask the All-Americans

Dr. Beurt R. SerVaas
Dr. Beurt R. SerVaas, longtime owner of TRAP & FIELD Magazine, passed away at age 94.

Quote of the month
"I shot each target like a one-bird race."--Tank Lunsford, 2014 Dixie Grand singles champion with a lone 200.






Check out our February, 2014 Edition!

T&F Rookies of the Year 2013
Co-Rookies Dale Barnes and Ryan Hancock; ladies'
R-O-Y Rebecca Ratliff.

Smallest state big on ATA All-Americans this year
John Federeci, Ken Hopkins, Hunter Loxley, Joyce Morris, and Greg and Sue Smith speak with T&F.

Quote of the month
"Take it one target at a time, and if you miss, it's just water under the bridge. Then just shoot the rest of the targets, one at a time."--Justin Slater, 2014 junior gold All-American captain





Check out our January, 2014 Edition!

Quote of the month
"If you listen instead of talk, you'll learn a lot more"-George Jonckheere

Five All-Americans in family
The Clawsons of Montana became the third family on record to boast five ATA All-Americans. Other family combinations and record info accompany the highlighted accomplishments of the 2014 All-American team captains.

T&F Rookies of the Year 2013





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