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 Check out our December, 2007 Edition!

SCTP Champions remain on Grand schedule

2007 Grand American
Coverage of the premier tournament continues this month with the rest of Preliminary Week events plus additional features.

The Record Book
This month features chapters on most 100s in doubles at the Grand, longest handicap shootoffs anywhere in the ATA, and all who have accomplished an ATA Grand Slam.




 Check out our November, 2007 Edition!

Learn from their past
The 2007 ATA All-Americans tell what they would do over, if they could.

2007 Grand American     
Coverage of the premier tournament continues this month with the rest of Grand Week plus Preliminary Sunday's events.

The Quiet Eye, revisited   
Lanny Bassham examines the Quiet Eye through the Mental Management* lens.




 Check out our October, 2007 Edition!
2008 Hall of Fame Inductees

ATA President Neil Winston        

Grand American ring winners:
(above) Richard Shrode, Clay Target; Eric Munson, Doubles and All-Around; Harlan Campbell Jr., HOA
(left) Nick Galata, Grand American Handicap




Check out our September, 2007 Edition!

Grand 2007 News:    
See ATA News and Leading Off for some early returns. Coverage continues next issue.

Applying 'Quiet Eye':                      
Les Greevy advises, "Slow down; take your time; relax.'

Mental Consistency:                                                                            
Lanny Bassham offers the three steps to improving your consistency on the line.




Check out our August, 2007 Edition!

Welcome to the Grand!          
See pages 4, 5, 89 and 98-103 for greetings and information about the 108th annual tournament.

Reaction to Distraction:           
Frank Hoppe explores taking control of distractions by managing our response to them.

In a Rut RX:                                                                      
Dr. Kiner's prescription for getting un-stuck: methodically diagnose your misses, apply the proper remedy.




Check out our July, 2007 Edition!

ATA Youth News:                                                      Welcome to Edie Reynolds, ATA's new Youth Development Director.

Charlie Daniels:                                                                   The award-winning musician, family entertainer, Second Amendment rights proponent and soon-to-be Grand American concert headliner shares his views with T&F.  

The Record Book:                                                                             Longest recorded ATA shoot-offs: shooters who have logged a perfect day (100 singles, 100 handicap, 100 doubles).

Driven to Distraction:                                                         The 2007 All-Americans offer hints about dealing with




 Check out our June, 2007 Edition!

Heavy medal news:                                                             Glenn Eller captures a gold, while Bill Keever and Corey Cogdell take bronzes during World Cup trap competition at Changwon, Korea.

Bidding preview:                                                      Merchandise and service items are streaming in for the Hall of Fame’s auction at the Grand American.                                  

Handicap Blues?                                                                                The 2007 All-Americans sight in on common problems specific to handicap shooting.





 Check out our May, 2007 Edition!

Grand News:
Pre-squadding, event news, NTR updates, Hall of Fame auction items and more.

The Complaint Department:
 Dave Kaiser reviews recent rule changes regarding complaints.

Making Model Citizens:
 Dale Stockdale takes a look at the role youth shooting training plays in our future.




Check out our April, 2007 Edition!

Grand news
And check out the 2007 Grand American logo on Page 5.

That crucial moment
To think or not to think; that is this month’s question for the 2007 ATA All-Americans.

Welcome/welcome back
Read about the facilities at Texas clubs Hill Country (new to the ATA fold) and Abilene (reinstating registered shoots last year).

ATA average card
Will O. Tarmigan deals this month’s article face-up, taking us through the paces of how to fill out the card.



Check out our March, 2007 Edition!


Every shooter’s dilemma
Bob Palmer examines finding time for competition in a busy life.

NTR updates
The first changes to the rosters for the National Team Race at the 2007 Grand.

Thinking too much?
Or just at the wrong time? Lanny Bassham sorts out when to think about winning-and when not to.



Check out our February, 2007 Edition!


New standouts
Congratulations go out to TRAP & FIELD’s Rookies of the Year for 2006.

There’s always this year
Review requirements for the 2008 ATA All-American teams, based on 2007 target-year performance.

Higher learning
Educate yourself about the colleges which have established trapshooting programs.



Check out our January, 2007 Edition!


T & F All-Around Average Award winners

The ATA composite average leaders for the 2006 target year.

Enjoying the full ride of trapshooting
Dale Stockdale encourages shooters to introduce newcomers to the sport in order to get the most out of their own trapshooting experience.





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