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T&F's 'Mr. August' rules Friday
Start at the beginning, say Lynn Gipson and Dean Spiridon.

Wisconsin inaugurates homegrounds

Quote of the month
"I overheard people calling us 'The greatest little club no one knows about.'"






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Growing ATA trapshooting
Start at the beginning, say Lynn Gipson and Dean Spiridon.

114th Grand American
News of the Grand continues with the remaining seven Grand Week events, from the Singles Class to the Kolar Handicap.

Quote of the month
"I liked [league shooting] because you really had to be there for the team."-Pat McCarthy







Check out our October, 2013 Edition!

2014 Hall of Fame enshrinees

Quote of the month
"I was on station 3, got a straightaway and smoked it. Standing behind me, he whispered in my ear, 'There's one of those in every shell.'"

Rule changes 2014
Hapless Harry explains by example.







Check out our September, 2013 Edition!

Grand News

Quote of the Month
"Don't undo all the good work you've done...Come back tomorrow; its a whole new day."

The Category Rule
Hapless Harry explains by example.







ATA, AIM and Grand American News

Quote of the month
"We consider it a miracle that not one person even got hurt at our location... When you look at the photographs of the aftermath, you wonder how anyone could survive such total destruction."

Once, twice, three times a champion
Kie Kababik of Deleware, Thomas Kushima of Hawaii, Robert Nihtila Jr.of Massachusettes and Ken Toferi of Vermont each claimed the singles, doubles, and all-around ATA titles at their respective state shoots.







ATA, AIM and Grand American News

Quote of the month
"...I had no doubt that my brother was one of the greatest natural shots of his time."

Trapshooting and the L&C Trail
The final installment takes us through Montana to the Pacific and then on the way back home again. "[The] primitive firearms and the sharpshooters that used them became an important part of our culture," wrote George Ponton, our guide along the trail.

Figure the Angles
Hapless Harry addresses setting targets.







ATA and Grand American News

Quote of the month
"Do the right thing, and you will maintain peace within yourself. Do the wrong thing, and it will come back to haunt you many times over."

To fear or not to fear
Bob Palmer addresses your, his, and everybody's fears.

Trapshooting along the L&C Trail
Part 2 continues into the Dakotas






ATA and Grand American News

Quote of the month
"As I observed top shooters, I noticed they always appeared relaxed. So this was on my mind, to stay at ease."

Merchandise win ≠ yardage
Hapless Harry knows.

Grand Slam list






Quote of the month
"My biggest 'aha moment' was that you can't think when in the Zone. You just are doing, and its awesome to be that engaged and focused."

T&F Rookies of the Year
Congratulations to Cameron Bailey, Adam Burke and Quintin Julander on their outstanding initial ATA season in 2012. (2013 hopefuls: see the application form on page 48)

ATA All-American team requirements
Dreaming about making the team? Check here for the rules and requirements.






Quote of the month
"...focus on what you hit, not what you missed. Try to build on that, and be consistent.

More All-American highlights
coverage continues with accomplishments of the 2012 season's crop of sub-junior, junior gold, sub-veteran, veteran, senior vet and chair team members.

T&F All-Around Average Award winners









T&F All-Around Average Awards

Quote of the month
"...just hand one of the smiling CHC members your card, tell him if you are declaring category or not, remind him about that old shoulder injury that's acting up, and plead for mercy."

All-AIM teams
All-Star, All-Zone, and All-State rosters for the 2012 target year







Hapless Harry gets around
Don't be a Dazed Dan; use the "Average Card" function on the ATA website.

Quote of the month
"I liked [doubles] when I couldn't shoot them well. I like them more now that I can."

Rulebook review
Failure to fire: doubles subsection

AIM team profile
Florida's Tampa Bay Clays program has attracted more than 40 members.




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