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Grand American
Prelim week stories wrap up coverage of the 2012 tournament

Quote of the month
"[My personal goals] are like everyone else's who shoots trap-try to find a way to stop missing so many targets."

Hall of Fame inductees
The career standouts for next year and this year.

Allan Radway
The incoming ATA President, and second ever from Candada, talks to T&F.





Quote of the month
"Needless to say, the ATA Delegate was not going to allow the snake to maintain its temporary residence under the voice call, as it was surely disrupting the harmony of the shoot. "

A grand Grand

Whose on my squad?
Arizona ATA Delegate Richard Luckett writes about shooting with Michael Obert, winner of this year's $100,000 Grand American Challenge.

Let the games begin
The 2012 Grand American kicked off with fun and games for AIM shooters.






Quote of the month
"I told myself; 'do your best, and don't worry about anyone else.' "

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

New rules for the new year






U.S.' shooting Olympic medalists

The record book
Read what Allison Callan, Tanner Cooper,Ron McConnell, Jim Moody, Logan Mountain, James Powers and Gage Thornton have been up to lately.

Quote of the month
"Shooting is something to do for fun. Win or lose, it doesn't matter.






Grand American

Quote of the month
"I had tunnel vision. I didn't notice all the people or what was going on. It was just me and the targets."






Grand American news

Hall of Fame news

Quote of the month
"Don't worry about winning. Worry about being consistent."







Grand American schedule

To initial or not to initial?
What is the rule?

Quote of the month
"Practice is important; you can't practice too much."







ATA News
More added money at the Grand, AIM news, ATA office relocation, National Trapshooting Day, expanded state/provincial trophy package for 2013

Going for the gold
Ryan Hadden, Cory Cogdell and Kim Rhode earn top medals at the World Cup match at Tucson T&SC.

Funds for your club
Up to $400,000 in grants is available to qualifying gun clubs from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.






Breaking News
The ATA town hall-style meeting at the Spring Grand; changes on the AIM front.

All-American Team Requirements
For the 2013 teams, based on performance during the 2012 target year.

A "jumbo" talent from St. Thomas, Ontario.






Letter from the ATA's new Executive Director, Lynn Gipson

T&F Rookies of the Year

Hall of Fame inductees






In the news, ATA-style
rule changes, office relocation, and more.

AIM All-Star Teams 2012

T&F All-Around Average Award winners

Joined the club
Shooters new to the ATA's "Quarter Million Club" in 2011






New ATA All-American team categories!

T&F Rookies of the Year chosen

An interview with ATA President Jeff Wagner

A bang for your buck
Trapshooting Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the 2012 Krieghoff Scholarship Fund Raffle




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