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Check out our December, 2008 Edition!

Take Aim
New about the ATA's official youth program.

2008 Grand wrap-up
Wednesday's through Saturday's events plus more of 'The Grand that was.'

Watch Out!
Warning signs from your eyes.






  Check out our November, 2008 Edition!

A visit to Krieghoff
Phil Kiner visits Krieghoff International and shares his experience with our readers in this month's THE Secret.

2008 Grand American
Coverage continues this month with the rest of Grand Week plus Preliminary Sunday's events.

Hall of Fame Relocation
The Trapshooting Hall of Fame announces its move to the WSRC.






Check out our October, 2008 Edition!

2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

ATA President Bruce Reed

ATA Executive Director Jim Thompson






Check out our September, 2008 Edition!

Detective story
Frank Hoppe delves into the mysteries of target variation.

Young Guns salute
Katelynn Baier, Garrett Walters and Cole Mitchell are presented ATA Youth Recognition Awards.

Mirror image
Bob Palmer tells what else you can take home from shoots besides winnings.







 Check out our August, 2008 Edition!

'Living Legend' series
Phil Kiner speaks with Dan Orlich, trapshooter to trapshooter.

SCTP Welcome
A special greeting for youth and parents.

Hall of Fame on the road
Museum Director Kenny Ray Estes took a sampling of vintage items to the Canadian Championships.







Check out our July, 2008 Edition!

Grand News

'It's all good'?
Some say it is; others have a different take. This month the 2008 All-Americans critique advice they receive.

Trust Yourself
After doing the work of "getting there", that is.







Check out our June, 2008 Edition!

Grand News

Flying with your gun
Leery of trusting 'Ol' Betsy' to the airlines? Unsure of what to do? Check out this month's part-informative, part advice column.






Check out our May, 2008 Edition!

ATA Youth News
NRA/ATA Trap Coach Schools at the one-year mark

Ask the All-Americans
The 2008 team lists their guns, shells and miscellaneous trap equipment.






Check out our April, 2008 Edition!

Ask the All-Americans
This month: ideas for them; ideas for you?

Trap Facts
Updated doubles long run records and near-records.

Hall of Fame Inductees
Biographical profiles of Jim W. Hunter, Gerald Russo and Harold Smith Sr., who will be enshrined into the Trapshooting Hall of Fame during ceremonies during the 2008 Grand American.





  Check out our March, 2008 Edition!

ATA All-Americans
An update to our February issue's roster.

House Rules
Hapless Harry helps his shooters with handicap stance, squadding, and keeping the ATA card up to date.

Gun Club Corner
Take a tour of the Black Wing SC, a five-star rated shooting facility in central Ohio.

Trapshooting: 'a family thing' for the Stidhams
Meet the shooting Stidhams





 Check out our February, 2008 Edition!

Coach News
Enroll in an NRA/ATA Trap Coach School; learn some of the finer points of coaching and choosing a coach.

The handicap mystery
Frank Hoppe delves into the handicap puzzle

Rookie of the Year, Pt. 2
Devi Rathod and Cole Mitchell are T&F's women's and age-group Rookies of the Year for 2007





  Check out our January, 2008 Edition!

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Ring in the new year
By recognizing some of 2007's high achievers in the trapshooting world: T&F's All-Around Average Award winners and overall Rookies of the Year

The road to yesterday
The late Dick Baldwin and his successor as Hall of Fame Director, Kenny Ray Estes, collaborate on an article about 'Forest McNeir of Texas.

College Trap Programs

Trapshooting the Olympic Way




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